Stellar FTP 1.0 serial key or number

Stellar FTP 1.0 serial key or number

Stellar FTP 1.0 serial key or number

Stellar FTP 1.0 serial key or number


Stellar Toolkit for File Repair

Microsoft Office Repair Toolkit for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

Stellar Toolkit for File Repair is an all-purpose Microsoft Office file repair toolkit to resolve all types of file corruption issues in MS Office application documents. The toolkit repairs corrupt Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. Apart from repairing Microsoft Office documents, the toolkit also repairs Zip files. Works with Microsoft Office 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000.

  • Repairs corrupt MS Word documents and files (.doc/.docx) with original formatting.
  • Repairs corrupt MS Excel files (.xls/.xlsx) and restore data to a new blank Excel file
  • Repairs corrupt MS PowerPoint files (.ppt/.pptx/.pptm) and restores all objects
  • Extracts user data from corrupt or severely damaged ZIP files created in WinZip
  • Compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, 2003, and XP

Key Features:

Repairs corrupt Microsoft Word files with original formatting

Try out this incredibly powerful module of the Microsoft Office repair toolkit to remove any kind of corruption from Microsoft Word files. A few standout features of the Microsoft Word repair utility in this toolkit include:

  • Preserves the original text, fonts, images, and headers/footers of the documents.
  • Repairs .doc and .docx files/documents that are inaccessible, start repagination or have unreadable characters.
  • Repairs videos and pictures inserted in word files.
  • Recovers everything in Word document, but in RAW text or machine-readable format.
  • Simple, DIY interface, with useful features like file search and file preview.
  • Supports Microsoft Word 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000.

Repairs corrupt Microsoft Excel files to restore complete data

The MS Excel repair module in toolkit provides a comprehensive solution to resolve all types of corruption in Excel files and restore XLS/XLSX file data. The key Excel repair features of ‘Stellar Toolkit for File Repair’ include:

  • Recovers tables, charts, chart sheets, cell comments, images, formula, etc.
  • Preserves worksheet properties and cell formatting.
  • Repairs single and multiple XLS/XLSX files.
  • Fixes all types of Excel corruptions such as unrecognizable format, unreadable content.
  • Supports Microsoft Excel 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, and 2000.

Note: Close all Excel files before running the software. If you have engineering formulas in the Excel worksheet/workbook, install the ‘Analysis ToolPak’ add-in.

Repairs corrupt PowerPoint files and restores all objects

The Office documents repair toolkit provides powerful utilities for repairing PowerPoint files that are corrupt or inaccessible. The following enumerate some of the PPT repair features of this toolkit:

  • Repairs corrupt PPT and PPTX files with ease
  • Repairs macro-enabled PowerPoint (.PPTM) file
  • Restores Tables, Header and Footer, Charts, WordArt objects, control, modules, forms, etc.
  • Restores VBA code, OLE object, hyperlinks, comments, slide number etc.
  • Shows preview of recoverable PowerPoint slides before saving
  • Raw recovery for severely corrupt PPT files
  • Performs batch recovery of multiple PowerPoint presentations in a single operation.
  • Supports Microsoft PowerPoint 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and 2003.

Repairs ZIP Files and extracts all valuable data

Zip file repair is another key feature in the Office file repair toolkit, which effectively repairs ZIP files created with WinZip 5.0 to 12.1 versions. Some of the standout features of the Zip file repair software include following:

  • Repairs all types of corrupt ZIP files and restores the data easily.
  • Repairs password-protected ZIP files and securely extracts all the archived data.
  • Repairs large ZIP files of up to 1.5 GB size with ease and efficiency
  • Effectively repairs in case of virus attacks, bad sectors, incomplete downloads or incompatible compression
  • Saves the repaired Zip file data as compressed or uncompressed file at any desired location.

Additional Advantages

Simultaneous Recovery of Multiple Documents/ PPTs/ Worksheets or Zip files

The Microsoft Office repair toolkit helps users to easily select and fix corrupted files in multiple numbers at a single point of time. The time required for repairing Microsoft Office files and Zip docs depends on the number of files, their size and the level of corruption to be handled by the software.

