X-Win32 5.4.0 serial key or number

X-Win32 5.4.0 serial key or number

X-Win32 5.4.0 serial key or number

X-Win32 5.4.0 serial key or number


Please note that the changelog below applies to both InstallBuilder and InstallBuilder for Qt.

Version 15.1.0-beta2 2015-02-13

  • Fixed LZMA-Ultra compression error when building in directories with spaces
  • Improved cleaning up outdated Windows signatures when performing quick builds
  • Fixed error when signing OS X installers on Windows and <requireInstallationByRootUser> is enabled

Version 15.1.0-beta 2015-01-30

  • Allow signing Windows and OS X installers on Windows, Linux and OS X
  • Support DMG with custom backgrounds creation on Windows, Linux and OS X
  • Improved LZMA/LZMA-ultra compression and decompression speed
  • Fixed Builder GUI popups not being big enough to accommodate all settings in some cases

Version 9.5.5 2015-01-23

  • Fixed installers failing on some RHEL/CentOS 7 environments when running in text mode
  • Fixed slide images not always being properly refreshed on xwindow mode

Version 9.5.4 2015-01-16

  • Improved parameters wrapping on gtk mode
  • Added new installer_http_code built-in variable to retrieve the result of HTTP actions
  • Improved performance unpacking folders with a large number of files
  • Reduced time spent in files to pack calculation at build time
  • Reduced TLS initialization time on Windows
  • Added <logonType> to <addScheduledTask> action
  • Added RHEL 7 platform detection
  • Improved <copyFile> action to allow overwriting directories on destination
  • Allow configuring the <username> for which <addUnixDesktopStartUpItem> will add the startup item
  • Allow configuring look and feel behaviour of unselected options in <choiceParameterGroup> parameters
  • Improved component selection page to properly scale with wide installers
  • Fixed issues loading some PNG images on CentOS 7
  • Fixed gtk mode failing to start on RHEL/CentOS 7
  • Fixed encoding errors in environment-manipulation actions
  • Fixed Qt installers not being properly set on top of other windows when launched on some OS X environments

Version 9.5.3 2014-11-06

  • Fixed installer window not being properly centered on Windows when running in Qt mode and using large left side images
  • Improved "Abort, Retry, Ignore" dialog to properly translate its buttons
  • Removed extra debug messages printed on Windows
  • Updated documentation

Version 9.5.2 2014-11-04

  • Added TLS v1.1 and v1.2 support
  • Improved performance of GUI mode when unpacking large amount of small files
  • Added Major and Minor version to Windows ARP Menu information
  • Fixed <showPasswordQuestion> dialog failing on some environments
  • Improved CPU detection

Version 9.5.1 2014-10-16

  • Enabled TLSv1 support in HTTPS actions
  • Improved builder tool look and feel on Windows when using HiDPI configurations
  • New <getFileInfo> action
  • Improved multiline-text wrapping on 'win32' and 'osx' modes
  • Improved <addDirectoryToPath> to fallback to 'user' scope on Windows in case of error
  • Improved <rpmSpecFileTemplate> setting to support variables
  • Fixed OS X installer generation failing on some environments because of permission denied errors
  • Fixed 'installer_command_line_arguments' built-in variable not properly calculated on some Windows environments
  • Fixed 'osxsigner' tool not properly signing installers with <requireInstallationByRootUser> enabled
  • Fixed RPM installers not properly cleaned up after uninstallation

Version 9.5.0 2014-09-30

  • Added support for OS X codesign v2
  • Allow generating installers larger than 2GB on Windows, Linux and OS X
  • Make XML Editor popups ask for confirmation when closed with unsaved changes
  • Allow configuring the LZMA-Ultra compressor block size through the <lzmaUltraBlockSize> setting
  • New <resourceLimitTest> rule to allow checking for resource limits on Unix systems
  • Fixed ampersand not properly shown in the final page using Qt mode on Windows
  • Allow Java launchers to be built at build time
  • Improved how the "Fonts" directory location is calculated on Windows
  • Added <disallowStartIfOnBatteries> and <executionTimeLimit> to <addScheduledTask> action
  • Improved <windowsServiceTest> to also detect "Stop Pending" status as running.
  • Added <enableFallbackTempDirectory> to allow providing a fallback temporary directory
  • Dropped OS X 10.2 support
  • Fixed XML Editor popup not providing details in its error when providing incorrect code
  • Fixed <labelParameter> not properly wrapping its text in GTK mode
  • Fixed "Add Shortcut" Builder dialog throwing an error when closing the popup
  • Fixed LZMA-Ultra compression not properly detecting duplicated files when packing in some environments
  • Fixed InstallBuilder installer and AutoUpdate not including PPC runtimes

Version 9.0.2 2014-06-25

  • Improved Gtk mode to properly run in systems without the recently deprecated Pangox library
  • Improved Java detection on Unix
  • Improved German translation
  • Fixed CDROM build mode not properly working when using the the GUI builder
  • Allow customizing CFBundleIdentifier OS X setting in the AutoUpdate and Java launchers
  • Fixed error when displaying some combinations of multiline text labels in qt mode
  • Fixed error when providing incorrect values for the <width> project setting
  • Fixed language selection dialog not being focused on OS X when running in Qt mode
  • Fixed Java Launcher creation failing in some environments when using downloadable components
  • Fixed AutoUpdate build when disabling osx-ppc runtime inclusion
  • Fixed Builder Preferences menu failing because of denied permissions in some Windows environments
  • Fixed RPM installation hanging on Alt linux

Version 9.0.1 2014-05-14

  • Fixed Windows single-platform licenses not being properly validated by the Builder
  • Fixed Builder "Recent Projects" menu entry not listing results on Windows
  • Fixed <showStringQuestion> and <showPasswordQuestion> not properly working on osx mode
  • Fixed <type> tag of <getWindowsFileVersionInfo> actions not properly handling the "codepage" type
  • Properly handle 301/302 redirects for URLs containing ports in <httpGet> and <httpPost> actions

Version 9.0.0 2014-05-06

  • Added new compression algorithm LZMA-ultra to allow higher compression ration and faster decompression
  • Added official support for OS X 10.9 and improved Windows 8 support
  • Added support for Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Improved support for Ubuntu 14.04
  • Fixed signing issues on 10.9 when enabling <requireInstallationByRootUser>
  • Added floating licenses support
  • Added Retina Display support on OS X in qt mode
  • New <ruleDefinition> feature to allow creating user defined rules
  • Added support for HTML licenses in all flavors for Windows, Linux and OS X
  • Reduced memory consumed when unpacking files
  • Reduced memory consumed by downloadable components
  • Reduced memory consumed by update installers
  • Reduced installation time in GUI mode, specially on Windows
  • Reduced uninstaller startup time on Windows
  • New ${installbuilder_output_directory} and ${installbuilder_output_filename} built-in variables to allow retrieving the output directory and output installer filename at build time
  • New <yamlFileSet> and <yamlFileGet> actions
  • New <createOsxBundleZip> tag to allow compressing generated OS X installers as ZIP files
  • New <sha256> action
  • New <getTotalDiskSpace> action to allow retrieving the total disk space
  • New <getProcessUsingPort> action to retrieve the name and PID of the application using a given port
  • Added support for IPv6 in <hostValidation> rule
  • New ${machine_swap_memory} built-in variable to allow retrieving the amount of swap memory in the system
  • Improved license pages look and feel on OS X
  • Improved Java launchers creation to avoid making the installer unresponsive while serializing them
  • Improved <autodetectJava> action to recognize OpenJDK versions on FreeBSD and JRE 7 on OS X
  • Allow language files to support UCN escape sequences
  • Added Thai and Latvian languages
  • Improved Chinese, Czech, Norwegian, Danish and Japanese translations
  • Allow running installers with the debugger enabled directly from the builder
  • Improved win32 mode to make the installers automatically adapt to different DPI settings
  • Improved <platformTest> rule to support 'linux-x86' as a valid platform
  • Improved <substitute> action to support backreferences
  • Improved <parameterGroup> parameter to allow grouping <licenseParameter> pages
  • Allow editing custom action instances in the builder GUI
  • Allow <removeFilesFromUninstaller> action to also remove links
  • Allow folders to configure whether to have its files added to the uninstaller or not
  • Allow downloadable components feature to reuse already downloaded files
  • Improved <autodetectDotNetFramework> action to recognize .NET framework 4.5
  • Improved <iniFileGet> to ignore malformed lines
  • Allow Java launchers to read and override its values from a .properties file
  • Allow disabling pinning shortcuts to Start elements on Windows 7 / Windows 8
  • Added linux-s390x as an independent build platform
  • Make the builder warn the user and ask for confirmation if unsaved changes are not properly applied when closing a project
  • Allow "Select All" keyboard bindings in all text widgets
  • Improved <allowAddRemoveComponents> mode to perform a full uninstallation when no more visible components remain installed
  • Make start menu shortcut creation fall back to use the user's directory when it has no permissions to write in the global scope
  • Make installer serialize the ARP Menu registry keys under the HKEY_CURRENT_USER root key when the scope is set to user
  • Deprecated Windows 2000 and ME platforms
  • Set uninstaller.dat file permissions on Unix so only the owner can modify it
  • POTENTIAL INCOMPATIBILITY: Changed <osxPlatforms> default value so only osx-intel support is included by default
  • POTENTIAL INCOMPATIBILITY: Added ".git" and ".hg" to <filesToIgnoreWhenPacking> tag
  • Fixed <xmlFileSet> not properly preserving the source file encoding
  • Fixed Java launchers not being properly cleaned up at uninstallation on OS X
  • Fixed file permissions issues when adding environment variables when running as root on OS X
  • Fixed xwindow mode and builder crashing on Ubuntu 14.04 32bit
  • Fixed <dos2unix> and <unix2dos> actions not properly preserving file encodings
  • Fixed language selection dialog not alphabetically ordering its languages
  • Fixed enter key binding on some OS X environments
  • Fixed upgrade mode failing in some environments when upgrading installations built by old InstallBuilder versions
  • Fixed builder creating corrupted binaries in some environments when enabling encryption
  • Fixed downloadable components not being properly cleaned up if the uninstaller creation is disabled
  • Fixed <choiceParameterGroup> wrapping issues in qt mode
  • Fixed <choiceParameter> not allowing ampersand (&) characters in its options text
  • Fixed <uninstallationLogFile> setting not being taken into account when uninstalling individual components
  • Fixed <fileExists> rule failing in some Windows environments
  • Fixed <installationScope> setting not being honoured when writing registry keys
  • Fixed <saveRelativePath> setting not being applied to <licenseParameter> pages
  • Fixed ${installer_interactivity} built-in variable not being defined at uninstallation time
  • Fixed slow redraw of <licenseParameter> pages when enabling fixed fonts
  • Fixed error trying to load projects with strange characters in its filename
  • Fixed long component selection pages being cut off on Windows and OS X
  • Fixed some window grabbing issues in some environments when using the builder
  • Fixed win32, osx and xwindow modes not being properly centered when using large window heights
  • Fixed XML comments format not properly preserved by the builder

Version 8.6.0 2013-07-01

  • Improved text wrapping on Gtk mode
  • Improved <showFileUnpackingProgress> to also work at uninstallation time
  • Added Serbian and Lithuanian languages
  • Improved required_diskspace variable to also work at build time
  • Reduced delay when calculating the files to unpack
  • Improved <addDirectoryToPath> to support spaces in the path
  • Improved <antiVirusTest> rule
  • Improved download progress meter reporting
  • Improved Chinese language autodetection
  • Allow Java launchers to be executed in the background
  • Added new <removeUninstallationLogFile> setting
  • Allow configuring JRE/JDK selection order for Java launchers
  • Made builder ignore missing images if they do not belong to the platform being built
  • Made <substitute> action ignore directories
  • Improved OS X system language detection when running as Administrator
  • Improved builder error reporting when packing distribution files with empty <origin>
  • Improved InstallBuilder XML errors reporting
  • Improved detection of HTTP idle connections
  • Allow configuring whether or not component groups should appear expanded
  • Allow reusing already downloaded components if their checksum matches
  • Fixed errors when downloading components bigger than 2GB in some environments
  • Fixed component groups not properly displaying Unicode characters in Qt mode
  • Fixed symbolic link creation failing in some environments
  • Fixed temporary images not being properly deleted on OS X
  • Fixed default application bundle icon not being properly displayed on OS X 10.5
  • Fixed RPM and DEB packages failing to install in some environments
  • Fixed GUI glitch in file and directory parameters in Windows 2008 SP2 x64 when enabling 64bit mode
  • Fixed incorrect progress message when enabling <showFileUnpackingProgress> at uninstallation time
  • Fixed <fileTest> rule default logic

Version 8.5.2 2013-02-07

  • Fixed language selection dialog location for multiple monitors on Windows
  • Fixed archives created with <zip> action creating directory records showing as files in Windows Explorer
  • Added detection of missing distribution file/directory in CD-ROM mode
  • Fixed support for HTTP chunked encoding transfers in InstallBuilder
  • Added handling of HTTP error codes for autoupdate
  • Improved detection of Brazilian Portuguese language on OS X
  • Improved unpacking and removal of read-only files or directories
  • Improved handling of archives with incorrect file/directory mode for <unzip> action

Version 8.5.1 2012-10-23

  • Updated documentation
  • Improved Windows 8 and Windows 2012 compatibility
  • Improved handling of errors in Windows services actions
  • Improved Java autodetection in OS X
  • Improved <addUser> and <deleteUser> actions to support Windows domains
  • Make AutoUpdate iterate over the list of mirrors in case of error when running in unattended mode
  • Added high resolution icon for OS X installers compatible with Retina Display
  • Improved <linkParameter> look and feel
  • Improved <createSymLinks> action
  • Fixed uninstallation not being aborted when closing the uninstaller window in some scenarios
  • Fixed <choiceParameter> page wrapping on Gtk mode
  • Fixed choice selection widget crashing in some Windows environments
  • Fixed uninstaller creation failing in some Windows scenarios when calling the installer using a relative symbolic links

Version 8.5.0 2012-08-07

  • OS X Mountain Lion support
  • Added support for OS X code signing
  • Improved performance when building downloadable components
  • Reduced uninstaller creation time on Solaris
  • Fixed <showQuestionDialog> dialog failing in some environments
  • Updated documentation
  • Fixed required_diskspace built-in variable not properly calculated when enabling <allowAddRemoveComponents>
  • Fixed Qt Installers are not properly centered on Windows
  • Prevent the uninstaller from aborting when trying to close the window
  • Fixed <booleanParameterGroup> and <choiceParameterGroup> explanation text wrapping
  • Fixed component description label not properly wrapping on some environments
  • Fixed --onlyprojectfiles command line flag not working when using downloadable components

Version 8.3.0 2012-07-14

  • Disabled the debugger in platforms other than Windows, Linux and OS X
  • Single platform Linux edition can now build both x86 and x64 binaries
  • Improved Java launchers to support generating console applications
  • Improved LZMA support on Linux x64
  • Improved xwindow mode to support the <wmImage> setting
  • Added French translation to the AutoUpdate tool
  • Added text mode support when using minimalWithDialogs UI mode
  • Improved platform_name built-in variable to allow identifying CDROM builds programmatically
  • Updated Linux Distributions detection and added Amazon Linux distribution to the list of platforms
  • Updated documentation
  • New installer_error_code and installer_error_code_original built-in variables
  • Fixed <compareText> rule not properly working in some scenarios
  • Fixed some files being packed twice on Windows
  • Fixed <deleteOnExit> not properly working in some Windows scenarios
  • Fixed uninstaller not properly finding its data file in some scenarios
  • Fixed <preInstallationActionList> not triggering the <intallationAbortedActionList> in case of error
  • Properly set the installation log permissions when configuring the <defaultUnixOwner> and <defaultUnixGroup> settings
  • Fixed <createOSXService> action not properly configuring its scope
  • Fixed components not allowing programmatic selection at some points of the installation when enabling <allowAddRemoveComponents>

Version 8.2.0 2012-04-26

  • New feature: Password protected encryption of installer payload
  • Added support for ksh shell in environment variable actions
  • Improved <autodetectJava> action to allow configuring the bitness (32bit/64bit) of the target Java runtime
  • Improved <renameFile> action to support wildcards
  • Improved installer images initialization on OS X
  • Improved ini file actions to support both hashes and semicolons as comment characters
  • Fixed OS X installers prompting twice for privilege elevation when enabling <requireInstallationByRootUser>
  • Fixed 32 bit installers crashing in Linux Mint x64 when running in gtk mode
  • Fixed system language not being properly detected in some Unix environments
  • Fixed GUI buid log not allowing text selection on OS X
  • Fixed unattendedmodeui setting not properly displaying its default value in the help menu
  • Fixed <showProgressDialog> failing at uninstallation time in some environments
  • Fixed required parameters being mandatory even if its parent parameter is not selected
  • Fixed nested uninstaller calls not properly working on Windows

Version 8.1.0 2012-03-07

  • Updated documentation
  • Reduced memory consumed by big installers
  • Improved Builder GUI drag and drop when using non-default DPI settings
  • Improved startup time in qt mode when using a big number of directory parameters
  • Improved Qt mode on OS X to use the native buttons order
  • Fixed OS X installers failing in some environments when displaying the final page
  • Fix crash when failing to delete locked DLLs
  • Fixed installers failing when displaying some component groups configurations
  • Fixed Windows shortcuts cache not being properly refreshed on uninstallation
  • Fixed downloadable components not properly verifying the download checksum in some environments
  • Fixed <kill> action not properly working when invoked inside loop actions
  • Fixed AutoUpdate not properly normalizing the update download location
  • Fixed <userTest> failing in some Windows 64bits environments when <windows64bitMode> is enabled
  • Fixed some actions not properly executed in the <onErrorActionList>
  • Fixed installer not being deleted in some environments when <deleteOnExit> is enabled

