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Performance keygen

Performance keygen

Performance keygen

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Performance keygen

Funeral and Cremation Management Software That's Powerful and Easy to Use


Award-Winning Solutions

  • Funeral Home Management Software

    Features include

    ✔ Client Maintenance
    ✔ Secure Forms Management
    ✔ Financials & Bookkeeping
    ✔ Much More

    Learn More
  • Crematory Management Software

    Features include

    ✔ Funeral Home Software +
    ✔ Detailed Chain of Custody
    ✔ Trade Partner Portal
    ✔ Much More

    Learn More
  • Pet Crematory Management Software

    Features include

    ✔ Crematory Software +
    ✔ Vet Clinic Portal
    ✔ Communal Lot Tracking
    ✔ Much More

    Learn More

Optional Add-Ons

  • Arrangement Assistant

    Features include

    ✔ Family-Friendly
    ✔ Remote Family Collaboration
    ✔ Customizable

    Learn More
  • Mobile Planner

    Features include

    ✔ Calendar Tracking
    ✔ Access Cases
    ✔ Contact Book

    Learn More
  • QuickBooks Integration

    Features include

    ✔ Real-time automated synchronization
    ✔ Sync revenue and/or Expenses
    ✔ Secure Connection Authentication

    Learn More
  • Electronic Signatures

    Features include

    ✔ DocuSign Partner
    ✔ Sync to Client Record
    ✔ Handles Multiple Signers

    Learn more
  • Credit Card Processing

    Features include

    ✔ DocuSign Partner
    ✔ Sync to Client Record
    ✔ Handles Multiple Signers

    Learn More
  • “Halcyon is the perfect tool for managing funeral homes”

    Halcyon is the perfect tool for managing funeral homes under the Rollings Funeral Services umbrella. I searched for years and could not find the unique tools needed for a consolidated firm. It is clear that Halcyon was created from the bottom up with many years of input directly from Funeral Directors’ experiences.

    – Greg Rollings, President, CEO Rollings Funeral Service

  • “I could not imagine running our busy business and serving our families without it.”

    Halcyon is straight forward, very intuitive and easy to use. There are many very helpful organizational tools making us much more efficient. I could not imagine running our busy business and serving our families without it.

    – Larry Calcaterra, Wujek-Calcaterra & Sons, Inc.

  • “Halcyon is a Home Run for us.”

    We searched long and hard for the right software and we were so glad to find Halcyon.”

    – Michael Wujeck, Wujeck-Calcaterra & Sons, Inc.

  • “..eliminated 30 hours worth of paperwork weekly..”

    Not only has it eliminated 30 hours worth of paperwork weekly, it has allowed us better tracking using GPS, invoicing, record keeping and so much more.

    – Brad Kuchnicki, Executive Director of East Tennessee Cremation Company

  • “The comprehensive web-based system is very user-friendly”

    We were looking for a software management system that could be tailored to our unique needs and be efficient. Halcyon was our answer, and we haven’t been disappointed. The comprehensive web-based system is very user-friendly. And Halcyon continuously works with us to improve and update forms, visibility, and reports. Overall, Halcyon is an outstanding company to work with and the professional support is terrific!

    – Ava Brineger, Owner, Yadkin Valley Pet Funeral Services, Elkin, North Carolina

  • “Easy for even the novice, computer savvy employee to navigate”

    All of the information that we need, whether it is funeral or financial related, is easy for even the novice, computer savvy employee to navigate. When we enter information into one location it populates to all of the forms and/or reports that it applies too. We are able to have forms, that are specific to our company, uploaded into Halcyon to have them populate as well. Halcyon technical support, has been open to suggestions, when it comes the improving, changing, or modifying most things, to accommodate our needs.

    – Dennis Ralph, Internal Auditor, Rollings Funeral Service

  • “We could not manage the volume of activity without Halcyon”

    We are a very high-volume crematory with a focus toward trade cremations. We could not manage the volume of activity without Halcyon as our backbone for body tracking, trade partner portal and billing. Halcyon’s tools are very powerful and the pricing is very reasonable.

    – Jason Altieri, Owner, Southeast Texas Crematory

  • “Finally, an all-inclusive way to economically manage our at need, pre need and crematory cases”

    Finally, an all-inclusive way to economically manage our at need, pre need and crematory cases. We switched from a local software to a cloud based software and can now look up and manage our cases remotely as well as track our crematory cases online.

    – Patrick M.

  • “Halcyon is affordable, reliable and readily available”

    After months of researching death care management software options, we chose Halcyon and are so glad we did! Halcyon is affordable, reliable and readily available with support when we need it. Halcyon has given our family funeral home the opportunity to update our recordkeeping and most importantly, Halcyon allows us to be able to conduct business from anywhere at anytime.

    – Gary, Kristin and Scout Bohlender, Bohlender Funeral Chapel, Fort Collins CO

  • “Halcyon took us out of the dark ages”

    Halcyon took us out of the dark ages of paper and into the digital world at a price point that was affordable for our firm.  Halcyon’s amazing customer service matched with the ability to use a platform from anywhere has turned us into one happy funeral home.

    – Matthew Malcore, Owner, Malcore Funeral Home & Crematory, Green Bay, WI

  • “This software has improved our Customer Relationship Management”

    The user interface and web-based software allow our team to easily manage our client families both inside and out of the funeral home. We can now spend more time with our own families and still manage work remotely from anywhere. This software has improved our Customer Relationship Management and cut down on the time we spend printing documents, programs, and other custom forms.

    – Carl Pennington IV, Owner, Brown-Pennington-Atkins Funeral Directors, Hartsville, SC


Innovative management solutions at a price that will leave you saying,
"It just makes sense."  

Halcyon is reasonably priced to add value to your business without breaking your budget. There is a reasonable Activation Fee and a reasonable monthly fee. Larger customers may also have a small case fee. You pay month-to-month and there is no long-term contract to sign. There are no surprising upgrade fees or surprising support fees. It is all baked into the monthly fee.

If you’re looking to increase your firm’s efficiency, you’ve come to the right place. Don’t miss your free, no-commitment tour of Halycon’s software where we’ll quickly guide you through the many ways Halcyon will work for you. So, what are you waiting for?

Schedule a free demo today to discover how Halcyon can work for you.

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