Preview Repaired Files before Saving

The file repair toolkit allows to check preview of the repaired MS Office Word docs, PPTs, Excel Worksheets, and Zip files data prior to actually saving at any specific location. The preview feature of the toolkit helps users to be sure of the repaired file data and to verify if the repair results match to the original data of selected files/documents.

Support and Compatibility

Stellar Toolkit for File Repair is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, NT. The Word Repair software supports MS Word 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000. The Excel Repair software of the toolkit supports MS Excel 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, and 2000 and PowerPoint Repair software works with MS PowerPoint 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and 2003.

User Friendly GUI

Stellar’s Office File repair toolkit has an interactive GUI to access all modules (MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, and Zip) via a single interface. The intuitive interface of the software encourages the end users to perform file repair in the easiest way.

Software Specifications

System Requirement

Processor: Pentium Class

Operating System: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, NT

Memory: 256 MB Recommended

Hard Disk: 50 MB of Free Space

Software Delivery

Electronic: Yes

License& Version

Single User License: Can install the software on a single system

Technician License: Can install the software on multiple system

Version: 1.0

Interface Available

Language Supported: English


Is there a MS Office file size limit in Stellar Toolkit for File Repair?

No, this software lets users to repair any size of MS Office file.

Can I use this Toolkit on multiple PCs?

Yes, by using a ‘Technician License’, you have permission to work on multiple systems at single site.

Does Stellar’s file repair toolkit repair Office 2010 and Office 2013 files?

Yes, the toolkit repairs MS Office 2010 and 2013 word documents (.doc, .docx), excel files (.xls, .xlsx), PowerPoint files (.ppt/.pptx/.pptm). It also repairs Zip files.

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, Stellar FTP 1.0 serial key or number

Stellar Phoenix Android Data Recovery APK

Recover Your Data, And Do It For Free.

Stellar Phoenix Android Data Recovery, also shortened to Phoenix Data Recovery, is a free data recovery app that allows the user to reclaim data that was deleted or otherwise lost, on an SD card or a device's in-board memory. It supports photos, documents and other file types for recovery.

The Bumpy Road To Recovery

The app provides enough instructions to understand what you need to do to recover your files, and it lets you specify where the files you want to recover are, and what type you're recovering. It can also attempt to recover large numbers of missing files, in which case you're expected to leave it on overnight. There are two caveats: first, your device must be rooted (granting both yourself and the app full access), and the app simply crashes on some devices.

Worth A Shot

Overall, despite some of the app's flaws, you have nothing to lose from trying Stellar Phoenix Android Data Recovery if your device was already rooted, as some are. On devices where the app runs, it recovers the data you specify and it does it very well. Users who haven't rooted their phone and don't understand the implications should read up on doing so before trying this app.

The magic way to recover media, sms & contacts from your android phone

Stellar Data Recovery, world leading Data Recovery Provider brings this FREE version of Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for Android that runs on your smart device and recovers any deleted photos from the internal phone memory or inserted SD card. Once recovered, preview them and save it on to your phone again or over any FTP site, or share them via Facebook, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Google Drive, or other similar platforms. It seamlessly extracts all deleted and existing contacts and SMSs from the phone.

All you need to do is to download the application and start the scan.

Root Permission is required to run the application.

The magic way to recover media, sms & contacts from your android phone

Android Data Recovery is what you can totally rely on to retrieve all lost or deleted data files, including messages, pictures, contacts ,and so on, from your Android phone.

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Stellar FTP 1.0 serial key or number

Stellar Phoenix Novell - Stellar Data Recovery


Version 3.0

User Guide

StellarPhoenixNovell (NSS)


StellarPhoenixNovell (NSS) software recovers data from corrupt volume(s) of a crashed Server. StellarPhoenix

Novell (NSS) enables you to access data when volume(s) of a hard disk cannot be mounted.StellarPhoenix

Novell (NSS) - software can save data to another hard disk in cases of corrupt volumes, missing volumes,

deleted files, allocation errors and partition loss.

StellarPhoenixNovell (NSS) can search volumes and pools in a hard disk. All existing pools or volumes are

shown by StellarPhoenixNovell (NSS) when you start recovery. However, you can also find pools or volumes if

the required pool or volume is not shown by StellarPhoenixNovell (NSS).