Version 8.0.2 2012-01-24

  • Improved example projects and made them easily accessible through the builder GUI
  • Added HTTPS support for Linux, Windows and OS X for <httpGet> and <httpPost> actions as well as for the autoupdater
  • Improved downloadable components to allow resuming failed downloads
  • Added new <runAsAdmin> tag to <addScheduledTask> action
  • Improved error handling when none of the configured allowed display modes can be initialized
  • Improved built-in pages to display runtime changes of the <fullName> property
  • Fixed HTTP-related actions failing in some Windows 64bit environments
  • Fixed <componentTest> rule not properly checking child components
  • Fixed Qt mode not properly displaying right-to-left languages
  • Fixed Gtk custom style not properly wrapping some parameter pages text
  • Fixed <runProgram> action failing in some Windows environments when passing arguments containing % characters
  • Fixed installer failing when launched in some partially broken HP-UX environments
  • Fixed incorrect encoding in Italian language
  • Fixed <choiceParameter> crashing when providing multiple options with the same text
  • Fixed InstallBuilder's User Guide link in start menu on Windows
  • Fixed Gtk progress bar writing warnings to console in some environments
  • Fixed <labelParameter> not being properly vertically aligned

Version 8.0.1 2011-11-30

  • Added new installer_command_line_arguments built-in variable
  • Added new regular expressions section to the documentation
  • Allow <showChoiceQuestion> to be used in the <preBuildActionList>
  • Prevent <addUnixService> from failing because of warnings when adding the services
  • Improved slide show images alignment on OS X and Windows in qt mode
  • Fixed debugger failing in some environments when editing the executed action list
  • Fixed debugger crashing when right clicking in the Variables Editor root node
  • Fixed builder crashing when editing <substitute> actions and enabling advanced syntax mode
  • Fixed builder crashing when building projects on some solaris-intel environments
  • Fixed machine_ipaddr built-in variable not being properly defined on OS X Lion
  • Fixed Gtk mode crashing in directory selection in some partially broken environments

Version 8.0.0 2011-11-10

  • Implemented built-in debugger
  • Improved component system to allow tree component selection
  • Improved component system to allow downloading components from a remote server at runtime
  • Improved component system to allow adding and removing components from an installation
  • New <booleanParameterGroup> to allow enabling/disabling a set of child parameters dynamically
  • New <choiceParameterGroup> to allow exclusively enabling a parameter from a set of childs dynamically
  • Updated documentation
  • Improved quickbuild performance in GUI mode
  • Added new dotnet_framework_type built-in variable
  • Improved all languages translations
  • Improved AutoUpdate to support redirects
  • Fixed slide show alignment on qt mode
  • Improved GUI to allow hiding advanced settings
  • Prevent components configured with canBeEdited=0 from being configured from the command line
  • Make evaluation version message more clear on qt and gtk modes
  • Improved linux_distribution_version autodetection on CentOS
  • Fixed <showStringQuestion> dialog not being properly centered on OS X,
  • Fixed Java launchers throwing an unknown error message when the launched application returned with a non-zero exit code

Version 7.2.6 2011-10-19

  • Updated documentation
  • Fixed qt mode text widget not properly wrapping its content on Windows
  • Added support for tcsh shell in environment variable actions
  • Fixed <platformTest> rule not properly recognizing osx-intel type on some 64bit environments
  • Improved Italian translation
  • Improved .password suffix to support nested variables
  • Speed up uninstaller creation on Windows
  • Now aborting the installation when canceling the language selection also triggers the <installationAbortedActionList>
  • Improved AutoUpdate to support the <removeLogFile> feature
  • Fixed builder crashing in some Windows environments when browsing for image files
  • Fixed OS X bundles launcher script encoding not being properly configured
  • Fixed Java launchers not being properly created on OS X
  • Fixed <globalVariables> action not properly handling parameters

Version 7.2.5 2011-09-06

  • Updated documentation
  • Improved Dutch language support
  • Fixed language files not being properly loaded when including a BOM
  • Improved <addUser> action to properly deal with SELinux
  • Fixed packed folders not being deleted when using multiple hierarchy <destination> tags.
  • Improved Installer.RebootRequired string to allow variables
  • Fixed custom uninstaller directory not being deleted in some environments

Version 7.2.4 2011-08-09

  • Updated documentation
  • Allow executing .cmd scripts on Windows
  • Added contextual menu to GUI entry widgets to allow restoring the original value being edited
  • Fixed installers not deleting the current file being unpacked when canceling the installation in some environments
  • Improved <project> properties editor dialog to validate user input
  • Fixed <httpGet> and <httpPost> actions failing in some Windows environments because of the download file being locked
  • Improved registry actions to work with <foreach> and <while> actions

Version 7.2.3 2011-07-29

  • Improved Italian, Czech and Russian language support
  • Added support for HTTP redirects in <httpPost> and <httpGet> actions
  • New --verbose command line flag added to command line builder
  • Added new <endOfLineConversion> tag to file manipulation actions to allow configuring the EOL handling
  • New <fileIsLocked> rule
  • Improved performance of <unpackDirectory> action
  • Improved AutoUpdate to allow configuring its output directory and filename
  • Improved built-in pages language strings to support variables modified at any point at runtime
  • Improved widget alignment in nested parameter groups in qt mode
  • Fixed <addScheduledTask> action failing in some environments
  • Dropped Windows 98 support
  • Added examples for all actions to the documentation
  • Improved deb generation to allow providing custom conffiles files
  • Improved <autodetectJava> action to properly work on OS X 10.7
  • Fixed <shutdown> action failing in some environments
  • Fixed installers failing on OS X with some thirdparty system fonts configuration
  • Improved the file packing filters to support semicolon separated patterns
  • Improved command line builder to support displaying text mode popups when building
  • Improved GUI builder to accept the information provided through the --setvars flag
  • Added new built-in variable installbuilder_ui
  • Allow Arabic language to be selectable through the GUI builder
  • Allow providing short version of registry root keys to registry actions
  • Allow launching scrips from directories containing "&" characters
  • Improved final page text wrapping
  • Fixed some environment variable actions now properly working in some Windows environments

Version 7.2.2 2011-06-21

  • Updated documentation
  • New Search dialog for GUI Builder XML editor
  • Disabled "Save" and "Save As" menu entries in GUI Builder when no project is loaded
  • Fixed <addEnvironmentVariable> action not properly registering variables in some scenarios.
  • Skipped mirror selection page in AutoUpdate tool when just one option is available
  • New <pathManipulation> action to create absolute paths
  • Fixed <showPasswordQuestion> not saving the password when accepting the dialog by pressing enter
  • Improved <firewallTest> rule to also include default Windows firewall
  • Improved Russian language support
  • New <createWindowsARPEntry> project setting to allow disabling the creation of the Add Remove Programs entry on windows
  • Improved <addScheduledTask> action to support latest Windows versions
  • Added Support for shiftjis encoding on HP-UX in text mode

Version 7.2.1 2011-06-04

  • Improved Albanian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Danish, Finnish, Argentine Spanish, Slovak, Swedish and Turkish language support
  • Updated documentation
  • Speed up installer startup time when being launched from a network drive
  • New <addWindowsAccountRights> and <removeWindowsAccountRights> actions
  • Improved administrator user check in HP-UX platform
  • Improved <abortOnError> and <showMessageOnError> action settings to support variables
  • Improved minimalWithDialogs mode look and feel
  • Fixed text not being correctly wrapped in some <choiceParameters> in osx and win32 modes
  • Improved environment actions on Unix
  • Fixed <passwordParameter> entries misaligned in some languages
  • Fixed GUI "Files" tree not being updated when manually deleting <distributionFile> elements from the XML editor
  • Fixed <globalVariables> action not properly handling case insensitivity

Version 7.2.0 2011-05-19

  • Improved packing filters to allow excluding files to pack at any depth of the directory hierarchy
  • Added Albanian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Danish, Finnish, Argentine Spanish, Slovak, Swedish and Turkish language support
  • Allow modifying the exit code in the <installationAbortedActionList>
  • Allow disabling Xft fonts support in xwindow mode to reduce installers size
  • Improved language autodetection on Windows
  • Updated documentation
  • Fixed 32bit installers crashing in Ubuntu 11.04 64bit when running in gtk mode
  • Allow executing .cmd scripts on Windows
  • Added new variable installation_aborted_by_user
  • Removed --enable-components, --disable-components and --optionfile options from uninstaller help menu
  • Improved <showProgressDialog> refresh rate to allow properly displaying quick actions progress text
  • Fixed <launchBrowser> throwing warnings to console in some corrupt Linux environments
  • Fixed default installation language not being properly resolved in uninstaller help menu
  • Fixed error in GUI builder when using file dialogs in some scenarios
  • Fixed scope issue in custom actions
  • Replaced missing occurrences of "Ok" text in buttons to all uppercase "OK" per UI guidelines
  • Fixed <enableLinuxLegacySupport> setting failing in some environments
  • Fixed some graphic glitches in osx mode

Version 7.1.1 2011-05-06

  • Fixed <unzip> action failing in some environments
  • Fixed InstallBuilder license registration dialog failing on OS X
  • Improved look and feel of <showProgressDialog> on OS X

Version 7.1.0 2011-04-28

  • Fixed installer startup failing in some scenarios when being launched from a symbolic link
  • Fixed <processTest> rule failing in some environments
  • Fixed installation log containing unnecessary empty new lines when using disabling the file unpacking process
  • Fixed comboboxes not being properly displayed in Windows Vista and 7 in win32 mode
  • Improved look and feel of the Builder and installers in OS X and Windows
  • Improved <getWindowsACL> to properly handle invalid SID provided as username
  • New <languageSelectionStyle> project property to configure the style of the language selection dialog
  • Improved reported errors when loading invalid XML files
  • Updated documentation
  • Fixed uninstaller not being removed on HP-UX

Version 7.0.5 2011-04-18

  • New split HTML version of the documentation
  • Significantly improved <unzip> action performance
  • Improved installers to allow variables in most of the project tags
  • Improved GUI to accept variables in choice and boolean-like properties
  • New <osxBundlesAreFiles> property added configure how <fileParameter> and <directoryParameter> should validate bundles in OS X
  • Allow <linkParameters> to receive keyboard focus on Qt mode
  • Improved OS X bundle launcher script to support projects with UTF-8 characters in their full name
  • Improved Polish translation
  • Fixed <windowsResourceProductVersion> not properly working
  • Removed outdated syntax from demo projects
  • Updated command line builder icon on Windows
  • Fixed <globalVariables> action not properly handling project references
  • Show more verbose errors in <break> and <continue> actions when invoked outside loop
  • Fixed XML comments not being preserved in the GUI editor in some scenarios
  • Fixed installers failing on HP-UX, AIX and FreeBSD 4 in some system language configurations

Version 7.0.4 2011-04-01

  • Updated documentation
  • Added <selectionOrder> to the <autodetectJava> action to allow specifying the order of the detected Java versions
  • Added <checkFreeDiskSpace> rule
  • Added <clearWindowsACL> action
  • Added <osxUninstallerApplicationBundleIcon> to configure uninstaller icon on OS X
  • Added <osxPlatforms> project tag to configure the OS X runtimes to build
  • Improved Italian, French, Norwegian, Korean and Spanish translations
  • Included English language file in the installers as a reference
  • Improved build performance in Solaris, FreeBSD, AIX, HP-UX and IRIX
  • Fixed <httpPost> action failing when providing an empty <queryParameterList>
  • Fixed main progress bar not properly configured in some scenarios
  • Fixed <portTest> rule throwing an error when providing a malformed port
  • Changed "Ok" buttons text to all uppercase "OK" per UI guidelines
  • Fixed registered estimated size on Windows 7 not being properly calculated
  • Fixed RPM database registration not honoring files removed from uninstaller
  • Fixed environment variables not being properly registered in some OS X terminal shells
  • Fixed rollback functionality not properly handling the original drive

Version 7.0.3 2011-03-08

  • Added Czech language support
  • Added Norwegian language support
  • Updated documentation
  • New <globalVariables> action to allow custom actions to modify project level variables
  • Reduced installer startup time on OS X when running in qt mode
  • Provided a default value for installer-language command line flag in the help menu
  • Improved <writeFile> action to accept variables in the <encoding> tag
  • Improved <run> and <show> action properties to accept variables
  • Added support for Bourne shell (sh) in actions related to environment variables
  • Fixed installer refreshing issue when quickly pushing 'next' button multiple times on Windows
  • Fixed installer not properly loading images in some environments
  • Properly handle standard streams redirection on Windows Java launchers
  • Fixed AutoUpdate <requireInstallationByRootUser> property not properly working on OS X
  • Improved regular installer registration with RPM database
  • Fixed qt mode post-uninstallation popups not displaying any icon on OS X
  • Fixed GUI XML editor not properly preserving comments

Version 7.0.2 2011-01-27

  • Updated documentation
  • Allow the <scope> tag of the <addEnvironmentVariable> action to contain variables
  • Provide more verbose error when the builder does not have permissions to write in the output directory
  • Improved look and feel of the "custom" <style>
  • Improved wrapping of <choiceParamter> text when using radiobuttons style in gtk mode
  • Added new built-in variable machine_cpu_count
  • Improved <unpackFile> action performance
  • Added <requestedExecutionLevel> tag to the Autoupdate tool to allow configuring its execution level
  • Improved quickbuild in GUI mode to pack differences in packed files in addition to project changes
  • Added machine_cpu_speed and machine_total_memory built-in variables to OS X platform
  • Fixed popup XML editor failing in some scenarios
  • Fixed gtk buttons not being properly localized after the language selection when using <overrideGtkButtonText>
  • Fixed <enableLinuxLegacySupport> setting failing with the new compression system
  • Fixed builder crashing on some OS X environments when using Asian languages
  • Fixed command line quickbuild not properly working in some environments with the new compression system
  • Fixed <getFreeDiskSpace> reporting incorrect data in some OS X environments
  • Fixed <addEnvironmentVariable> not properly working when used in the <foreach> action

Version 7.0.1 2010-12-15

  • Fixed XML Editor failing to load some projects
  • Improved XML editor performance when editing big XML projects
  • Remove incorrect validation in <distributionFile> and <distributionDirectory> elements

Version 7.0.0 2010-12-13

  • Ability to create custom actions to reuse code snippets
  • New <createJavaLaunchers> action to create Java launchers
  • New in depth documentation
  • Allow downloading ready to use JREs from the GUI builder
  • Added built-in variables inspector to the builder
  • Added search functionality to builder actions dialog
  • New built-in XML editor in the GUI builder
  • Improved <windowsAccountTest> to work on Windows domains
  • Improved continuous progress popup layout
  • Fixed <waitForPort> action not properly working on some Windows 64bit environments
  • Display component selection default description in Qt and Gtk modes
  • Localize OS X translucent menu bar
  • Fixed Korean and Chinese languages not being properly autodetected on some Windows environments
  • Fixed ${machine_ipaddr} not being properly resolved in some Windows 64bit environments
  • Asynchronously check for updates in the builder
  • Making permissions errors when building more verbose
  • Moved language selection dialog after the <initializationActionList>
  • Make sure the log contains all the information after an error
  • Improved packing method to improve packing and unpacking speed and reduce installers size and memory consume
  • Fixed multidisk cdrom installers not retrying asking the first disk after a failed try
  • POTENTIAL INCOMPATIBILITY: Changed Unix installer extension from .bin to .run to make installers recognized as executable in some environments such as latest versions of Ubuntu
  • Fixed <createBackupFile> destination field validation
  • Fixed <getFreeDiskSpace> failing on OS X if the disk volume tested contains spaces

Version 6.5.6 2010-10-28

  • Improve administrator user check in Solaris platform
  • Added Xft font support in Solaris
  • Added <windowsAccountTest> rule
  • Fixed dialog buttons not being localized in qt mode
  • <autodetectDotNetFramework> is now accessible through the GUI
  • Allow created OS X environment variables to be accessible from GUI applications
  • Fixed Autoupdate tool not properly launching the downloaded installers in some OS X scenarios
  • Fixed key bindings not properly working on xwindow, osx and win32 modes when selecting some languages
  • java_autodetected and dotnet_autodetected are now set to 0 if the detection fails
  • Fixed UI becoming not responsive when using <unpackDirectory> to unpack big directories
  • Fixed <choiceParameter> not properly representing its value in some UI modes when using variables
  • Support zh_HK as valid language code
  • Fixed errors when trying to overwrite hidden files on Windows
  • Now in_empty and is_not_empty rules conditions in <fileTest> rule now take into account hidden files

Version 6.5.5 2010-10-05

  • New <registryFind> action
  • New options is_type and is_not_type to registryTest rule
  • Implemented new <osxApplicationBundleIcon> project property to configure the icon on OS X
  • Added Java Web Start binary to the list of autodetected targets in <autodetectJava> action
  • Upgrade Autoupdate tool to support high color depth icons
  • Allow viewing XML code of elements from the GUI
  • Fixed <compareText> description in the GUI
  • Fixed popups sometimes not working when being resized in Solaris
  • Modified position of "Created with an evaluation version" text in unregistered installers
  • Fixed Chinese and Brazillian language autodetection on Unix
  • Fixed wrapping in welcome and installation finished pages in Qt installers on Windows and OS X
  • Fixed integer validation in <exit> action
  • Fixed GUI context menu on OS X
  • Improved page wrapping in Gtk custom style
  • Properly deal with incorrect paths when creating the rollback directory
  • Fixed Suse version autodetection failing in some environments

Version 6.5.4 2010-09-18

  • Implemented drag and drop of nodes in the GUI builder
  • Make folders' <actionList> accessible through the GUI
  • Added OS X service manipulation actions <createOSXService>, <deleteOSXService>, <startOSXService> and <stopOSXService>
  • Added <osxServiceTest> rule to check OS X services state
  • Fixed XML load errors displaying an incorrect line number in some unicode files
  • Implemented new <xmlFileCommentElement> action
  • Improved language autodetection in OS X
  • Added <ordering> tag in <choiceParameter> to specify the display order of the elements
  • Added is_windows_admin_account, is_windows_user_account, is_windows_guest_account to <userTest> rule
  • Properly wrap <booleanParameter> descriptions when used inside a <parameterGroup> on xwindow, win32 and osx modes
  • Allow distribution files and directories to be configured through the GUI
  • Improved error when loading an incorrect project to display line number and file
  • Wrap all text mode pages
  • Allow resolving environment variables with parentheses
  • Make <zip> action recursive
  • Fixed InstallBuilder RELAX NG schema
  • Improved keyboard navigation on xwindow mode
  • Fixed incorrect font used in Chinese and Korean languages on Windows
  • Fixed <showQuestionString> failing on OS X
  • Make sure all actions defining variables resolve variables in the variable name
  • Fixed deb/rpm helper binaries permissions
  • Fixed <iniFileGet> action requiring write permissions over the target .ini file
  • Properly handled errors retrieving available disk space
  • Clean unnecessary helper binaries when upgrading Debian packages
  • Added monthly date type in <addScheduledTask> action
  • Make Autoupdate tool to also look for the license in user directory on Windows

Version 6.5.3 2010-08-25

  • Added Korean language support
  • Now any icon color depth is accepted for Windows installers
  • Fixed OS X installers failing when requiring Admininstrator privileges and containing invalid characters in its <fullName>
  • Make keyboard focus visible on xwindow mode
  • Fixed uninstaller not being properly created in some scenarios when launched with a symbolic link
  • Added support for symbolic links in unzip action
  • Allow component names to contain underscores
  • Fix integers validation failing dealing with large integers
  • Allow <permissions> tag in <changePermissions> action to contain variables

Version 6.5.2 2010-08-13

  • Properly localize --help menu
  • Fixed GUI Builder failing when adding <throwError> actions

Version 6.5.1 2010-08-12

  • Updated Brazilian Portugese language
  • Fixed dialogs not being correctly centered on Windows in qt mode
  • Fixed --version and --help Windows popups not being displayed
  • Fixed minimal unattended ui mode not being correctly detected on Solaris
  • Fixed Japanese and Chinese languages not being correctly displayed in xwindow mode

Version 6.5.0 2010-08-05

  • New <consoleWrite> action
  • New mechanism to escape variable references
  • Allow configuring Autoupdate tool proxy through the configuration file
  • New <antivirusTest> and <firewallTest> rules
  • Added --help menu to the builder
  • Added --license command line flag to the builder to provide an alternative license file
  • Added --debugtrace command line flag to the builder
  • Added --project command line flag to specify a project to load in the GUI builder
  • Improved unattendedModeUI mode to support gtk and qt mode
  • Added <delay> tag to <stopWindowsService> action
  • New windows-x86 platform type check added to <platformTest> rule
  • Fixed refresh issue that affected download rate in Autoupdate Tool, specially on OS X
  • New <runAsAdmin> tag added to shortcuts to mark Windows shortcuts to run as Administrator
  • Improved validation of boolean and integer type settings
  • Added OS detection support for RHEL 6
  • Use default Unix permissions in <unzip> action running on Unix when unpacking files created on Windows
  • Added <htmlText> tag to <showText> action and <htmlValue> to <infoParameter> to display HTML text in Qt mode
  • Fixed "Test Run" button on GUI builder not correctly launching generated Windows installers in UAC environments
  • Added <title> tag to <showQuestion>, <showInfo> and <showWarning> actions
  • Added <ruleList> tag to <startMenuFolder> elements
  • New windows_os_uac_enabled built-in variable to check the state of the UAC on Windows
  • New warnings to report command line flags that are provided multiple times
  • Properly deal with multiple installation mode command line flags
  • Fixed <zip> action failing in some scenarios when packing directories
  • Enforce executable permissions in Unix shortcuts
  • Added file and line number to duplicated tags warnings
  • Fixed tcsh not being recognized as a valid shell by environment actions on Unix
  • Added <askForConfirmationOnUninstall> tag to disable the built-in confirmation popup on uninstallation
  • Fixed uninstaller not being deleted on unattended mode on Windows in some scenarios
  • Fixed <showProgressDialog> title not being configurable in some UI modes
  • Include <negate> state in rule description in GUI builder
  • Added double click binding in "Files" section in the GUI builder
  • Fixed <httpGet>/<httpPost> and <setWindowsACL> actions being affected by the state of the Wow64 filesystem redirection
  • Fixed crash on GUI builder when the <platforms> tag of folder contains incorrect values
  • Clean /opt/bitrock directory after deb/rpm uninstallation
  • Fixed installer failing on Windows when TEMP environment variable containing multiple directories
  • Fixed creation of symbolic links on OS X failing when target is an existing link to a non empty directory

Version 6.4.0 2010-06-11

  • Added support for nested variables
  • Now all variable references are case insensitive
  • New <createShortcuts> action
  • Prevent GUI builder from accepting incorrect values in its dialogs
  • Added new <while> and <break> actions
  • New <autodetectDotNetFramework> action
  • New <locate> action
  • Added new <zip> action
  • Added matchHiddenFiles flag to <touchFile>, <copyFile> and <deleteFile> actions
  • Added OS X support for user and group manipulation actions
  • Added new built-in variable windows_os_flavor
  • Allow <foreach> and <if> actions to be accessed through the GUI
  • Fixed Qt installer abnormaly resizing in "custom" mode
  • Fixed patterns in folders' inclusion filters not resolved when using backslashes
  • Allow <showProgressDialog> to display a download progress bar when containing a single <httpGet> child action
  • Normalize all relative paths to reference project directory in Autoupdate tool
  • New validation of duplicated project tags
  • Disabled RPM registration in platforms with non-native RPM support
  • Increase size of builder project properties dialog
  • Allow empty user and password to be provided in <addScheduledTask> action
  • New <runOnlyIfLoggedOn> tag in <addScheduledTask> action
  • Disable language selection dialog when a value is provided through command line
  • Allow InstallBuilder license to be saved to and loaded from user personal directory on Windows
  • Added Japanese string for Installer.DirectorySelection built-in string
  • Fixed glitch in button states after installation page
  • Allow task name with spaces in <addScheduledTask> action

Version 6.3.1 2010-05-04

  • New <sha1> action
  • New <md4> action
  • New <addDirectoriesToUninstaller> action
  • Added <password> tag to <addUser> action
  • Improved <httpProxyInit> to autodetect system proxy settings
  • Improved RPM integration
  • Improved Qt look and feel on Windows and OS X
  • Validate user provided input for parmeters while creating them.
  • Added Windows support for user and group manipulation actions
  • Fixed <registryDelete> failing to delete keys on Windows 64bit
  • Documented windows_os_service_pack
  • Prevent fileTest rule from failing when testing a non-existent link
  • Fixed autoupdate returning update available when check_for_updates was set to '0'
  • Fixed Windows 7 not being recognized when Windows 7 Logo Toolkit is installed
  • Fixed symbolic links not being properly packed when included as <distributionFile>
  • Fixed variables not being resolved in some Autoupdate project tags.
  • Fixed error parsing Autoupdate projects containing utf-8 BOM
  • Built-in registry keys are now created in the 64bit view when <windows64bitMode> is enabled
  • Fixed Windows 2008 autodetection failing in some environments

Version 6.3.0 2010-02-24

  • Now Windows installers set the default installation language from a previous installation when updating
  • Reduced memory consumption when unpacking large single-file installers
  • Multiple improvements in CDROM installers
  • Allow HTML licenses file in Qt mode
  • New installer_builder_version and installer_builder_timestamp built-in variables
  • License parameters now accept multiple localized licenses
  • New <httpProxyInit> action to configure proxy to use with http actions
  • New <xmlFileGet> and <xmlFileSet> actions
  • New <addScheduledTask> and <deleteScheduledTask> Windows actions
  • New <getWindowsFileVersionInfo> action
  • New <foreach> and <if> actions
  • New .password suffix to mask passwords in log messages
  • Support for osx-intel and osx-pcc in platform test
  • Fixed proxy configuration in autoupdate failing in some environments
  • Fixed autoupdate failing on OS X when using minimalWithDialog ui mode
  • Properly set default output and project directory on Windows 7
  • Prevent downloaded installers to by launched in text mode by the autoupdater
  • New tag to match hidden files on Windows
  • Fixed <installerFilename> property being empty during build time
  • FreeBSD 8 support
  • Improve RPM removal process
  • Fixed <singleInstanceCheck> failing on Windows when using <windows64bitMode>
  • Fixed unpacking errors in some environments

Version 6.2.7 2010-01-22

  • File selection crashes if third-party Explorer extensions change locale
  • Fixed unpacking error in some Windows environments due to antivirus software locking files
  • New <useMSDOSPath> property in <runProgram> action to configure whether to use or not 8.3 format in the <program> path
  • Added encoding property in <addTextToFile> action and <fileContentTest> rule
  • New <unix2dos> action
  • Allow file type filters in <fileParameter> dialogs for xwindow, osx and win32 modes
  • Include InstallBuilder version by default in the generated installers version info

Version 6.2.6 2009-12-21

  • New <showStringQuestion> dialog
  • New <getWindowsACL> action to retrieve ACLs on Windows
  • New <changeExecutableResources> action
  • Added project property <replaceLockedFilesOnReboot> to mark locked files on Windows to be renamed instead of prompting the end-user to abort/retry/ignore
  • Fixed build-time memory errors produced by the usage of <requestedExecutionLevel> with big executables
  • Allow Autoupdate strings to be localized
  • Added <excludeFiles> and <includeFiles> tags to <deleteFile> action
  • Actions that modify the environment variables and PATH can now be applied to a particular user (Unix only)
  • Fixed <onErrorActionList> masking the the original error
  • Fixed .desktop files on Unix not correctly working on some scenarios
  • Avoid locked files error when unpacking on Unix
  • Use SID for user default value on <setWindowsACL> action
  • Added is_empty and is_not_empty tests to <registryTest> rule
  • Fixed registry actions not correctly resolving variables in their errors
  • Fixed Autoupdate tool not modifying Windows executable resources
  • Fixed some minor bugs in Autoupdate tool
  • Improved windows-x64 rule
  • Allow uninstaller icon to be customized
  • Fixed <rollbackBackupDirectory> not being deleted after a successful rollback
  • Fixed <fileParameter> validation failing in some environments
  • Fixed software version registry key not being updated after an upgrade
  • Give executable permissions to serialized .desktop files on Unix

Version 6.2.5 2009-11-09

  • Allow file filtering in folders
  • Fix glitch in action popup on OS X builder
  • New <setWindowsACL> action to modify Windows permissions
  • New <restoreRollback> action
  • New <windowsARPRegistryPrefix> project property
  • Fixed "Administrator privileges required" string not shown in all languages
  • Fixed <findFile> action always following symbolic links
  • Improved text entry field in GUI builder

Version 6.2.4 2009-10-06

  • Improved builder tool on OS X x86

Version 6.2.3 2009-10-05

  • Improved builder tool on OS X x86
  • Added new windows_os_service_pack built-in variable
  • Allow <addTextToFile> action to also insert text at the beginning
  • Allow autoupdate to run and install installers in unattended mode
  • New <deleteLockedFilesOnReboot> action.
  • Fixed <kill> action not accepting paths as arguments on Windows 64bits
  • Fixed <autodetectJava> action not correctly detecting 64bit Java installations on Windows
  • Fix OS X installers Info.plist not correctly created when non-ASCII characters were used in the installer name
  • Open file button fails on OS X if initial directory does not exist.
  • addLibraryToPath action does not resolve variables in its path tag
  • addLibraryToPath not working correctly on Linux x64 and OS X
  • platformTest can now distinguish between hpux-ia64 and hpux-parisc
  • addDirectoryToPath not working correctly on OS X
  • launchBrowser action fails in some environments

Version 6.2.2 2009-09-04

  • Fixed <showText> and Readme file not correctly resized on Windows
  • New <compareVersions> rule
  • Added additional information to autoupdate guide
  • Expanded entry fields on builder GUI
  • Fixed Unix services related actions not working correctly on some distributions

Version 6.2.1 2009-08-26

  • Fixed OSX version of the autoupdate not properly launching the downloaded installer
  • Fixed installation step of installers launched by the autoupdate being skipped in some environments
  • Added windows64bitMode project property to allow installers to behave as 64bit applications on Windows
  • Added Windows 2008 R2 platform to platformTest rule
  • Add SME linux to linux_distribution built-in variables
  • Allow deleting nodes on OS X from the GUI
  • New if/else action
  • Added <height> and <width> properties to showText dialog action
  • Allow Windows UAC level to be changed at built-time with <requestedExecutionLevel> property
  • Validation of parameters' leftImage file at build time
  • Component selection page resizable for Qt
  • Added installer_ui_detail built-in variable to get the detailed installation mode
  • Added aditional tests to componentTest rule
  • Fixed platformTest type=windows-x64 not properly working in some environments
  • Removed alpha channel from leftSide image to prevent some crashes on Solaris
  • Fixed rules are not being evaluated for onErrorActionLists

Version 6.2.0 2009-07-20

  • Added <debugLevel> project property and --debugLevel flag to control the verbosity level in installation log file
  • Added new <postUninstallerCreationActionList>
  • Fixed stringTest ascii and digit types
  • Added windows-xp, windows-2003,windows-2008 and windows-7 to <platformTest> rule
  • Fixed uninstaller failing because of missing DLL in some scenarios
  • Fixed <runProgram>'s <customErrorMessage> not being used in the installationLog
  • Added Hebrew and Greek language support
  • Fixed Linux installers unable to launch from a directory containing non-ASCII characters
  • Added osx_version and osx_major_version built-in variables
  • Fixed choiceParameter combobox style not correctly working when using variables in its "value" and "default" tags

Version 6.1.3 2009-07-06

  • Added "hidden" and "readonly" attributes to <changeOSXAttributes> action
  • Relative installation paths not always working in interactive mode
  • Added <changeWindowsAttributes> action
  • Fixed showQuestion dialogs are not working when <overrideGtkButtonText> enabled
  • Display warnings on project load when incorrect choice parameters
  • Fixed error loading a project with no components.
  • Enabled optional timestamp in <logMessage> action.
  • Fixed uninstaller on OSX when installing as root.
  • Consider directories containing .DS_Store file as empty
  • Added autoupdate support for OS X

Version 6.1.2 2009-06-19

  • Fix autoupdate customization tool unable to launch

Version 6.1.1 2009-06-17

  • Show the default components to install and allowed components in the help menu
  • Add support for excluding files in many actions
  • Fix upgrade installers on OS X not modifying uninstaller
  • Fix deleteEnvironmentVariable not working correctly on Unix systems
  • New negate option for all rules, allows negating any rule
  • Fix builds from shared drives on Windows and VMWare mapped drives
  • File readable test failed in some shared drives under Windows
  • addDirectoryToPath action did not honor insertAt on Windows systems
  • Fixed resizing of component selection screen in some GUI modes
  • New unattended mode ui command line option
  • Allow component selection page to resize horizontally
  • Fix sometimes uninstaller failing when files where in use
  • Support Windows x64 test in platformTest
  • Fix linux-x64 not having GUI builder mode
  • Fixed runAs failing when arguments contain quotes

Version 6.1.0 2009-05-30

  • Support for IBM iSeries, OS/400 Use existing AIX target.
  • Fixed crashes when current Linux distribution version could not be determined
  • Resizable component selection for X-window mode
  • Added Windows 2008 and Windows 7 platforms to windows_os_* built-in variables
  • Fixed paths always being relativized when saving project using the GUI
  • Fixed symbolic links not being correctly registered in the uninstaller log
  • New <showChoiceQuestion> dialog
  • Fixed "Open Project.." in GUI not opening last used directory
  • Fixed <showPasswordQuestion> dialog in Qt
  • Added a delay option to <shutdown> action
  • Added suport for UTF-8 encoding on .desktop files
  • Added new <getSymLinkTarget>
  • Added is_symlink and is_symlink conditions to fileTest rule
  • <runAs> property in <runProgram> action no supports scripts with spaces.
  • <wowMode> in Windows registry related actions and rules now admits variables
  • Now the GUI allows nested startMenuFolders
  • Fixed installed shortcuts on common Desktop not being refreshed properly on Windows Vista

Version 6.0.3 2009-04-27

  • Fix error in Unix systems when the HOME environment variable was not set
  • Fix autoupdate failing to download updates when a file already existed
  • The installer now returns an error code if an error occurs in postInstallationActionList even if the error does not stop the installer
  • A new action list, preShowHelpActionList allows the content of the --help output to be dynamically modified
  • Fix Choice parameter combobox not supporting a default value that contains variable references
  • New variables machine_total_memory and machine_cpu_speed
  • LC_ALL takes precedence over LANG when determining system language in Unix systems
  • Fix distro detection on RedHat derivatives like Red Flag Linux or Scientific Linux
  • Fix validationActionList being run twice for parameterGroups in Qt mode

Version 6.0.2 2009-03-20

  • Added support for FreeBSD 7 x86/x64
  • Fix locale autodetection on OS X
  • Building Windows autoupdate from Linux was broken
  • GTK mode not initialized when path had spaces
  • addEnvironmentVariable breaks if the variable is already defined
  • Fix crash in builder when folder added to wrong element

Version 6.0.1 2009-03-13

  • Add support for OpenJDK in autodetect Java action
  • Fix unzip action causing the InstallBuilder GUI to crash
  • Fix allowedLanguages functionality showing empty language selection window
  • Fix substitute action modifying binary files even if a match was not present

Version 6.0 2009-03-10

  • Autoupdate functionality available for Windows and Linux
  • Quickbuild functionality now can do incremental builds and only repackage new or changed files
  • Support for right to left languages in Qt mode, in particular Arabic is now included
  • Enhanced keyboard navigaton on Qt mode
  • New
  • New
  • New
  • New
  • New
  • Ability to change the version information of generated Windows installers. This is the information that appears when you position the mouse over the icon.
  • Custom style installers were not showing left image with parameter groups
  • Fix typo in Dutch localization
  • Fix addUnixDesktopStartUpItem not working on latest Ubuntu 8.10
  • Fix InstallBuilder problems as admin when running on Mac OS X Snow Leopard
  • Using runProgram with runAs option will now bring a graphical prompt on Linux systems with gksu or kdesu available when the installer is not already running with admin privileges
  • External included files will now be serialized to separate files on disk when using the GUI
  • New java_autodetected variable. Set to 0 unless autodetectJava action is successful and sets it to 1.
  • Fix issue with builder CLI on Windows not working properly
  • New .escape_backslashes suffix for escaping backslashes in values. Useful when dealing with Java properties
  • New shutdown action to reboot the machine on Windows
  • Fix addDirectoryToPath not working in previous version of InstallBuilder

Version 5.4.15 2009-02-13

  • Fix GTK segmentation fault on Linux installers on recent Linux distributions.
  • New enableLinuxLegacySupport project property. You will now need to manually enable this setting if you need to support Linux versions older than 2.3 (older than Red Hat 9)
  • Add --version info to the windows right-click menu properties
  • Included progressText for all actions
  • Added console command line builder to Windows
  • Added support for HTTP basic auth (username & password) in httpGet and httpPost actions
  • Do not create a file to save a request result if no file was specified in httpGet
  • New registryTest rule to check for the existence of registry keys
  • Enable or disable automatic filesystem redirection on Windows x64
  • New shouldPackRuleList rule for components, folders and shortcuts
  • Disable storage of installer creation time, to allow having binary-identical installers if built from the same files
  • New installer variables to easily retrieve Linux Distribution data based on lsb_release: linux_distribution_id,linux_distribution_codename, linux_distribution_release, linux_distribution_description
  • Force defaultLanguage to be in the list of allowed languages even when allowLanguageSelection is disabled
  • Let the user customize the "Uninstallation did not complete successfully" string
  • Let the user overwrite readonly files on Windows during installation by automatically changing the permissions
  • Password field is reset to empty in all modes in case a validation fails
  • Language selection window shows language in native spelling
  • Fixed error with registerWithPackageDatabase on Fedora Core 10
  • Fixed showProgressDialog in text mode overwriting the progressbar
  • Fixed portTest throwing internal error when port is empty
  • Fixed stringTest not working correctly with empty strings
  • Fixed X Windows error on Solaris Intel 10
  • Fixed uninstaller breaking due to installationLog initialization
  • Fixed the issue with Qt installers creating the temporary images directory on CWD
  • Fixed Qt installers not able to use enter/return key to navigate
  • Fixed the issue with Installers that should not pack .DS_Store files on OS X
  • Fixed Parameter group not showing left image
  • Fixed GTK choice parameter freezeing the installer on some circumstances
  • Fixed registryDelete that should silently ignore deleting non-existing keys
  • Fixed Tk password parameter retype field not accepting enter key to show next page

Version 5.4.14 2008-11-07

  • Installers are now able to register Windows file extensions at the user scope.
  • New actions 'encodeBase64' and 'decodeBase64' allow to encode/decode any string using base64.
  • New 'componentTest' rule, allow to check the presence of a component on the current project.
  • Link creation now supports abort/retry/ignore.
  • Fixed issue in OS X case-sensitive HFS+ file systems.
  • Fix 'showProgressDialog' action for Linux 64-bit platforms.
  • POTENTIAL INCOMPATIBILITY: Japanese language code is now 'ja' instead of the current 'jp'. Most customers will not be affected because 'jp' is also recognized automatically, but there may be an issue is you explicitly use variable 'installation_language_code' in you code.
  • Fixed issue with 'registryGetKey' and 'registryGetMatch' not being case-insensitive in certain cases.
  • Fix missing text messages on OS X root installations.
  • Fix OS X firewall warning being thrown when running the installers.
  • New 'uninstallationLogFile' project property, allow to configure the path for the log file during uninstallation.
  • Installers now show a meaningful error message when the specified encoding is incorrect or not supported.
  • New convenience 'isTrue' and 'isFalse' rules.