You can save recovered data to a local hard disk or to an File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server. In addition, you

can save all or only required files from the recovered files.

StellarPhoenixNovell (NSS) can create image of a hard disk or pool. You can use this image to start recovery

at any time. Resume recovery allows you to restart recovery by using either scan information file or image file.

Key features of StellarPhoenixNovell (NSS):

Novell recovery when the important file data structure(s) has(have) got damaged

Novell Netware Recovery when the volumes are segmented

• Support Multi-Disk Drive- IDE, EIDE and SCSI

Recovery from pool when volume structure is corrupted

• Preview of files

• Interactive user interface with non-demanding nature of prior technical skills

• Structured phase wise analysis for the effective Novell partition recovery

• File masking

• Disk imaging & cloning

• Save scan

• File filter

• Save data in FTP

Help Manual Version

StellarPhoenixNovell (NSS)

Installation Procedure

Before installing the software, ensure that your system meets the minimum system requirements:

Minimum System Requirements

• Operating Systems: Windows Me / NT / 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista

• RAM: 128 MB minimum (256 recommended)

• Free space required in hard disk: 40 MB

• Processor: Pentium 4 or later

To install the software:

1. Double-click StellarPhoenixNovell.exe file to start the setup process. The Setup - StellarPhoenixNovell

dialog box opens. Click Next.

2. In the License Agreement screen, select I accept the agreement option. The Next button will be enabled. Click


3. In the Select Additional Tasks screen, check the required check boxes. Click Next.

4. In the Select Destination Location screen, provide the path by using Browse button where the setup files will be

stored. Click Next.

5. In the Start Menu Folder screen, provide the path by using Browse button where the program's shortcuts will be

stored. Click Next.

6. In the Ready to Install screen, review the settings. Click Back to change settings. After confirming the settings,

click Install. The Installing screen shows the installation process.

7. After completing the process, the Completing the StellarPhoenixNovell Setup Wizard screen opens. Click


You can clear the Launch StellarPhoenixNovell check box to stop the automatic launch of the software.

Help Manual Version

StellarPhoenixNovell (NSS)

User Interface

StellarPhoenixNovell (NSS) software has a very easy to use rich Graphical User Interface. Both, technical and

non-technical users can use the software easily. StellarPhoenixNovell (NSS) software's main user interface is

as shown below.

• Fresh Recovery Tab

Provides recovery of data from a hard disk, pool or volume. Click Start Fresh Recovery to start

recovering data.

• Resume Recovery Tab

This allows you to resume recovery by using scan information file or image file. Image files are created

by using create image feature of StellarPhoenixNovell.

• Create Image Tab

Provides Create Image and Disk Cloning feature. You can create image of a hard disk or pool by using

Create Image feature. You can create an exact replica of hard disk by using Disk Cloning feature.

DataRecovery Services Tab

Provides information about the data recovery services provided by Stellar Information Systems Ltd.

• Log icon

Click this icon to view and save log report created by StellarPhoenixNovell's processes.

• About icon

Click this icon to read End User License Agreement and general information about the StellarPhoenix

Novell (NSS).

• Help icon

Click this icon to view Help Manual of StellarPhoenixNovell (NSS).

Help Manual Version

StellarPhoenixNovell (NSS)

How to Order

The software can be purchased by making payments online using a credit card. Please visit

for more information and to place an order.

Alternatively, if the demo version is installed then you can register the demo version. To register the demo

version click Help and select Order StellarPhoenix... to start the registration process.

Once the payment is complete, an activation serial number along with activation details is sent through email.

This activation serial number is required to register the software.

Help Manual Version

StellarPhoenixNovell (NSS)

How to Register

If the software is downloaded from (i.e., ESD

version), for the full functionality, the product must be registered using Serial Number (received through email after purchasing the product).

If the software is installed using the product installation CD (i.e., BOX version), hardware lock is mandatory for the functioning of

the software that is available with the software kit.

After purchasing the software, you will receive the serial number, which is required to register the software. The

serial number will be verified during the registration process and if the serial number is valid then the software

will be registered.