Version 5.4.13 2008-09-18

  • Significant performance improvement for Windows installers when a large number of small files are being installed.
  • Cancel button is now disabled during uninstallation.
  • Installers now preserve the working directory along its execution life.
  • Improved error message for corrupted installers on Qt Linux.

Version 5.4.12 2008-09-10

  • Windows userTest action now supports Windows domains.
  • New unattended UI mode minimalWithDialogs.
  • Action processTest now supports process names with spaces.
  • Windows shortcuts now support the comment property.
  • Fix an error when the path contained spaces in the file selection dialog on GTK mode.
  • Better display text-mode infoParameter pages.
  • Improved uninstaller startup time when containing large number of files.

Version 5.4.11 2008-08-08

  • Fixes incorrect LZMA decompression issue when installing a 32-bit installer on a 64-bit machine in 32-bit compatibility mode.
  • Project XML files now support Latin and Unicode encodings.
  • New 'debianCustomPackageDirectory' property, allow using customized DEB scripts.
  • Action 'createWindowsService' now allow configuring runas information.
  • Components can now specify custom language files.
  • Enhanced Desktop path retrieval on Windows and Linux.
  • Fixes visual error on GTK mode with 'infoParameter' inside a 'parameterGroup'.
  • New 'urlDecode' action, converts to regular text an URL-encoded string.
  • Builder application now supports '--version' command line switch.
  • Improved error handling when a folder destination path is empty.
  • Language, Readme and License file paths can now contain installer variables at build time.

Version 5.4.10 2008-06-27

  • New built-in unzip action to uncompress external ZIP files.
  • Fixed word wrapping for the showInfo, showWarning, etc dialogs in Qt mode.
  • New encoding property for the substitute action, allows performing substitutions on files with non-ASCII encodings.
  • Fixed error when trying to perform LZMA compression on unsupported platforms (linux-x64).
  • New exitCode property for the exit action.
  • New variable build_project_directory, contains the location of project XML file during build time.
  • Fix error on Solaris Intel installers when the variable HOME is not set.
  • Improved associateWindowsFileExtension, now it is able to update friendlyName property.
  • New action removeWindowsFileAssociation, allows unregistering a file extension on Windows.
  • New windowsIconIndex property for shortcuts, allow specifying the icon index for Windows shortcuts.

Version 5.4.9 2008-06-13

  • New overwritePolicy property controls the installer behavior when overwriting files. Possible values are onlyIfNewer, always, never.
  • DEB packages now support the --purge option for uninstallation.
  • Fixed segmentation fault on Fedora Core 9 with GTK mode.
  • Fixed removeChoiceOption action, it was generating an error when the "options" property was set.
  • Fixed an error on OS X, "--help" info was not being shown when requireInstallationByRootUser was enabled.

Version 5.4.8 2008-05-29

  • New action getFreePort for selecting a free port from a given range.
  • New action addUnixDesktopStartUpItem for executing set a program to be executed on a KDE or GNOME session start up.
  • RPM integration now available on AIX.
  • Improved the display of progress dialog on Suse 10.
  • Fixed component selection problem on InstallBuilder for Qt.
  • Corrected Readme file display on Windows.
  • Deb package generation is now available for Linux 64-bit.
  • General action lists can now be set also in components.
  • Fixed 64-bit RPM packages shipping 32-bit files issue.
  • Rollback directory can now contain variable substitutions.
  • Installers now return an appropriate error in all scenarios when an installation is canceled.

Version 5.4.7 2008-04-28

  • New showProgressDialog action, allows showing an indeterminate progress bar when executing actions.
  • New Relax-NG schema included with InstallBuilder.
  • New examples for actions, components and parameters included with InstallBuilder.
  • Ability to generate 64-bit RPM packages from a Linux-x64 machine.
  • Improved display of slide show images on GTK mode.
  • Fixed uninstaller creation when defaultUnixOwner and requireInstallationByRootUser are set.
  • Improved feedback to the user when an unknown error is detected during the postInstallationActionList.
  • Fixed an error on machine_ipaddr, it was returning multiple addresses on Windows on certain scenarios.
  • New addChoiceOptionsFromText action allows to obtain a list of options from a text source to be inserted into a choice parameter.

Version 5.4.6 2008-04-18

  • Improved file copying speed on UNIX machines.
  • New command line option --setvars allows to set the installer variable values on build time.
  • x64 bit registry on Windows is now fully supported.
  • removeFilesFromUninstaller now allows to specify folders.
  • Prevent going back in page sequence after installation progress screen has completed.
  • Comments are now being preserved when the XML is edited from the GUI.

Version 5.4.5 2008-04-11

  • Improved left image display on GTK mode.
  • Fixed lack of focus of the installer's window on OS X 10.3 when run by root.
  • Installation now continues after an error during a component's postInstallationActionList.
  • Fixed delay when displaying the readme file on OS X.
  • Fixed an error on the demo project when executing the post installation script on OS X.
  • Fixed installer failure on Solaris SPARC when LANG environment variable set to some values.
  • Fixed iniFileSet action, now it preserves elements order and generates correct content.
  • Fixed an error when upgrading the uninstaller.
  • Fixed failure when selecting files tab on builder GUI mode.
  • Improvement of Portuguese and Brazilian-Portuguese translations.
  • New variable machine_fqdn that retrieves the Fully Qualified Domain Name.

Version 5.4.4 2008-03-21

  • Fixed a bug that caused most installations to be broken on OS X.

Version 5.4.3 2008-03-20

  • New unattendedModeUI property, allows to show a minimal progress bar during unattended installations.
  • Fixed text fallback mode for Qt installers on Unix when DISPLAY is not present.
  • New removeUnixService action, allows removing Unix services from the system.
  • Fixed display of errors on FreeBSD and other Unix versions when installation fails in the early stages.
  • New kill action, allows to kill processes on Windows, based on PID, name or path to executable.
  • Fixed an error that occurs when creating uninstaller on OS X from a read-only installer.
  • Installers now support packing files with Unicode characters on their names.
  • Most project properties can now be accessed as installer variables using "project.propertyName".

Version 5.4.2 2008-03-07

  • New dirName action, allows to get a path's parent directory.
  • New unpackDirectory action, allows you extract a directory at any time during the installation.
  • New findFile action, allows to find a file or directory recursively from a path.
  • New removeLogFile property optionally removes the log file at the end of the installation.
  • New installer variables to easily retrieve current username, home directory and temp directory: user_home_directory, system_temp_directory and system_username.
  • New productComments, productContact properties for Add/Remove Programs on Windows.
  • CreateWindowsService now allows to configure dependencies on other services.
  • Fixed a crash in the Builder application when setting multiple platforms for a folder.
  • Fix several issues on unpackFile action.
  • Uninstaller title window is now configurable.
  • New Action List postBuildActionList, allows executing actions after an installer has been generated.
  • New createTimeStamp action.
  • Fixed an error on OS X installers in text mode when requireInstallationByRootUser is enabled.
  • Improvements on portTest rule on OS X, Solaris and FreeBSD to account for reuse flag.
  • substitute action now preserves the encoding of the files.
  • hostValidation action now also supports Linux.
  • Fixed choiceParameter not honoring the default property on Qt mode.
  • Fixed crash in installers running in FreeBSD with KDE installed.

Version 5.4.1 2008-01-22

  • Support for Linux 64-bit in InstallBuilder for Qt (tm).
  • Fix crashes on license page in X-window on certain 64-bit Linux platforms.

Version 5.4.0 2008-01-18

  • Fixed an error on Mac OS X where installers were not able to run from read-only media.
  • Improved support for Japanese fonts on Windows.
  • Fixed validation of user passwords on Windows using the userTest rule.
  • New --installer-language switch that allows configuring the installation language.
  • Components now can have a pre uninstallation action list.
  • Fixed an error that prevented linkParameters from displaying.

Version 5.3.0 2007-12-28

  • Improved support for OS X Intel.
  • Added support for Linux on pSeries.
  • Builder application incorporates a new feature to automatically check for updates on startup.
  • A single installer now support all versions of OS X back to 10.2.
  • Native authentication dialog on OS X for installers that require admin privileges.
  • userTest rule can now check for valid passwords on Windows.
  • Fix splash screen fade-out effect for OS X.
  • Fixed an error when showing a parameter group containing a password parameter. If a validation exception was raised, the UI would hang in Windows and OS X.
  • New property "installationLogFile" allows customizing the path where the log file will be saved if the installation is completed successfully.
  • Fix getFreeDiskSpace issue on IRIX.

Version 5.2.0 2007-11-16

  • Full Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) support.
  • Fixed a build error for Multiple Platform CDROMs when compress packed files setting is on and the contents span several discs.
  • Enforce that folders, parameters and components must contain a valid name element.
  • New property "windowsExecutableIcon" that allows customizing the installer executable icon on Windows.
  • New property "productDisplayIcon" that allows customizing the icon shown on Add/Remove Programs on Windows.
  • unpackFile action is now able to handle big files (more than 2 GB.)
  • Action "startWindowsService" now includes a timeout property.
  • Fixed an error on the progress bar, now installer variables are properly substituted in the progress text.
  • Detailed error message on Windows when trying to quick build an installer executable that is in use.
  • If the user cancels the installation before any files were installed, the uninstallation progress bar is not shown.
  • New "stringModify" action, that allows different operations on text.
  • Fixed lack of window decoration in xwindow mode in Beryl (XGL).
  • Better text word wrapping for GTK mode.

Version 5.1.1 2007-10-09

  • New singleInstanceCheck rule to check if there is a previous instance of the installer running
  • Fix bug when serializing project file with enableRollback tag
  • Fixed issue with InstallBuilder for Qt handling of temporary images on Windows

Version 5.1.0 2007-10-03

  • Automatic rollback support for files overwritten during installation
  • Allow customization of Start Menu / Desktop links for Current User or All Users on Windows
  • Fix an error for text mode initialization on OS X
  • Fix an error related to the Clipboard on Windows Qt mode
  • Detect infinite recursion during variable substitution
  • Fix an error when displaying 'required_diskspace' as part of a message

Version 5.0 2007-09-20

  • LZMA compression support on Windows, OS X and Linux x86.
  • Improved installer startup speed.
  • New action iniFileSet to create and modify .ini files.
  • New property splashScreenDelay increases the display time of the splash screen.
  • New rule processTest to test for running processes (Windows, Linux, OSX)
  • New getDiskUsage action calculates disk space for files and folders.
  • Windows installer now shows a graphical popup for error and help messages.
  • preBuildActionList is now executed in Quick Builds.
  • readyToInstallActionList is now available in generated RPMs.
  • Fixed bug on generated DEB packages removal.
  • Fixed RPM and DEB generation in InstallBuilder for Qt.
  • Installer variables are now case-insensitive.
  • Use UAC guidelines for default locations for projects/ and output/ on Vista
  • Fixed issue with fileExists handling of some Windows paths
  • Fixed display issue of Quick builds in text mode
  • Fixed issue with removeFilesFromUninstaller

Version 5.0 beta 1 2007-09-05

Version 4.5.3 2007-07-31

  • Fixed bug in directory selection with Unicode characters on Windows.
  • Reduced uninstaller creation time on Unix platforms.
  • Fixed bug in uninstaller creation for upgrade installers.
  • Improved alignment of label on multi-parameter pages.

Version 4.5.2 2007-07-23

  • Fix error in start menu creation on Windows.

Version 4.5.1 2007-07-20

  • Ability to configure default owner and group for installed files.
  • New action to calculate md5 value for a given text.
  • Improved error notification on programs executed by the installer.
  • Ability to customize the length of values returned by generateRandomValue action.
  • Improved text mode interface for parameter groups.
  • Enhanced integration of upgrade installers with Add / Remove Programs on Windows.
  • Ability to access standard Windows shell folder locations using installer variables.

Version 4.5.0 2007-07-12

  • Improved readFile and writeFile actions to support different encodings.
  • Ability to add and remove Fonts on Windows.
  • New linkParameter allows display of actionable links.
  • Fix value of installer_directory variable on OS X.
  • Fix variable substitution on httpPost actions.
  • Allow quick reloading of files changed on disk.
  • Fix packing of files with resource forks on OS X.
  • Improved logging of actions.

Version 4.4.0 2007-06-13

  • Support for .DEB packaging generation.
  • Platform support for FreeBSD 6 - 64 bits.
  • New httpPost action, allows passing of parameters.
  • New 'scope' property for actions addDirectoryToPath and removeDirectoryFromPath allows to set path only for current user (Windows only).
  • New 'askForConfirmation' property for password parameters allows not having to verify password.
  • Improved visualization for GTK and Win32 modes, as well as crashes in some specific GTK configurations.

Version 4.3.2 2007-05-18

  • Upgrade installers will now track files added/removed and update uninstaller appropriately.
  • Prevent components from having the same name.
  • License parameters now correctly handle relative file paths.
  • Fixed RPM progress meter when packaging file links.
  • Java autodetection can now specifically require a JDK.
  • Native dialogs on InstallBuilder for Qt Windows.

Version 4.3.1 2007-05-09

  • Fixed a number of OS X glitches on complex parameter pages.
  • New actions addFilesToUninstaller and removeFilesFromUninstaller.
  • registryGetMatch now can accept wildcards in the key.

Version 4.3.0 2007-05-04

  • Improved Vista look and feel.
  • Quicklaunch shortcuts on Windows.
  • Russian language support.
  • Show password questions can now have a 'title' property.
  • Default language can be set to 'auto' for autodetection.
  • Fixed localization issues of installer buttons on Windows.
  • Improved visualization of complex parameter pages.

Version 4.2.0 Multiplatform 2007-04-03

  • Ability to disable splash screen setting with disableSplashScreen property.
  • Added orientation property to group parameters.
  • Fix RPM generation in GUI mode.
  • Added support for Linux IA64, FreeBSD 6 and OpenBSD 3.x.
  • Add a showPasswordQuestion action.
  • Ability to modify startMenuGroupname at runtime.
  • New product URL and help links on Windows add Remove Program.
  • Fixed problems with Add/Remove Programs uninstallation on Vista.
  • New readmeFileList and licenseFileList to allow internationalization of license and readme files.
  • New onErrorActionList for actions, that gets executed on failure.
  • Show explanation property for boolean parameters in text mode.
  • Allow changing ask property in parameters dinamically.
  • touchFile can take wildcards and has a new option createIfNotExists.
Источник: [https://torrent-igruha.org/3551-portal.html]
, X-Win32 5.4.0 serial key or number

A native Windows distribution of MySQL has been available since version 3.21 and represents a sizable percentage of the daily downloads of MySQL. This section describes the process for installing MySQL on Windows.

Generally speaking, you should use a binary distribution that includes an installer. It is simpler to use than the others, and you need no additional tools to get MySQL up and running. The installer for the Windows version of MySQL, combined with a GUI Configuration Wizard, automatically installs MySQL, creates an option file, starts the server, and secures the default user accounts.


Using virus scanning software such as Norton/Symantec Anti-Virus on directories containing MySQL data and temporary tables can cause issues, both in terms of the performance of MySQL and the virus-scanning software mis-identifying the contents of the files as containing spam. This is because of the fingerprinting mechanism used by the virus scanning software, and the way in which MySQL rapidly updates different files, which may be identified as a potential security risk.

After installing MySQL Server, it is recommended that you disable virus scanning on the main directory () being used to store your MySQL table data. There is usually a system built into the virus scanning software to allow certain directories to be specifically ignored during virus scanning.

In addition, by default, MySQL creates temporary files in the standard Windows temporary directory. To prevent the temporary files also being scanned, you should configure a separate temporary directory for MySQL temporary files and add this to the virus scanning exclusion list. To do this, add a configuration option for the parameter to your configuration file. For more information, see Section 2.3.7, “Creating an Option File”.

2.3.1. Choosing An Installation Package

For MySQL 5.4, there are three installation packages to choose from when installing MySQL on Windows:

  • The Essentials Package: This package has a file name similar to and contains the minimum set of files needed to install MySQL on Windows, including the Configuration Wizard. This package does not include optional components such as the embedded server and benchmark suite.

  • The Complete Package: This package has a file name similar to and contains all files needed for a complete Windows installation, including the Configuration Wizard. This package includes optional components such as the embedded server and benchmark suite.

  • The Noinstall Archive: This package has a file name similar to and contains all the files found in the Complete install package, with the exception of the Configuration Wizard. This package does not include an automated installer, and must be manually installed and configured.

The Essentials package is recommended for most users. Both the Essentials and Complete distributions are available as an file for use with the Windows Installer. The Noinstall distribution is packaged as Zip archives. To use Zip archives, you must have a tool that can unpack files.

Your choice of install package affects the installation process you must follow. If you choose to install either the Essentials or Complete install packages, see Section 2.3.2, “Installing MySQL with the Automated Installer”. If you choose to install MySQL from the Noinstall archive, see Section 2.3.5, “Installing MySQL from a Noinstall Zip Archive”.

2.3.2. Installing MySQL with the Automated Installer

New MySQL users can use the MySQL Installation Wizard and MySQL Configuration Wizard to install MySQL on Windows. These are designed to install and configure MySQL in such a way that new users can immediately get started using MySQL.

The MySQL Installation Wizard and MySQL Configuration Wizard are available in the Essentials and Complete install packages. They are recommended for most standard MySQL installations. Exceptions include users who need to install multiple instances of MySQL on a single server host and advanced users who want complete control of server configuration.

2.3.3. Using the MySQL Installation Wizard

MySQL Installation Wizard is an installer for the MySQL server that uses the latest installer technologies for Microsoft Windows. The MySQL Installation Wizard, in combination with the MySQL Configuration Wizard, allows a user to install and configure a MySQL server that is ready for use immediately after installation.

The MySQL Installation Wizard is the standard installer for all MySQL server distributions, version 4.1.5 and higher. Users of previous versions of MySQL need to shut down and remove their existing MySQL installations manually before installing MySQL with the MySQL Installation Wizard. See Section, “Upgrading MySQL with the Installation Wizard”, for more information on upgrading from a previous version.

Microsoft has included an improved version of their Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI) in the recent versions of Windows. MSI has become the de-facto standard for application installations on Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003. The MySQL Installation Wizard makes use of this technology to provide a smoother and more flexible installation process.

The Microsoft Windows Installer Engine was updated with the release of Windows XP; those using a previous version of Windows can reference this Microsoft Knowledge Base article for information on upgrading to the latest version of the Windows Installer Engine.

In addition, Microsoft has introduced the WiX (Windows Installer XML) toolkit recently. This is the first highly acknowledged Open Source project from Microsoft. We have switched to WiX because it is an Open Source project and it allows us to handle the complete Windows installation process in a flexible manner using scripts.

Improving the MySQL Installation Wizard depends on the support and feedback of users like you. If you find that the MySQL Installation Wizard is lacking some feature important to you, or if you discover a bug, please report it in our bugs database using the instructions given in Section 1.7, “How to Report Bugs or Problems”. Downloading and Starting the MySQL Installation Wizard

The MySQL installation packages can be downloaded from http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/. If the package you download is contained within a Zip archive, you need to extract the archive first.


If you are installing on Windows Vista it is best to open a network port before beginning the installation. To do this, first ensure that you are logged in as an Administrator, go to the , and double-click the icon. Choose the option and click the Add port button. Enter into the Name text box and (or the port of your choice) into the Port number text box. Also ensure that the TCP protocol radio button is selected. If you wish, you can also limit access to the MySQL server by choosing the Change scope button. Confirm your choices by clicking the OK button. If you do not open a port prior to installation, you cannot configure the MySQL server immediately after installation. Additionally, when running the MySQL Installation Wizard on Windows Vista, ensure that you are logged in as a user with administrative rights.

The process for starting the wizard depends on the contents of the installation package you download. If there is a file present, double-click it to start the installation process. If there is an file present, double-click it to start the installation process. Choosing an Install Type

There are three installation types available: Typical, Complete, and Custom.

The Typical installation type installs the MySQL server, the mysql command-line client, and the command-line utilities. The command-line clients and utilities include mysqldump, myisamchk, and several other tools to help you manage the MySQL server.

The Complete installation type installs all components included in the installation package. The full installation package includes components such as the embedded server library, the benchmark suite, support scripts, and documentation.

The Custom installation type gives you complete control over which packages you wish to install and the installation path that is used. See Section, “The Custom Install Dialog”, for more information on performing a custom install.

If you choose the Typical or Complete installation types and click the Next button, you advance to the confirmation screen to verify your choices and begin the installation. If you choose the Custom installation type and click the Next button, you advance to the custom installation dialog, described in Section, “The Custom Install Dialog”. The Custom Install Dialog

If you wish to change the installation path or the specific components that are installed by the MySQL Installation Wizard, choose the Custom installation type.

A tree view on the left side of the custom install dialog lists all available components. Components that are not installed have a red X icon; components that are installed have a gray icon. To change whether a component is installed, click that component's icon and choose a new option from the drop-down list that appears.

You can change the default installation path by clicking the Change... button to the right of the displayed installation path.

After choosing your installation components and installation path, click the Next button to advance to the confirmation dialog. The Confirmation Dialog

Once you choose an installation type and optionally choose your installation components, you advance to the confirmation dialog. Your installation type and installation path are displayed for you to review.

To install MySQL if you are satisfied with your settings, click the Install button. To change your settings, click the Back button. To exit the MySQL Installation Wizard without installing MySQL, click the Cancel button.

After installation is complete, you have the option of registering with the MySQL Web site. Registration gives you access to post in the MySQL forums at forums.mysql.com, along with the ability to report bugs at bugs.mysql.com and to subscribe to our newsletter. The final screen of the installer provides a summary of the installation and gives you the option to launch the MySQL Configuration Wizard, which you can use to create a configuration file, install the MySQL service, and configure security settings. Changes Made by MySQL Installation Wizard

Once you click the Install button, the MySQL Installation Wizard begins the installation process and makes certain changes to your system which are described in the sections that follow.

Changes to the Registry

The MySQL Installation Wizard creates one Windows registry key in a typical install situation, located in .

The MySQL Installation Wizard creates a key named after the major version of the server that is being installed, such as . It contains two string values, and . The string contains the path to the installation directory. In a default installation it contains . The string contains the release number. For example, for an installation of MySQL Server 5.4.3, the key contains a value of .

These registry keys are used to help external tools identify the installed location of the MySQL server, preventing a complete scan of the hard-disk to determine the installation path of the MySQL server. The registry keys are not required to run the server, and if you install MySQL using the Zip archive, the registry keys are not created.

Changes to the Start Menu

The MySQL Installation Wizard creates a new entry in the Windows Start menu under a common MySQL menu heading named after the major version of MySQL that you have installed. For example, if you install MySQL 5.4, the MySQL Installation Wizard creates a MySQL Server 5.4 section in the Start menu.

The following entries are created within the new Start menu section:

  • MySQL Command Line Client: This is a shortcut to the mysql command-line client and is configured to connect as the user. The shortcut prompts for a user password when you connect.

  • MySQL Server Instance Config Wizard: This is a shortcut to the MySQL Configuration Wizard. Use this shortcut to configure a newly installed server, or to reconfigure an existing server.

  • MySQL Documentation: This is a link to the MySQL server documentation that is stored locally in the MySQL server installation directory. This option is not available when the MySQL server is installed using the Essentials installation package.

Changes to the File System

The MySQL Installation Wizard by default installs the MySQL 5.4 server to , where is the default location for applications in your system, and is the major version of your MySQL server. This is the recommended location for the MySQL server, replacing the former default location .

By default, all MySQL applications are stored in a common directory at , where is the default location for applications in your Windows installation. A typical MySQL installation on a developer machine might look like this:

Источник: [https://torrent-igruha.org/3551-portal.html]
X-Win32 5.4.0 serial key or number

REAPER v3.78 - August 2, 2011
Downloads: Changes:
  • FX: fixed zipper noises in wet/dry control
  • FX: send all keyboard input to plug-in setting now works on OSX
  • Inline MIDI editor: fixed OSX64 support and possibly improved Win64
  • MIDI: fix for looped MIDI noteoffs, specifically fixing http://forum.cockos.com/project.php?issueid=3293
  • OSX: fixed perf meter position restore on startup
  • OSX Lion: fixed GUI for some Apple AUs
  • ReaFIR: filter small input values to prevent denormal munch
  • Virtual MIDI keyboard: fix for crash on some platforms

REAPER v3.77 - July 22, 2011
Downloads: Changes:
  • Config import/export: fixed support for key maps/actions
  • Undo: fixed undo state point adding for removing item group via item button
  • OSX: better Spaces/Expose support on SL
  • OSX: fixed some potential menu related bugs
  • OSX: midi hardware improvements (note pretracking, running status support)
  • OSX: fix for Lion's broken libpython 2.7 install (see here)
  • Time map: improvements to start offset calculation when changing tempo in time mode and midi items are used
  • Pitch shifting: fix for potential crash in simple windowed pitch shifting

REAPER v3.76 - April 25, 2011
Downloads: Changes:
  • Actions: nudge track volume actions now are capable of writing automation
  • Editing: actions that remove areas of the project not removing certain items that start/end near selection
  • Graphic glitch fix for items at extreme zoom levels
  • MIDI Editor: avoid deadlock when step sequencing using realtime MIDI inputs
  • mp3dec: fixed length calculation on files with truncated final frame
  • Nudge pan action can now write automation
  • OSX: MIDI hardware I/O improvements
  • Playback: fixed anticipative FX RAM/CPU/playback issue when starting playback past end of project
  • ReaNINJAM: improved chat interface, especially on OS X
  • Recording: option to put timestamp at start of recorded filenames
  • Rendering: improvements to online render (lowered RT CPU use)
  • Split/trim items: correctly remove silence (when configured) before last item in split
  • Toolbars: fixed default icon images for floating toolbars
  • Toolbars: fixed positioning of context menus for floating toolbars
  • VST: other getOutputLatency() accuracy improvements on playback start
  • VST: when project measure offset is less than 1, ignore it

REAPER v3.75 - January 26, 2011
Insert quarter
Downloads: Changes:
  • Actions: render stems pre-fader now preserve pan law
  • Actions: move media items down now properly creates tracks when starting with a single track
  • Item lanes: fixed overflow bug with large numbers of overlapping items
  • Media item loading multiproject status fix
  • MIDI editor: filter dialog now draws correctly with nonstandard font sizes
  • MIDI editor: undo state saving on CC lane insert
  • MIDI editor: fixed clearing sysex/text lanes causing crash
  • MIDI overdub recording: fixed noteoffs on 0 tick length notes
  • OSX: screenset stability fixes
  • OSX: better looking bullet-mark on MIDI editor CC lanes
  • OSX: Safer unloading of projects
  • Project rate envelope: better sound with PDC/anticipative FX and editing envelope
  • ReaFir: fixed analysis range inaccuracies
  • ReaXcomp: fixed threshold smoothing bug when automating to extremely low thresholds
  • VST: calling getOutputLatency() on resume until first audio block processed now produces more sane results
  • VST: audioMasterGetOutputTime will not return negative values
  • Misc: Other cleanups/stability improvements

REAPER v3.74 - December 24, 2010
Tending to the Holidays
Downloads: Changes:
  • API: fixed support for modifying very short items via certain API functions
  • Actions: fixed loop length halve/double actions
  • Master track: channel count now reset on new project, able to save in project defaults
  • MIDI recording: prevent dropped notes in MIDI replace record mode
  • MIDI editor bank/program select: don't sort program banks alphabetically
  • Mixer: fx parameter scroll button positioning fixes
  • Nudge/set: fixed bug when duplicating grouped items
  • Project templates: default project template is now stored with relative path in .ini (for config import/export, portable installs)
  • ReaControlMIDI: fixed manual text entry of pitch and pan values
  • Track locking: fixed unlocking of track not adding undo state
  • VST: more handling for VSTs that resize themselves
  • VST: fixed window sizing bug causing some FX to open in a too-small window
  • OSX: Better performance when updating arrange view while bringing media online
  • Stability: various small potential memory corruption fixes (thanks, nitpicker!)
  • WINE support: properly detect newer versions of WINE

REAPER v3.73 - November 17, 2010
Fresh and tidy
Downloads: Changes:
  • API: added GetCurrentProjectInLoadSave() for context when loading project-specific extension state
  • AU: fixed some AUs going blank when floating/unfloating the window (thanks, Camel Audio)
  • AU: avoid opening bridges to scan for plug-ins (keep cached copy -- hit F5 in fx browser to force rescan)
  • Batch file converter: fixed dropping files on OSX
  • Configuration import/export: preliminary support for importing/exporting .ReaperConfigZip, accessible via action or preferences/general
  • Theming: Drag and drop of .ReaperThemeZip (or .zip with theme files) files to REAPER's arrange now installs the theme
  • Envelopes: fixed editing of first envelope point
  • Envelopes: when hiding pre-fx volume/pan envelopes, values are no longer applied to main volume/pan
  • Items: show take numbers for items without take names
  • MIDI editor: fixed marquee including too many items when zoomed very far in
  • Mixer: fixed positioning when adding first visible track icon or removing last icon
  • Mixer: fixed resize of hidden extended mixer components with track icon visible
  • Ripple editing: fixed ripple on first track when pasting/inserting multiple items
  • SMPTE LTC sync: leave framerate blank to use project framerate setting (default for new projects)
  • Tooltips: fixed a bug that would cause some pan envelope tooltips to display incorrectly
  • Theming: fixed stretch configuration for some theme button images
  • Update arrange view periodically while bringing media online

REAPER v3.72 - October 19, 2010
Oh, Apples
Downloads: Changes:
  • API/ReaScript: added SetMediaItemPosition/Length, with the option to suppress screen redraw
  • API/ReaScript: better portability between Windows and Mac (strip Windows newlines)
  • API/ReaScript: API functions for item/marker setting should now perform better on OSX
  • Armed actions: show special cursor and tooltip only when clicking will trigger the action
  • Armed actions: do not cancel armed action on undo
  • Feedback routing: fixed stopped monitoring with feedback
  • Feedback routing: decreased memory/CPU use
  • MIDI recording: fixed some overlapping note issues with replace and overdub recording modes
  • MIDI editor: moving CCs/events now updates pre-quantized positions
  • MIDI editor: reduced memory use when opening/closing many editors
  • MIDI editor: fixed memory leak when reusing MIDI editor and switching between MIDI items
  • MIDI editor: fixed stuck velocity display on reopening some MIDI editors
  • Media items: disabled "copy loop of selected area" action for MIDI items
  • Media items: recalculate autocrossfades for beat-based media items when changing time signature
  • Media items: allow copying loop of selected area when the time selection includes the item end
  • OGG support: improved stability/playback of corrupted OGG files (libvorbis 1.3.1 bug)
  • Performance: Reduced thread locking when recalculating item information
  • Shift+click time selection: on now obeys edit cursor moving preferences
  • Shift+click item selection: now use range of clicks rather than range of items
  • Shift+click item selection: no longer unselects other items (hold ctrl in addition for this)
  • Shift+click item selection: respects option to select all grouped items
  • Stability: Improved MIDI note previewing threadsafety
  • VST: better resize notification support

REAPER v3.71 - September 28, 2010
Bugfixes for a Birthday, Bro
Downloads: Changes:
  • (3.71) ASIO: requested audio block size: fixed power-of-two rounding mode
  • ASIO: support for requesting audio block size (many drivers will ignore, though)
  • Arc/roundrect drawing: fixed bugs, smaller code
  • Floating toolbar: fixed refresh on update of theme
  • (3.71) Media items: drawing fix for empty items
  • MIDI editor: avoid unsafe memory access on undo
  • Themes: fixed drawing glitch on docker tabs (and potentially elsewhere) introduced in 3.69
  • OSX: fixed potential crash under certain focus conditions (impl IsWindow())

REAPER v3.69 - September 20, 2010
Hello, maintenance.
Downloads: Changes:
  • Media item labels: option to show/hide text label based on item height
  • Media item buttons: option to show/hide buttons based on item height
  • Nudge/set: pass space bar through from nudge dialog to main window
  • OSX: avoid blinking cursor and tooltip when holding down a modifier key
  • OSX: fixed VST-shell project loading on PPC
  • OSX: fixed drawing issues (primarily related to docked media explorer)
  • Parameter modulation: fixed problem when using latent plugins
  • Project: safer writing of long lines to project file/undo memory
  • Themes: background stretching fixes

REAPER v3.68 - September 11, 2010
If this isn't nice, I don't know what is.
Downloads: Changes:
  • Dynamic split: fixed forced reduction of splits during calculation
  • Media items: better rounding of timing of certain start offsets
  • Media items: fixed undo/redo of take deletion broken in 3.67
  • MIDI editor: tick accuracy improvements when pasting MIDI
  • MIDI editor: fixed scrub preview for CC messages on channels other than 1
  • MIDI editor: fixed checkmarks in customized menus
  • MIDI editor: respect preference to prevent single-click CC event selection when holding shift or control
  • MIDI editor: create undo point when changing CC lane (prevent undoing back to the previous lane)
  • Mute: fixed UI inconsistency when undo/redo on tracks with no items
  • Peaks: fixed zoomed in peaks display of waveforms with active MIDI take
  • Pencil mode: fixed flicker when starting to draw looped MIDI items
  • Project load: fixed loading of certain third party generated RPPs broken in 3.67
  • Project load/save: better default paths
  • Save as: in copy modes, if a full project path is set, clear it (as it will not be used in the new project)
  • Tooltips: added preference to show tooltips when hovering the mouse over an envelope
  • Video: improved initial CPU/RAM use on load of projects with video items