The software can be registered in different ways. These are the methods by using which you can register the


• Over internet

You should have the serial number, which is received after purchase of the software. On entering the

serial number it is verified by license server and on verification the software will be registered.

• Manual Activation

You will need to generate a PHX_REG.txt file and mail the .txt file to After

verifying the serial number and purchase details of the software, the site key will be delivered to you at

your email address. This site key is used to register the software manually.

To register the software over Internet:

• Click on the Activation icon , click Activate StellarPhoenixNovell (NSS) Online. The Warning dialog box

opens, click OK.

• In the Welcome to StellarPhoenix - Electronic Software Registration wizard, click Next.

• Type the Serial number (received through email after purchasing the product) in the Serial number text box.

Click Next.

• The software would automatically communicate with license server and register the software. Click Finish to

complete the registration process.

To register the software by using manual activation process:

• On the Activation menu, click Activate StellarPhoenixNovell (NSS) Online. The Warning dialog

box opens, click OK.

• In the Welcome to StellarPhoenix - Electronic Software Registration wizard, click Cancel.

• The StellarPhoenixNovell (NSS) dialog box opens, click OK.

• In the StellarPhoenixNovell (NSS) -Manual Software ... dialog box, enter the serial number, which is received

after the successful purchase of the software. Click Next.

• A file named PHX_REG.txt will be created at your desktop. Email the .txt file to

email address. Click Finished.

• In reply, you will receive the site key after checking the purchase details. This site key is required to activate the

software manually.

• When you receive the site key, open StellarPhoenixNovell (NSS) and click on the icon , click Manual

Registration. In the StellarPhoenixNovell (NSS) dialog box, enter the site key, which is received after sending

the PHX_REG.txt file. Click Validate.

The site key is delivered to your email address, which is used to sent the serial number.

StellarPhoenixNovell (NSS)


StellarPhoenixNovell (NSS) software, accompanied user manual and documentation are copyright of Stellar

Information Systems Ltd., with all rights reserved. Under the copyright laws, this user manual cannot be

reproduced in any form without the prior written permission of Stellar Information Systems Ltd. No Patent

Liability is assumed, however, with respect to the use of the information contained herein.

Copyright © 1995-2009 by Stellar Information Systems Ltd. INDIA

Help Manual Version

StellarPhoenixNovell (NSS)


The Information contained in this manual, including but not limited to any product specifications, is subject to

change without notice.











Help Manual Version

StellarPhoenixNovell (NSS)

License Agreement

StellarPhoenixNovell (NSS)

Copyright © 1995-2009 by Stellar Information Systems Ltd. INDIA

All rights reserved.

All product names mentioned herein are the trademarks of their respective owners.

This license applies to the standard-licensed version of StellarPhoenixNovell (NSS).

Your Agreement to this License

You should carefully read the following terms and conditions before using, installing or distributing this software,

unless you have a different license agreement signed by Stellar Information Systems Ltd.

If you do not agree to all of the terms and conditions of this License then do not copy, install, distribute or use

any copy of StellarPhoenixNovell (NSS) with which this License is included, you may return the complete

package unused without requesting an activation key within 30 days after purchase for a full refund of your


The terms and conditions of this License describe the permitted use and users of each Licensed Copy of Stellar

PhoenixNovell (NSS). For purposes of this License, if you have a valid single-user license, you have the right to

use a single Licensed Copy of StellarPhoenixNovell (NSS). If you or your organization has a valid multi-user

license, then you or your organization has the right to use up to a number of Licensed Copies of StellarPhoenix

Novell (NSS) equal to the number of copies indicated in the documents issued by Stellar when granting the


Scope of License

Each Licensed Copy of StellarPhoenixNovell (NSS) may either be used by a single person or used nonsimultaneously

by multiple people who use the software personally installed on a single workstation. This is not

a concurrent use license.

All rights of any kind in StellarPhoenixNovell (NSS), which are not expressly granted in this license, are entirely

and exclusively reserved to and by Stellar Information Systems Ltd. You may not rent, lease, modify, translate,

reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble or create derivative works based on StellarPhoenixNovell (NSS) nor

permit anyone else to do so. You may not make access to StellarPhoenixNovell (NSS) available to others in

connection with a service bureau, application service provider or similar business nor permit anyone else to do


Warranty Disclaimers and Liability Limitations.