REAPER v3.672 - August 29, 2010
Prepare to fast forward
Downloads: Changes:
  • MIDI editor: smoother editing for swing grid handles
  • MIDI editor: snap pitch/pan CC bars to center [demo]
  • MIDI editor: don't create extra undo point when moving/copying events
  • MIDI editor: fixed advancing cursor when step recording with swing grid enabled
  • MIDI editor: fixed crash when double-clicking collapsed CC lane
  • MIDI editor: fixed paste preserving position in measure in first partial measure of a media item
  • MIDI editor: new theme color for octave grid line [demo]
  • MIDI editor: update display immediately after event list context menu action
  • MIDI editor: when a single CC event is dragged, display the actual event time/value in the lower right
  • FX: adding FX via quick-add menu floats the FX window (if the user preference is to show the FX window at all)
  • FX: double click a floating FX title bar to return the FX to the chain window [demo]
  • FX: double-click empty space in the FX chain list (under the current inserted FX) to open the FX browser
  • FX: fixed potential flood of FX automation messages
  • FX: optionally show the current track FX in the FX button context menu, click to float/unfloat individual FX [demo]
  • FX: when adding an FX chain, auto-float each FX window if the preference is set [demo]
  • OSX: fixed a graphic glitch when updating track I/O window
  • OSX: fixed drawing behavior when tabbing through tracks to rename
  • OSX: fixed plug-in pin connector dialog not showing [+] button
  • OSX: fixed tiny font and odd alignment in track IO dialog, MIDI CC lanes
  • OSX: fixed too-large font on track meters
  • Video/FFmpeg: better audio seek mechanism
  • Video/FFmpeg: fixed duration on broken MPEG-1 files
  • Video/QuickTime: added sample accurate seek when using Quicktime decoder
  • Video/Windows: added EVR output for Vista+ machines (improved video display when using Aero)
  • Video/Windows: fixed hang when using REAPER over RDP
  • Video: better peaks display when zoomed in on videos that use compressed audio
  • Action: scroll view vertically (midi CC): prevent scrolling offscreen
  • Action: split items at timeline grid affects offscreen items properly
  • Action: toggle mute for track sends or receives 1-8
  • API: export Help_Set function (show help text in the area below the track panels)
  • AU: fixed occasional noise blast from plugins that can't handle anticipative processing (AUPeakLimiter)
  • AU: better support for multi-output AUs (thanks, VSL)
  • Cues: fixed drawing of extra cues on unlooped items that are longer than the underlying media source
  • Envelopes: pan envelope lane slider direction is consistent in trim/read vs write modes [demo]
  • External editors: when passing a region to Sound Forge, round to the nearest sample
  • Grid: fixed actions to split at grid, move cursor left/right to nearest grid position
  • Grouped items: more consistent behavior when editing grouped item edges
  • Help: when modifier keys are down, show what action is about to occur when editing items and envelope points
  • Item crossfades: shift+alt drag moves the crossfade and stretches both items [demo]
  • Marquee: shift overrides snap when selecting items and time together [demo]
  • Media explorer: options for default action (insert media, preview media, do nothing)
  • Parameter modulation: smoother audio control signal modulation with very short attack/release
  • Playback: fixed play cursor positioning when starting near end of project/loop
  • Preferences: moved volume/pan fader range settings to Appearance/VU Meters and Faders
  • Preferences: preference to suppress splitting all items at the edit cursor if nothing is selected
  • Project parsing: less heap use when parsing projects (faster loading of large projects)
  • ReaEQ: Cockos VST extension support for manually editing envelope points [demo]
  • Render: added minimize button to minimize REAPER during renders
  • Render: fixed rendered items sometimes being one sample too short with certain sample rate/buffer size settings
  • s/SVN/Git/: new revision IDs in about box
  • Takes: actions to rotate take lanes forward or backward for selected items [demo]
  • Takes: copy/preserve take FX when new recording splits an existing media item (obeys preference to copy take FX on split)
  • Takes: internal changes to take processing
  • Theme support: background images with yellow lines (outer-areas) now properly supported for track name, vol, pan labels, etc
  • Theme support: better detection of theme changes (faster)
  • Theme support: button images can now have pink lines for stretching
  • Tooltips: action to toggle on/off tooltips for media items and envelopes [demo]
  • Tooltips: multi-line tooltips for envelopes, items, item fades
  • Tooltips: multi-line tooltips for track IO, ENV, FX buttons [demo]
  • Undo/Save: safer behavior when loading media item state
  • Undo: don't create extra undo point when control+drag copying media items
  • VST: ensure "show VST folders" option is persistent
  • VST: when VST folders enabled and VST names disabled, don't show path twice in FX button right-click menu
  • Windows: fix for waveOut latency going off after many hours

REAPER v3.661 - August 25, 2010
Downloads: Changes:
  • MIDI editor: fixed possible crash or corruption when deleting MIDI text events
  • OSX: fixed default shift key mappings in MIDI editor

REAPER v3.66 - August 4, 2010
Leaps and Heaps
Downloads: Changes:
  • MIDI editor: action to reverse events also reverses CC, works in event list view
  • MIDI editor: actions that target a CC lane will target the top lane if no CC lane has focus
  • MIDI editor: advance edit cursor correctly after paste preserving position in measure
  • MIDI editor: better blink cursor appearance
  • MIDI editor: clicking to the left of a CC lane will set focus to that lane without deselecting notes/CC
  • MIDI editor: fixed CC events on one channel erasing events on other channels when moving CC with notes
  • MIDI editor: fixed splitting notes in looped MIDI items
  • MIDI editor: fixed step input actions when inserting X semitones below the current note
  • MIDI editor: immediately refresh event list when correcting overlapping notes/CC
  • MIDI editor: option to disable single-click selecting CC events
  • MIDI editor: paste preserving position in measure will not paste duplicates
  • MIDI editor: quantize, humanize, event properties, and filter windows stay on top of the editor
  • MIDI editor: swing grid support
  • MIDI editor: swing grid strength is set/edited by dragging handles on the upbeat grid lines [demo]
  • MIDI editor: text box for manual entry of swing strength
  • MIDI editor: when correcting overlapping notes, also correct CC events at the same time/channel
  • MIDI editor: when correcting overlapping notes/CC, always preserve the selected note/CC
  • MIDI quantize: actions to quantize note position, or position and end, to grid
  • MIDI quantize: added actions and options to quantize notes only, or all events
  • MIDI quantize: added bypass checkbox to quantize dialog
  • MIDI quantize: checkbox to fix overlaps on commit
  • MIDI quantize: notes will move with grid changes if quantize dialog is open when changing grid or swing [demo] [demo]
  • MIDI quantize: overhauled quantize dialog
  • MIDI quantize: when quantize grid is set to editor grid, quantize swing setting is linked to editor swing
  • MIDI: fixed MIDI notes sometimes not being played when coinciding exactly with a time signature change
  • Custom colors: action to reset random color generator (also resets default.palette if it exists)
  • Custom colors: if default.reapalette file exists, use those colors instead of random colors
  • Custom colors: default.reapalette (resource dir): text file of R G B values, one color per line
  • Custom colors: organized default custom color menu entries
  • Custom colors: preference for media item background tint strength, for selected/unselected media items [demo]
  • Custom colors: preference to automatically color any recording pass that adds takes to existing items [demo]
  • Custom colors: support for setting all takes created in the same recording pass to a custom color [demo]
  • Custom colors: support for setting custom colors per-take
  • API: allow extensions and ReaScript to get/set take custom colors, recording pass ID
  • Automation: higher recording speed for FX parameter automation
  • Automation: refresh track volume/pan sliders when deleting a track envelope in read/write modes
  • Color theme: added themeable colored bars to optionally display on selected items, active takes [demo]
  • Color theme: added themeable colors for MIDI note/CC text colors (light and dark)
  • Custom menu editor: action list automatically switches to the correct section when changing menus
  • Envelopes: drawing optimizations when zoomed out
  • External sync: option to only use external sync on playback or recording, or both
  • Master VU: fixed inaccurate RMS meter calculation with some window/audio buffer sizes
  • Media items: draw media source end notch slightly differently for unlooped items [demo]
  • Nudge/set: checkbox to preserve relative item positioning in set mode [demo]
  • OSX: better text field coloring
  • OSX: fixed 2GB+ file peakfile generation/reading
  • OSX: fixed a few graphical glitches relating to docked windows
  • OSX: selecting default system devices now allows differing input/outputs
  • Preferences: new tab for path settings (default render path, default recording path, alternate peak cache path)
  • ReaControlMIDI: fixed reading .ins files that contain trailing blank lines
  • ReaGate: checkbox to invert gate output (when loud, duck wet signal vs dry) [demo]
  • Recording: organized options for behavior when recording over existing items
  • Recording: recording over existing items can split the old items and add takes, create new items, or trim existing items [demo]
  • Recording: ensure that loop recording creates correct length files when "add new files on loop" enabled
  • Recording: fix for loop recording sometimes being slightly off the loop edges
  • Recording: new preference to discard incomplete first/last takes if at least one full loop was recorded [demo]
  • Scrollbars: improved zoom button sizing
  • Takes: action to activate take under mouse, mapped to "Y" by default (for "yes")
  • Takes: media item drawing optimizations
  • Takes: media items can be locked to the active take (to prevent mouse clicks from switching takes) [demo]
  • Takes: preference to link or unlink all takes when editing start offset (slip editing) [demo]
  • Toolbar: refresh custom toolbars after linking/unlinking loop points and time selection via preferences
  • Tracks: "Options/Show overlapping items in lanes" creates as many lanes as necessary [demo]
  • Tracks: when showing items in lanes, items whose audio will mask other items are drawn in a higher lane [demo]
  • Tracks: automatically remove tracks created by accidentally moving an item down too far [demo]
  • Tracks: added preference to remove or retain tracks created by moving an item below the last track and back
  • Transport menu: fixed checkmarks on submenu items (such as external sync, etc)
  • Video: preliminary support for flip/rotate of video (video source properties) [demo]
  • VST: inform plugins if transport repeat is enabled
  • Windows: better audio device closing behavior when minimizing REAPER and stopped

REAPER v3.651 - July 15, 2010
Downloads: Changes:
  • Action window: better behavior after adding actions to custom menus (close or restore the action window properly)
  • Actions: run LICEcap
  • Actions: set item mix behavior to project default
  • Actions: move or copy items to time selection, trim/stretch/loop/duplicate to fit
  • Actions: move position, edges, contents, duplicate of selected item (or item under mouse) to edit cursor
  • Actions: select all locked tracks
  • Actions: set track record path to primary, secondary, primary+secondary
  • Actions: show record path/secondary record path in explorer/finder
  • API: added MIDIEditor_GetTake, to get the MIDI take that is being edited in the active MIDI editor
  • API: added SetCurrentBPM function
  • Automation: fixed recording of send automation via mixer (broken since 3.3)
  • Automation: preference to reset write mode to another automation mode after one recording pass
  • Envelope panel: remove mouseover highlight when mouse leaves window
  • Envelopes: fixed action to move envelope points left/right by grid size
  • Envelopes: lane trim fader and add-4-points actions create points 0.5 ms apart
  • Envelopes: remember envelope armed state when unbypassing
  • Envelopes: when recording automation in loop, keep the exact recorded values at loop start and end
  • External sync: optional flashing window to warn when recording and waiting for timecode
  • FX: when docking/undocking fx chain, hide/show plug-in config window (some plug-ins don't like being moved)
  • Help: changed "Help: keyboard shortcuts" to "Help: Mouse key modifiers and action shortcuts"
  • Help: added MIDI editor mouse modifier behaviors to output of Help/Mouse modifier keys
  • Item notes/project notes: fixed Unicode character support
  • JS: added ts_num, ts_denom variables (time signature numerator and denominator)
  • JS: fixed x64 issue when used with third party plug-ins compiled with buggy MS CRT (fmod() needs fclex, etc)
  • Main menu: audio status now can optionally show record path, can disable showing of device info/record format [demo]
  • Master track: deselect all other tracks when clicking master track TCP
  • Media explorer: don't process REAPER hotkeys when renaming items (Windows)
  • Media explorer: replace media source for selected items, optionally stretched/looped to fit [demo]
  • Media explorer: option to use Windows Explorer (default) or generic listview on Windows
  • Menus/Actions: cleanup of many action descriptions ("selected tracks" becomes "tracks", same for items, etc)
  • MIDI devices: added a button to reset all MIDI devices, in Prefs/Audio/MIDI Devices
  • MIDI editor: actions to insert note or advance cursor by various note lengths
  • MIDI editor: actions to move edit cursor by measures
  • MIDI editor: actions to zoom view to selected notes/CC, or to project loop selection (double-click piano roll ruler)
  • MIDI editor: don't fix overlapping or duplicate notes until after quantize/humanize is done
  • MIDI editor: don't shift+select notes that are adjacent to the current selection (they must overlap)
  • MIDI editor: double-clicking existing text/sysex events always edits the event (rather than creating a new one)
  • MIDI editor: dropdown setting for length to use when inserting notes (can be set when drawing/selecting a note) [demo]
  • MIDI editor: fixed flicker when using humanize
  • MIDI editor: fixed snap to grid in looped items where the loop length itself is not on the grid
  • MIDI editor: fixed snap to grid when project time signature is not x/4
  • MIDI editor: fixed some note/CC editing actions not refreshing event list view
  • MIDI editor: fixed changing channel filter not refreshing event list view
  • MIDI editor: inserting/extending/pasting past the end of a looped MIDI item will extend the loop in source beats mode
  • MIDI editor: inserting/extending/pasting past the end of an unlooped MIDI item will extend the item [demo]
  • MIDI editor: MIDI preview scrub (middle mouse button in ruler, or click+drag the edit cursor handle) [demo]
  • MIDI editor: mute actions affect all selected notes and CC
  • MIDI editor: option to disable automatic correction of overlapping notes
  • MIDI editor: option to only move edit cursor when clicking ruler or CC lane dividers, not note/CC area
  • MIDI editor: removed piano roll-specific actions from the event list view action list
  • MIDI export: adjust embedded tempo map properly when exporting time selection rather than entire project
  • MIDI items: fixed bug when splitting unlooped MIDI item across tempo changes
  • Mixer meters: better justification of peak value text when it is larger than the width of the meter
  • MPx decoder: fixed multiple simultaneous decodes of MP2
  • MPx decoder: file parsing optimizations/cleanup
  • MPx decoder: basic support for MP2 encoded WAV files
  • Nudge: added right edge option (to nudge or set item right edge without trimming item length)
  • OSX: added a button to open system Audio MIDI Setup utility, in Prefs/Audio/Device
  • OSX: better Core Audio multidevice support (though it is still better to use aggregate devices)
  • OSX: changed audio device configuration storage, existing users will need to re-select their audio device(s) (REAPER will prompt on startup)
  • OSX: fixed midi editor refresh of CC lane boxes
  • OSX: improved Prefs/Audio/Device, now strongly encourages user to use a single device (and create aggregate devices as needed)
  • OSX: more window compositing fixes
  • OSX: support for automatically building output routing for multi-output AUs
  • OSX: fixed color picker rounding bug
  • OSX: color picker and font picker now have proper ok/cancel buttons
  • OSX: fixed REX on PPC, improved REX loading code
  • Per-take envelopes: action to insert 4 envelope points at time selection respects take play rate
  • Play cursor: better positioning at start of playback
  • Play cursor: better positioning with short loops
  • Play/loopskip: fixed problems with very small time selections, improved accuracy, fixed issues with PDC
  • Project: default item mix behavior is properly saved with default project
  • ReaControlMIDI: fixed UI loading when bridging enabled
  • ReaEQ: preserve existing wet/dry and bypass automation when resetting bands to default
  • Scrollbars: fixed vertical scrollbar theme change update issue
  • Splash screen: more useful startup status display
  • Toolbars: remove mouseover highlight when mouse leaves window
  • Tracks: actions to increase/decrease selected track height (shift+control+mousewheel by default) [demo]
  • Tracks: actions to minimize/maximize track heights will toggle back to the exact previous track heights
  • Tracks: don't allow a hidden track to become a folder track
  • Tracks: mute/solo modes (clear, exclusive, grouped, etc) now will not affect tracks that are not visible in the same context as the click
  • Tracks: track controls can be locked [demo]
  • Tracks: themeable color/alpha for locked track control panel
  • Undo system: increased default RAM limit to 256MB
  • Windows: add project to Windows recent file list properly when creating subdirectory
  • Windows: fixed unicode issues for launching files after render, etc
  • Windows: changed installer requested privilege level to admin

REAPER v3.63 - June 20, 2010
Downloads: Changes:
  • VST: bridged plug-in automation improvements, especially with plug-ins that dominate main thread
  • VST: fixed deadlock on certain bridged plug-ins on Windows

REAPER v3.62 - June 19, 2010
Downloads: Changes:
  • API: fixed GetIconThemeStruct() offsets that had changed in 3.6
  • JS: optimized tan(), fixed tan() on OSX/i386

REAPER v3.61 - June 18, 2010
Downloads: Changes:
  • Action: duplicate selected items, duplicate selected area of selected items
  • API: export ApplyNudge function
  • Envelope lanes: display envelope value in envelope lane control panel
  • Envelope lanes: more consistent behavior of slider in trim/read mode
  • Envelope lanes: respect user preference to not arm envelopes automatically when adding
  • Envelopes: enable visual feedback from hidden envelopes by default
  • Envelopes: user preference to enable writing automation to hidden envelopes
  • Envelopes: more consistent behavior of action to add 4 envelope points at time selection
  • Envelopes: preference for double-click to edit the envelope point (vs adding or resetting a point)
  • Menus: fullscreen mode and always-on-top moved from Options to View menu
  • MIDI editor: action to set or insert CC event at mouse (double-click)
  • Nudge: window opens on startup if it was open when REAPER was last closed
  • Nudge: account for take play rate when snapping contents to grid
  • OSX: Audio Units: PDC fixed
  • OSX: graphics optimizations and drawing glitch fixes
  • Scrollbars: drawing improvements when UI scaling or Windows scrollbar scaling is used
  • Timestretch: low quality windowed mode quality fixes
  • VST: fixed automation recording with certain plug-ins