StellarPhoenixNovell (NSS) and all accompanying software, files, data and materials are distributed and

provided AS IS and with no warranties of any kind, whether expressed or implied. In particular, there is no

warranty for the quality of data recovered. You acknowledge that good data processing procedure dictates that

any program including StellarPhoenixNovell (NSS) must be thoroughly tested with non-critical data before there

is any reliance on it and you hereby assume the entire risk of all use of the copies of StellarPhoenixNovell

(NSS) covered by this License. This disclaimer of warranty constitutes an essential part of this License.

In addition, in no event does Stellar authorize you or anyone else to use StellarPhoenixNovell (NSS) in

applications or systems where its failure to perform can reasonably be expected to result in a significant physical

injury or in loss of life. Any such use is entirely at your own risk and you agree to hold Stellar harmless from any

and all claims or losses relating to such unauthorized use.


This License is the complete statement of the agreement between the parties on the subject matter and merges

and supersedes all other or prior understandings, purchase orders, agreements and arrangements. This License

shall be governed by the laws of the State of Delhi, India. Exclusive jurisdiction and venue for all matters relating

to this License shall be in courts and for a located in the State of Delhi, India and you consent to such jurisdiction

and venue. There are no third party beneficiaries of any promises, obligations or representations made by Stellar

herein. Any waiver by Stellar of any violation of this License by you shall not constitute nor contribute to a waiver

by Stellar of any other or future violation of the same provision or any other provision of this License.

Copyright ©1995-2009 by Stellar Information Systems Ltd. All rights reserved.

Help Manual Version

StellarPhoenixNovell (NSS)


StellarPhoenixNovell (NSS)® is a registered trademark of Stellar Information Systems Ltd.

Windows 2000 Server®, Windows XP®, Windows 2003® and Windows Vista® are registered trademarks of

Microsoft® Corporation Inc.

All Trademarks Acknowledged.

All other brands and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

Help Manual Version

StellarPhoenixNovell (NSS)

Technical Support

Our Technical Support professionals will give solutions for all your queries related to Stellar Products.

You can either Call Us or Go Online to our support section

Support Helpline

Monday to Friday [ 24 Hrs. a day ]

USA (Toll free - Pre Sales Queries) 1-866-554-2512

USA (Post Sales Queries) 1-315-220-6245

UK (Europe) +44-207-993-2293

Germany +49-180-110-105-0051

Worldwide +91-921-395-5509

Skype Id


Email Orders

Online Help

• Chat Live with an Online technician

• Search in our extensive Knowledge Base

• Submit Ticket (If our Knowledge Base does not answer your question)

• Login and view Ticket Status (If you already have a valid Ticket with you)

• Download Documents on Product Usage ( For Registered members only, i.e, user with login ID. If you are an

unregistered user, please visit to create login ID)

Help Manual Version

StellarPhoenixNovell (NSS)

About Stellar

Stellar Information Systems Ltd. is a trusted name in the field of DataRecovery and Data Protection Software for

more than a decade.

We provide the widest range of DataRecovery Products. Our range includes DataRecovery Software for almost

all Operating Systems and File Systems.

Product line:


A widest range of data recovery software that helps you recover your valued data lost after accidental format,

virus problems, software malfunction, file/directory deletion, or even sabotage!. More Info >>

File Recovery

The most comprehensive range of file undelete and unerase software for Windows and MS office repair tools.

More Info >>

Email Recovery

A wide range of mail recovery, mail repair and mail conversion applications for MS Outlook, MS Outlook Express

and MS Exchange useful in instances of data loss due to damages and corruption of Email. More Info >>

Data Protection

A wide range of Prevent Data Loss, Data backup and Hard Drive Monitoring Applications to ensure complete

data protection against hard drive crash. More Info >>

Data Sanitization

Data cleanup and file eraser utility can delete selected folders, groups of files, entire logical drives, System

Traces & Internet traces. Once the data have been removed using Stellar Wipe - Data File eraser utility, it is

beyond recovery limits of any DataRecovery Software or utility. More Info >>

For more information about us, please visit

Help Manual Version

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