REAPER v3.60 - June 10, 2010
nudge nudge wink wink
Downloads: Changes:
  • Transport: show editable playback tempo and time signature
  • Transport: mousewheel adjust play rate, tempo, selection start/end/length
  • Transport: alt+mousewheel to adjust time selection by beats
  • Transport: mousewheel over time selection length to move the entire selection
  • Transport: theme images for BPM tap-tempo button (transport_bpm, transport_bpm_bg)
  • Transport: theme images for playspeed and selection edit fields (transport_group_bg, transport_edit_bg)
  • Transport: theme images for status box (transport_status, transport_status_err)
  • Nudge/Set: move items by precise time/beat/sample/frame/selection units
  • Nudge/Set: move cursor or copy items by precise units
  • Nudge/Set: actions to nudge left/right by last nudge dialog settings
  • Nudge/Set: actions to save/recall up to 8 configurations (assign to shortcuts or toolbars)
  • OSX: much faster graphics updating (thank you, Apple, for your fantastic documentation)
  • OSX: better edit cursor displays (matches Windows)
  • OSX: fixed mouse option for mousewheel to target window with focus
  • OSX: menu shortcut display support for control key modifier, other special keys
  • OSX: faster configuration file access
  • OSX: fixed action to reset all MIDI devices crashing on some MIDI devices
  • OSX: default text drawing is now faster
  • Accessibility: expose basic track, envelope, transport control to screen readers via MSAA
  • Action: go to marker 11-30
  • Action: reset soft takeover for all MIDI controller assignments
  • Action: unselect all tracks, items, and envelope points
  • Action: adjust all tempo markers at once by various units
  • API: added GetMasterTrack
  • Batch converter: better support for unicode filenames
  • Custom menus: much faster import of menus and menu sets
  • Envelope control panels: respect global UI scaling preference
  • Export: automatically prevent trim/convert on REX and video files
  • FX browser: renaming item preserves selection, and resorts
  • Keyboard entry: preference to disable applying typed-in edit changes after 1 second (in some places)
  • Keyboard entry: cancel changes on escape, commit changes on tab or enter key (in some places)
  • Media explorer: action to show source properties for current media preview (right-click preview display)
  • Media explorer: unload stopped preview media if user preference is to offline media when switching away
  • MIDI editor: fixed grid snapping when project contains odd-length time signature changes
  • MIDI editor: action to toggle locking MIDI item to fixed tempo, or follow project tempo changes
  • MIDI editor: fixed grid snapping, note insert length when MIDI is locked to a fixed tempo
  • MIDI editor: optimized edit cursor display
  • MIDI editor: update toolbar step sequencer buttons on enable/disable
  • MIDI file writing: more compatible ASCII conversion for some UTF characters
  • MIDI file writing: new option to write text events as UTF-8 (preferences/media/MIDI)
  • MIDI items: fixed source properties reported media item length
  • Mixer: show MIDI hardware outputs in send/hardware output list (themable: mcp_sendlist_midihw)
  • ReaEQ, ReaDelay, ReaPitch, ReaXcomp: correct automation behavior when adding/removing bands
  • ReaScript: x64 Python support
  • Relative snap: fixed occasional reset of item snap offset
  • Selection sets: actions to save/load up to 10 sets of item selections
  • Solo defeat: receives are always audible even if source tracks have sibling solo
  • Startup: faster
  • Tempo: more efficient rebuilding of complex project tempo maps when adjusting tempo quickly
  • Tempo: better multithreaded time map access (faster tempo information delivery to plugins)
  • Tempo: tap tempo creates only one undo point
  • Time selection: preferences to clear time selection and/or loop points by clicking ruler or arrange view
  • Tooltips: fixed occasional stuck tooltip on certain mouse movements
  • Tooltips: many tooltips now also appear in main info box
  • Tooltips: simplified tooltips that appear when moving media items
  • Trim behind items: support toggling on/off within custom actions
  • Video: added "Video window follows edits" setting in Prefs>Media>Video
  • Video: muted items, muted tracks are not displayed
  • Video: FFmpeg: added YV12 and YUY2 colorspace decoding support (makes video decoding faster)
  • Video: FFmpeg: bundled OSX versions are now 10.4+ compatible
  • Video: FFmpeg: improved video frame display when seeking during playback
  • Winamp visualization plug-ins: default option to disable WA plug-ins completely
  • Winamp visualization plug-ins: various bug fixes
  • Windows: fixed file open issues on pre-XP operating systems

REAPER v3.52 - May 19, 2010
no one has a head
Downloads: Changes:
  • Action dialog: when switching action sections, enable running actions in the new section if possible
  • Action: move items to time selection, stretched and looped to fit
  • Action: render all queued renders
  • ^Added Quick Start Guide (PDF): accessible via Help/Documentation menu
  • Bridging/firewalling: fixed PPC bridging on OSX 10.4/10.5
  • Bridging/firewalling: fixed a bug where bridging would sometimes be disabled
  • Create measure from time selection: better behavior with existing tempo markers
  • Docker: better track resize behavior when showing/hiding/resizing docker
  • Drag and drop: fixes for various plug-in related crashes (Maschine and others)
  • Dynamic split: use preferences/editing behavior/tab-to-transient sensitivity, for consistency
  • Envelopes: when adding volume/pan envelopes, don't create point at cursor (consistent with other envelopes)
  • Grid settings: more consistent display of grid sizes (notes, not beats)
  • Media explorer: action list and custom shortcut support
  • Media explorer: actions for play, stop, pause, rewind, fast forward, play from last seek position
  • Media explorer: actions to play previous media (for A/B comparison), browse up/down the list of files
  • Media explorer: context menu item to insert media at time selection, stretched and/or looped to fit
  • Media explorer: display media embedded tempo, if any
  • Media explorer: leave peaks preview active until Media Explorer is closed
  • Media explorer: media can be previewed/inserted at project tempo if it is suitable length in beats/bars
  • Media explorer: media with embedded tempo (REX/ACID) can be inserted at either project tempo or source tempo
  • Media explorer: mousewheel adjusts peaks gain (vertical zoom)
  • Media explorer: option to always display waveform peaks even if autoplay is disabled (note this creates .reapeaks files)
  • Media explorer: option to display preview position in tenths of seconds
  • Media explorer: option to preview/insert media tempo matched 1x, 1/2x, 2x
  • Media explorer: pause button
  • Media explorer: peaks preview can be dragged into project to insert media
  • Media explorer: restart tempo-matched preview playback if project tempo changes
  • Media explorer: support for looping media that is 1/2 bar long
  • Media explorer: support for Windows shortcuts (browse folder shortcuts, preview media shortcuts)
  • Media with embedded tempo: import behavior preference to use project tempo or source tempo
  • MIDI devices: improved action to reset all devices
  • MIDI editor: more precise note/grid drawing when in "source beats" view mode
  • MIDI items: handle multiple takes properly when resizing unlooped MIDI items
  • Missing file searching: logic for how to pick missing file, whether to autoclose and search other missing files
  • Missing file searching: support for reaper-media-searchpaths.txt with SEARCH lines to specify additional paths
  • Missing file searching: full paths now autoscan all fixed disks for matching path (Windows only)
  • Mixer: better fxparm/fx/send resize behavior, can now use ctrl+shift to modify all tracks dividers absolutely
  • Mixer: can now hide the master track from the mixer
  • Mixer: fixed some visual issues in panflip mode
  • Optimizations: improved CPU use when moving track faders, zooming, writing envelopes
  • OSX: fixed potential crash when dragging media from Finder after closing REAPER's Media Explorer
  • OSX: fixed some internal Cocoa issues
  • Pitch shift: set default mode to elastique 2.1 Pro for new users
  • Pitch shift: note, existing users can change default mode via File/Project Settings, save as default
  • ReaSamplomatic5000: apply attack/release to playback, not start/end of looped samples
  • Recording: can now set tracks to record simultaneously to primary path and invisibly/backup to secondary path
  • Regions: support for copying regions immediately to the left of the original
  • REX: all-slice items can now set tail mode in source properties
  • REX: draw peaks properly in all-slice mode when there is silence between slices
  • REX: option to chop all slice tails will remove tails rather than muting them on playback
  • Snap to grid: avoid certain types of rounding error
  • Tempo markers: do not insert a new marker on top of an existing one
  • Theme support: configurable tcp_folderindent (22 is default)
  • Time selection: set edit/play cursor when time selection changes via alt+marquee (if user wants)
  • Tooltips: more descriptive tooltips on track labels, number, sends, FX
  • Track panels: better FX parameter positioning when meter disabled
  • Video: FFmpeg: added 16/24/32bps audio PCM modes to AVI/MOV/MKV export formats
  • Video: FFmpeg: added MJPEG and DV video codecs to AVI export format
  • Video: FFmpeg: added support for large filesizes
  • Video: FFmpeg: added unicode support for file renders
  • Video: FFmpeg: bundled basic LGPL/free FFmpeg for better basic playback support
  • Video: FFmpeg: fixed/optimized video seeking
  • Video: FFmpeg: fixed video rendering issues
  • Video: FFmpeg: renderer codec list will now only list available codecs from the installed FFmpeg librairies
  • Video: LCF support (LICE Capture Format)
  • VST: option to disable saving VST bank is now per-VST rather than global (right-click in FX browser)
  • WAV: option to embed project tempo (ACID chunk) in rendered files, if project has a single tempo
  • x64: fixed video on systems without correct VC2005 runtimes installed

REAPER v3.51 - May 2, 2010
[solo] defeat is not the worst of failures
Downloads: Changes:
  • Action: move items to edit cursor, stretch item to fit time selection
  • ReaControlMIDI: update dropdown boxes when loading a preset
  • ReaSamplomatic5000: fixed crash on sample change
  • ReaSamplomatic5000: better release behavior on looping samples
  • ReaSamplomatic5000: lower CPU use on very short looping samples
  • ReaSamplomatic5000: better all notes off behavior, better multiple noteoff behavior
  • ReaSynth: better all notes off behavior
  • Render dialog: updated file browsing code
  • Ripple editing: fixed ripple all of markers when moving left
  • Themes: fixed themes with overlay images causing crashes on unload

REAPER v3.5 - May 1, 2010
[solo] defeat is not the worst of failures
Downloads: Changes:
  • Action: fully unload unloaded VSTs (useful if preferences/VST/fully unload VSTs is disabled)
  • Action: fixed potential crash when manually resetting MIDI devices
  • Action: toggle show/hide all floating windows except floating toolbar
  • Action: crop to time selection handles MIDI and other beat-based media properly
  • Action: insert multiple new tracks allows entry of any reasonable number
  • Actions dialog: better support for finding by gestures and mouse hwheel
  • Color theme: use tcp_solodefeat_on, mcp_solodefeat_on button images if they exist
  • Import: added option (prefs/media) to not autoname tracks when importing media
  • Media item crossfades: fixed slow shift+drag of crossfades in one direction when zoomed out
  • MIDI editor: better handling of horizontal zoom when edit cursor is not onscreen
  • MIDI editor: fixed list editor broken event deletion (since 3.4)
  • MIDI editor: more accurate drawing of MIDI events when dragging right to left
  • MIDI editor: properly export events that occur on the last sample of the media item
  • MIDI editor: support for Device Name and Song Select messages
  • MP3: encode audio that has peaks higher than +0dB without clamping
  • Multiproject: no stop of background recording projects when stopping current and sync option set
  • OSX: fullscreen is now by default set to Cmd+F11 rather than (non-working in stock OS X) F11
  • ReaXComp: properly recall which band is soloed when loading projects
  • ReWire: slave support for projects with tempo maps
  • ReWire: better behavior when authenticating for ReWire device install on OS X
  • ReWire: better slave synchronization with various other hosts
  • ReWire: per-project slave settings for tempo map, loop point handling, buffer block offset
  • ReWire: slave can automatically build tempo map as master plays back
  • ^Solo defeat: set tracks to always play even if other tracks are soloed
  • Trim behind items: fixed possible hang when editing left edge of multiple selected items
  • Video: added "mp4" and "m4v" filetypes to the video decoder plugin
  • Video: added setting to disable FFmpeg decoding
  • Video: the "FFmpeg" subfolder will now be scanned for FFmpeg DLLs in both the program and user folders
  • Video: added support for FFmpeg rendering into FFV1 and Huffyuv lossless video codecs
  • Video: fixes for certain files with FFmpeg (including 24 bit audio)
  • VST: plug-ins that are not fully unloaded are still unloaded at exit (fixes Yellow Tools plugins)
  • WAV: when reading files that are growing, autodetect length changes

REAPER v3.451 - April 25, 2010
Prefect from now on
Downloads: Changes:
  • Resampling: fixed a bug added in 3.45
  • Fixed a bug in peak-cache reference counting in certain instances when recording

REAPER v3.45 - April 24, 2010
Prefect from now on
Downloads: Changes:
  • Added actions: added show REAPER resource path in explorer/finder (in options menu)
  • Added actions: reset all MIDI devices (brings OSX missing MIDI devices back to life)
  • Added actions: remove fadein/fadeout for selected items
  • Added actions: enable/disable default media item fadein/fadeout
  • Added actions: snap selected media items to nearest snap point left/right/either
  • Added actions: move selected envelope points left/right a little bit or by grid, up/down a little bit
  • Actions: support for (Windows) logo key / (OSX) control key for shortcuts
  • Actions: creating chromatic MIDI from selected items now respects tempo changes
  • Actions: item nudging (up/down/left/right) actions now affect envelope points if an envelope is focused
  • Actions: Update main window immediately following actions when non-lazy updates enabled
  • API: Added track FX window showing/hiding APIs
  • Cursors: item fadein/fadeout cursor is easier to see, new xfade_move cursor for crossfade shift+drag
  • Dual trim: editing a shared edge between selected items also edits other selected item pairs
  • Envelopes: do not change envelope point selection when opening context menu
  • Envelopes: do not focus envelopes on many operations (such as moving env pts from track to track)
  • Envelopes: fixed envelope state changing on y-move of media items
  • Envelopes: fix for hard-to-edit envelope point when snapping to many small media items on the track
  • Envelopes: user option to double-click to add points to take envelopes
  • Envelopes: avoid creating duplicate envelope points when moving items
  • Free item positioning mode: preserve auto-crossfades when automatically repositioning items
  • Free item positioning mode: preserve existing item arrangement when recording new items
  • FX: last touched parameter is updated only on mouse move, not controller move
  • Help menu: pdf/chm files can now be read from REAPER appdata Docs/ folder (or exe path on Windows)
  • Item and waveform drawing: draw items more consistently opaque when their audio masks other items
  • JS: fixed time_adjustment flipping stereo channels
  • JS: removed configuration for JS path -- always uses common (installed) resource path
  • Media explorer: fixed end of loop glitch on preview of certain items
  • Media explorer: smoother preview looping when starting preview on the bar
  • Media item fades: alt+click deletes fadein/fadeout
  • Media item fades: shift+drag moves entire crossfade region regardless of auto-crossfade setting
  • Media item fades: shift+right click a crossfade to change the fade shape of both sides at once
  • MIDI editor: reduce flicker when marquee selecting in piano roll
  • MIDI editor: reduce flicker when changing selection in event list
  • MIDI editor: fixed CPU hang on some builds when scrolling to C-1
  • MIDI editor: mousewheel/relative controller actions to adjust selected event times or values
  • MIDI editor: shift+mousewheel (reassignable) adjusts selected event values (piano roll or event list)
  • MIDI editor: shift+horizontal mousewheel (magic mouse) (reassignable) adjusts selected event times
  • MIDI editor: update CC lane usage indicator immediately when adding or deleting in CC lane
  • OGG/Vorbis: updated to libogg-1.2.0, libvorbis-1.3.1
  • OSX: support for passing all keyboard input to plug-in, for Carbon-based plug-ins
  • OSX: removed excess processing on startup when switching between architectures (intel/ppc/64)
  • OSX: fixed themed play cursor drawing bugs
  • OSX: themed cursor support, cleanups to cursors to match Windows
  • OSX: changing modifier keys without moving the mouse updates cursor immediately
  • OSX: 64-bit VST UI support
  • OSX: safer closing of VST configurations when unloading (force autorelease)
  • OSX: fixed AU cocoa views for some plug-ins
  • OSX: avoid trying to use PPC bridging if rosetta is not installed
  • OSX: fixed underscore entry in JS editor
  • OSX: fixed ReaMote bridge support
  • OSX: screensets save/restore the docker height
  • Peaks: show preview peaks on items currently being recorded and inserted in project/other projects
  • Peaks: better logic for building when using multiple projects and recording
  • Presets: now stored in appdata/presets by default (old preset- filenames still work in their existing paths)
  • Recording: project secondary path, can set per track option to use secondary path
  • ReaControlMIDI: added UTF8 support for UI
  • ReaScript: fixed Python support on OSX (broken in 3.4)
  • Resampling: internal cleanups, freeing of unused memory when changing modes
  • REX: faster peaks display
  • REX: can now change tempo in all-slices mode via source properties
  • SoundTouch: fixed processing of single sample blocks (fixes media explorer loop glitch when tempo matching)
  • Splash: better behavior when relaunching while splash is still open
  • Splash: show splash screen in taskbar when launching
  • Themes: zipped theme image support, ReaperThemeZip support (for combination of theme + images)
  • Themes: default themes are now included in the new format for faster installs/USB copies/first runs
  • Trim behind items: option to always trim behind active items when editing (prevent overlaps)
  • Trim behind items: option to always trim behind new items when recording (prevent splitting/takes)
  • Trim behind items: options can be changed via Options menu or actions (can be placed on toolbar)
  • Trim behind items: editing option applies when pasting, importing, drag/dropping media
  • Video: improved stopped behavior, scrub behavior
  • Video: native FFmpeg support if installed
  • VST: do not unload plug-in code from RAM, unless new option for old behavior is set
  • VST: fix for broken plug-ins that send NULL VstEvents
  • Windows: better Windows 7/Vista UAC support for user customizable content (JS, ColorThemes, etc)
  • Windows: faster display updating on some actions
  • Windows: installer installs start menu/desktop icons to all users rather than current user
  • Windows: installer file type registrations separate for x64 and x86
  • Windows: user-editable content (themes, JS, etc) are now installed to user profile directory automatically
  • Windows: file reading: if a file cannot be read because it is being written, try to open anyway

REAPER v3.4 - March 24, 2010
CC Revival
Downloads: Changes:
  • Action: adjust last touched FX parameter (mousewheel/MIDI CC)
  • CPU usage: optimizations with high track counts (solo sibling calculation caching)
  • Elastique: updated to v2.12 (fixes x64 quality issue)
  • Envelopes: preference for double-click to add envelope point, or reset existing point to center
  • Item properties: better-looking fadein/fadeout menus
  • MIDI controllers: fix for occasional disappearing action mappings
  • MIDI editor: action to show raw MIDI data
  • MIDI editor: better drawing/editing for CC events that occur at the very end of the item
  • MIDI editor: CC lane marquee selection, drag or copy selected CC events
  • MIDI editor: CC lane context menu (select/unselect all events in lane, nudge events, etc)
  • MIDI editor: correct overlapping notes whenever they occur
  • MIDI editor: ctrl+drag to resize one CC lane only, shift+drag to accordion all CC lane sizes
  • MIDI editor: finer control of mousewheel vertical zoom
  • MIDI editor: fix for resizing notes up to the left or right edge of the parent item
  • MIDI editor: fixed marquee selection for drum-mode notes
  • MIDI editor: fixes for vertical zoom when user preference is to center on mouse cursor
  • MIDI editor: improved event list properties dialog
  • MIDI editor: many actions apply to all selected note and CC events
  • MIDI editor: preferences for sweeps/ramps to affect only selected CC/velocities
  • MIDI editor: preserve CC event selected/unselected state
  • MIDI editor: remove CC events with duplicate times and the same status/channel
  • MIDI editor: support clipboard copy/paste between piano roll, event list, and some external applications
  • Mixer: save/restore exact visibility of FX, FX parameters, and sends
  • Mousewheel: enable relative zoom for mice that send finely-grained mousewheel data
  • MP3: fixed poor quality render with VBR encoding on OSX and Windows x64
  • Multi-touch: Windows 7 and OSX 10.6 multi-touch gestures can be mapped to REAPER actions
  • Multi-touch: per-gesture options for reverse, scaling, disabling inertia, improved zooming
  • OSX: preliminary bridging support (to run 32 bit plugins on 64 bit, PPC plug-ins on Intel, etc)
  • OSX: ReWire slave support (enable slave mode in prefs/plug-ins/ReWire)
  • OSX: Audio Units: bridging/firewalling support, with per-FX options (similar to existing VST bridging)
  • OSX: Audio Units: pass through REAPER key commands shortcuts when plug-in GUI is focused
  • OSX: Audio Units: more consistent GUI updating when playing back FX automation
  • OSX: Audio Units/VST: enable text entry in edit fields, pass through other keystrokes for Carbon-based plugins
  • OSX: CoreAudio: improved samplerate changing, detect changes on the fly and reinit device
  • OSX: 64 bit version is now named REAPER64.app, better .dmg labels (shows arch)
  • OSX: improvements to plug-in loading code (fewer crashes when plugins are missing dependencies)
  • OSX: ReaNINJAM: better support for removing / readding VST
  • OSX: spawn new REAPER instance is now supported, basic command line option support
  • Preferences: save/restore last preferences page visited when closing/opening REAPER
  • RAM usage: drastically reduced memory use when drawing waveform peaks in certain instances
  • Resampling: fixed resampling for media of more than 32 channels
  • Resampling: internal checks to behave better when out of memory/address space
  • Resampling: decreased RAM use in higher quality modes
  • ReWire: workaround for Pro Tools crashing on exit when REAPER is ReWire slave
  • Ripple editing: better behavior moving items left/right followed by up/down
  • Ripple editing: better behavior when moving items left (configurable in prefs/editing behavior)
  • Ripple editing: better behavior when using ctrl+drag copy of items
  • Ripple editing: fixed ripple all moving via action, with locked items affecting rippled markers
  • Tempo maps: lower CPU use for projects with large tempo maps (helps VST time info as well)
  • VST: fix for occasional dropped keystrokes that are meant to be passed through to REAPER
  • VST: internal scanning/resolving tweaks
  • Windows: better handling of ASIO reset messages when project samplerate is set
  • Windows: fix for unicode characters in new Vista+ file open/save dialogs
  • Windows: prevent errors on audio devices that display error messages via MessageBox
  • Windows: Vista+ file dialog for source properties and save track template file dialogs
  • x64: support bridging/firewalling of x64 VSTs, including 32-bit REAPER in WoW64
  • x86/x64 bridging: internal improvements and bugfixes

REAPER v3.35 - March 3, 2010
Downloads: Changes:
  • Action: dock/undock currently focused window
  • Action: move cursor to start/end of all selected items
  • Action: added reversed versions of mousewheel/CC actions for zoom and scroll
  • Auto crossfades: fixed fades incorrectly created on item deletion
  • Filename generation: now tries up to 10,000 times to find an unused file number
  • FX add window: returned to forward slashes for paths for JS, VST, chains (changed in 3.21)
  • LAME support: simplified configuration settings
  • MIDI editor: action to correct overlapping notes, avoid creating overlaps when humanizing
  • MIDI editor: easier to select diamond/triangle notes at the edge of the MIDI item
  • MIDI editor: fix for occasional disappearing CC events when moving notes
  • Mousewheel: horizontal mousewheel support (including OSX magic mouse)
  • OSX: fixed bug where dragging project from titlebar to new tab caused crashing
  • OSX: improved text rendering/measuring, better fallback support, 64 bit OS support
  • OSX: respect preference to select track when clicking faders or track control panel buttons
  • OSX: fixed tcp window reordering with hidden tracks for efficiency and odd behaviors
  • OSX: fixed bin/cue rendering on PPC
  • OSX: better initial positioning of popup windows
  • OSX: magic mouse multitouch swipe can be mapped using the action system
  • OSX: preference to use opt+drag to copy items, command+drag to slip content
  • OSX: show render progress in system dock
  • OSX: fixed plugin wet/dry knob display going to zero when switching to generic plugin UI
  • OSX: command+H hides REAPER
  • OSX: JS editor keyboard usability enhancements, drawing cleanups
  • OSX AU: fixed Apple DLSMusicDevice
  • OSX AU: ignore extra output busses that are labeled as unused, or if the plugin is marked buggy
  • Parameter modulation window: updated UI to expand as needed
  • Parameter linking: link parameters of FX to other parameters in chain
  • Preferences window: remembers its last position
  • Project load: improved resolving file names for missing media
  • ReaSamplomatic5000: clicking the activity light triggers samples
  • ReaSamplomatic5000: fixes to pitch and all notes off handling in certain modes
  • ReaSamplomatic5000: doubleclicking MIDI note slider chooses last seen note on current channel
  • Save as: trim/convert now handles looped items with start offsets correctly
  • Transport/big clock: better icons when using large window frames
  • Video: fixed imported video length being rounded down on Windows
  • Windows: New Vista+ file dialog for open project (coming soon, others)
  • x64: fixed errors relating to browse for directory dialog
  • x64: now requires libmp3lame.dll or lame_enc64.dll (old x64 lame_enc.dll was broken)

REAPER v3.31 - February 19, 2010
Downloads: Changes:
  • Action: move cursor left/right to nearest media item edge
  • Action window: can be docked
  • Action window: options to preserve action filter, show/hide command IDs
  • Arrange view: themeable divider lines between tracks and between envelope lanes
  • Command line: fixed -renderproject option with some old projects
  • Envelope lanes: optional horizontal grid lines
  • Glue: fixed unnecessary creation of empty audio file when gluing muted MIDI items
  • Grouping: support select-all-grouped preference in marquee selection
  • MIDI items: editing item edges resizes source contents for unlooped in-project MIDI items
  • MIDI editor: optional horizontal grid lines in CC lanes
  • MIDI editor: fixes for note move/resize actions when notes hit other notes or the end of the item
  • MIDI overdub loop recording: avoid extending items past the end of the loop
  • MIDI playback: avoid double note-on when time signature changes result in incomplete measures
  • Missing files dialog: better behavior when ignoring missed files
  • OSX: fix for AU with long name/description fields failing scan
  • Preferences: split peaks/waveforms and meters appearance preferences into their own pages
  • ReaNINJAM: better paths for configuration files, session files (unprivileged user support)
  • ReaStream: fixed multi-instance bug with MIDI receive
  • ReaScript: safer handling of GetSetObjectState when called from audio threads
  • Render: autosave on render causes saved project to be loaded by default on next run
  • Render: Windows 7 taskbar progress support while rendering
  • Trim behind items: preserve grouping of split items
  • VST: avoid preset list flashing in some plugins
  • x64: fixed JS issues (bad invsqrt, failure when using large amounts of RAM)

REAPER v3.301 - February 13, 2010
It's a magic number
Downloads: Changes:
  • 3.301: FX browser: initalize VST path tree collapsed, preserve tree state after rescanning VSTs
  • 3.301: OSX: allow plugins that do not export a description field to pass scan
  • 3.301: OSX: fix for system specific crash on exit
  • 3.301: Windows: user preference to terminate immediately on detecting buggy or malicious plugins

REAPER v3.3 - February 10, 2010
It's a magic number
Downloads: Changes:
  • Action: write current value on envelopes from edit cursors to start/end of project
  • Action: unarm all envelopes
  • Action: write current value to time selection on all armed, write-enabled envelopes
  • Automation: improved write mode (no read when stopped/seeking)
  • Automation: improved latch mode for mute envelopes
  • Automation: smoother redraws when moving envelope trim slider
  • Automation: copy/cut/paste items with envelopes obeys preference to add points at item edges
  • Automation: if first envelope point is moved, no longer draw nonexistent first point
  • FX add dialog: added optional VST physical directory path folders, with right click options
  • FX add dialog: resizable panes
  • Loop sections: fixed loop length rounding bug
  • Menus: fixed edit menu take list, improved support for take list in customized menus
  • MIDI editor: docker tab updates correctly
  • MIDI editor: fixed toolbar issue when reusing existing MIDI editors
  • Mixer: reduced flicker on Windows when modifying sends, etc
  • OSX: right clicking track volume fader properly sets focus on volume field
  • Solo in front: better support for routed solos
  • Track I/O button now shows themable highlight for sends, receives
  • Pitch shifting: added safety mutex for initialization of some pitch shifters
  • Preferences: consolidated DX, ReWire, JS preference settings into one pane
  • ReaVerb: better CPU distribution in ZL mode
  • ReaVerb: improved quality when switching between mono/stereo/silent content
  • Scrollbars: prevent invalid draws with overlapping windows
  • Undo: improved tracking when tracks are auto-named via media explorer import
  • VST: fixed issues with undo state saving on parameter edit on non-chunked plugins
  • Wave64: fixed writing of W64 files that do not have BWF chunks
  • Windows: fixed some redraw issues on tab+listview (ReWire tabs, screensets, etc)
  • Windows x64: fixed support for rx2 with unicode filenames

REAPER v3.22 - January 30, 2010
Unsecretly awesome
Downloads: Changes:
  • Fix for crash in some take related actions
  • Grouping: project setting for selection to follow grouping (right-click group button on toolbar)
  • Import: prompt for behavior on first import of REX or multichannel MIDI
  • Media items: optimized item memory use
  • MIDI: allow sending all-notes-off from plugins and MIDI items
  • OSX: better keyboard behavior in key assignment window
  • Project load: faster filename resolving/caching, better handling of missing files
  • ReaSamplOmatic: avoid artifacts when looping very short samples
  • REX: fixed possible loop glitch, buggy peaks drawing when importing as a single looped item
  • REX: properly save/load imported looped item tempo
  • Save as: save with trim now looks for overlapping regions and does not save duplicates
  • Sends: MIDI CC actions to set/adjust selected track send volume/pan
  • Tempo: MIDI CC actions to set/adjust tempo (coarse and fine)
  • Undo: better memory limit targetting (even if it means fewer undo points kept)

REAPER v3.21 - January 26, 2010
Downloads: Changes:
  • Action: cascade all floating windows
  • Actions: show/hide all envelopes
  • Custom actions: fixed possible corrupted action list when deleting custom actions
  • FX automation: fixes for automating via controller when plugin UI closed
  • FX browser: fully recursive finding of FX chains, JS FX
  • FX browser: new folder appears on plug-in rescan if new plugins were added without restarting Reaper
  • JS: slider_automate command, to write slider automation from within JS code
  • Master track: maximum RMS level is more accurate on playback start
  • Media explorer: import MOGG and REX files consistently via drag+drop or double-click
  • MIDI import: prefs to import multichannel MIDI to separate tracks always, never, or by prompt
  • Mixer: freely arrangeable tracks, autoarrange can be enabled/disabled
  • Mixer: if autoarrange is on, arrange view ordering follows track moves in mixer
  • Mixer: optionally show folder compact (hide children) button for folder tracks
  • Mixer: optionally show icon for the last track in a folder (mcp_folder_last)
  • Mixer: click on empty space to deselect all tracks
  • OSX: fixed reading .ins (instrument patch/bank) files
  • OSX: fixed loading of chains with JS saved on win32
  • ReaSamplOmatic: properly loop very short samples
  • ReaComp/ReaXComp: better RMS calculation on playback start
  • ReaVocode/Voice/Verb[ate]/SamplOmatic/Insert/Gate/Fir: smooth changes in various gain/pan parameters
  • ReaScript: RPR_Include directive to include other ReaScript modules
  • ReaScript: GetSetChunkState chunk length limit increased to 1MB
  • ReaScript: added GetUserFileNameForRead function
  • REX: preferences to import as dynamic slices or single loopable item at project tempo
  • REX: preferences to chop slice tails on import
  • Screensets: track views can save/restore custom mixer track order
  • Toolbar: key shortcuts fixed in tooltips
  • Track control, routing, envelopes, param mod dialogs: enter key closes dialog
  • VST/AU: ignore automation messages when loading/restoring plugins (avoid hang on startup)
  • VST bridging: fixes relating to manually editing automation
  • VST scanning: faster scanning, better subdirectory search order

REAPER v3.2 - January 12, 2010
OS X love for a new decade
Downloads: Changes:
  • Actions: FX last touched parameter: show TCP knob, envelope, param mod, MIDI learn, or alias
  • Autoload last project: does not load last project if it crashed on last load
  • Envelopes: fixed random crash when adding many points via pencil mode
  • FX: tempo-synced plugins account for project play rate
  • FX: Undo/redo on floating FX windows no longer restores window position
  • Item edge editing: update edge edit/timestretch cursor while editing
  • Screensets: save/restore extended mixer details with track views
  • MIDI editor: restore secondary sources on multiproject switches
  • Misc: fixed erratic ntdll crash when scrolling the arrange view
  • Missing media prompt: search button
  • ReaComp: smooth changes in wet/dry, automakeup gain
  • ReaDelay: smooth changes in tap volume/pan, wet/dry
  • ReaEQ: smooth frequency, gain, bandwidth changes (sweepable filters)
  • ReaPlugs: denormal management improvements
  • ReaXcomp: smooth changes in gain, band frequency/threshold/ratio/gain
  • ReaXcomp: fancier ratio indicator
  • ReaVerb: OSX deconvolution support
  • ReaXcomp/ReaComp: RMS optimizations
  • ReaScript: GetSetChunkState chunk length limit increased to 1MB
  • ReaScript: added GetUserFileNameForRead
  • OSX: better CoreAudio samplerate setting (should not override bit depth, too)
  • OSX: huge performance improvements (denormal management, alignment fixes)
  • Save as: separate trim/convert options
  • Scrub: avoid runaway scrub when using arrow key navigation
  • Tab to transient: stop at media item start when tabbing backwards through transients
  • Tweaks to missing filename resolving (always resolve relative filenames to full)
  • VST/AU: record automation from closed plugins that have internal MIDI control
  • Windows: added readahead buffer for live CD playback in Media Explorer

REAPER v3.161 - December 24, 2009
It's Santastic!
Downloads: Changes:
  • FIPM: fixed control+drag copy behavior when dragging only vertically
  • Fixed auto-beat-timebase when project set to time timebase on MIDI items
  • Fixed snap offset preservation when adjusting item left edges
  • MIDI editor: actions to toggle channels 1-16, with toolbar support
  • MIDI editor: fixed missing toolbar when more than one MIDI editor open at once
  • Tab to transient: optionally tab through MIDI notes as well as audio transients

REAPER v3.16 - December 22, 2009
It's Santastic!
Downloads: Changes:
  • Actions: increase/decrease tempo various amounts
  • Arrange: clicking below tracks follows mouse preference for track selection
  • API: TrackFX_FormatParamValue works for current values on most VSTs
  • API: track receives are now stored in order
  • Batch file converter: fixed list flickering during conversions
  • Batch file converter: options to force channels, rate, resample mode
  • Batch file converter: safer threading on media opening
  • Batch file converter: support sidechaining when using FX
  • Color themes: classic (1.x) theme support improvements
  • Cursors: themeable cursors on Windows (soon for OSX)
  • Dual trim/timestretch: allow editing left, right, or dual edges regardless of selection
  • Elastique Pro: updated to v2.11, added Synchronized modes
  • Explode by channel: handle custom media item take playback rates
  • Explode by channel: use project file format setting for exploded media items
  • FIPM: item y-position/height adjustments affect all selected items regardless of visibility
  • FX automation: better handling of very sharp envelope changes
  • MIDI editor: action to split notes on grid
  • MIDI editor: better behaviors when editing notes while quantize/humanize dialog open
  • MIDI editor: customizable toolbar, armable actions
  • MIDI editor: better behavior when resizing notes to loop start/end
  • MIDI editor: more consistent shift+click note selection behavior
  • MIDI export: more descriptive error message on failure
  • OSX: better handling of queued repeated-key events
  • OSX: default file menu is now the same as Windows (minus Quit)
  • OSX: fixed issue with dragdrop of fx and autoclose fx window option enabled
  • OSX: improved redraw of many composited plug-in windows
  • OSX: virtual keyboard fixes for held keys repeating note hits
  • ReaControlMIDI: always send bank select message when program changes
  • ReWire: opening panels on project load is deferred until load completed
  • TCP: clicking below all TCPs unselects all tracks
  • Toolbar: preferences to prevent scaling buttons up and/or down
  • Toolbar: support for separators
  • Toolbar: themeable armed toolbar button color
  • Toolbar icon picker: better resize/scrollbar behavior
  • Version check: made notification dialog bigger
  • WavPack: updated to 4.60.1

REAPER v3.15 - December 12, 2009
Even more rational!
Downloads: Changes:
  • Actions: select previous/next adjacent non-overlapping items
  • Auto-crossfades: more consistent logic when moving, trimming, copying items
  • Automation: preference for first click on envelope to select envelope, or add point immediately
  • Automation: action to add point at current time position to all visible envelopes
  • Dual trim/timestretch: acts on all selected items, unless both sides of shared edge are selected
  • FIPM: preserve item positioning when moving items across tracks
  • License key: automatic import of license key text from clipboard on startup
  • Marquee selection: fixed some random issues, better small-move behavior
  • Media items: shift+drag edges bypasses snapping regardless of whether shift or drag happens first
  • MIDI devices: avoid clearing device alias when disabling device
  • MIDI editor: fixed occasional CC data drawing bug
  • MIDI items: more consistent logic for which track receives new empty MIDI items
  • Noise shaping: noise contour is slightly gentler in high frequencies
Источник: [https://torrent-igruha.org/3551-portal.html]

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