Vulcan Converter 97 v1.22 serial key or number

Vulcan Converter 97 v1.22 serial key or number

Vulcan Converter 97 v1.22 serial key or number

1-4-all html editor official 2

1-4-all html editor official 2.0 Hexedit 755B84DB0F84A402 and replace with 750084C90F84A402 when you change the byte 5B to 00, you remove the 60-day evaluation limit

1-4-all html editor release v2.0 hexecdit 14.exe search for 755B84DB0F84A402 replace with 750084C90F84A402

1. 6czcypmk-vyb3974p-91v7sctk JYJ13VTV-6HXUBZFE-VFG2EKKW

12 puzzles 261223-3012477

1st contact v1.05.00 Brabo s/n: 6455474253354245

20 install creator enterprise

3-d website builder 10 GMCAH209-000-9AC8 3DWEB053-000-1C10

300 polices manuscrites 259321-3018223

32 card bridge 1.5 Riz la+ Code: 6225733 or Name:

32 card bridge 1.5 Riz la+ Name:

386 max 70 240-104343 or 40090206002

386 max 80 820604030043 or 820604033004 or 820604030430 or 820600433400

3d audio 1.1 JaZzMaStR serial: abe722baf5ac557

3d calendar v2.40 Fully Licensed User #: 6517EC7F

3d calendar v2.40 Name: Fully Licensed User # : 6517EC7F

3d dominos 1.4 ThE STaRDoGG CHaMPioN [PC] Serial: 521126820

3d express fp079-851-920-960

3d hotslots 374296

3d keyboard 2 4 3DK-W31-20002

3d stereo 2.0 Nambulu sERiAL: 605-199-924

3d studiomax 820-6040-30430

3d ultra pinball 261129-2938449

3d view 460140

3d website builder 3DWAE316-000-3549 Hexedit D2_3DFX.EXE change ";75"; at Hex address D1AC1 to an ";EB";, it doesn't ask for the CD and goes straight into a 3D game on the HD. Copy the entire *.mvl files to the hard drive

3dview 460140

3dview 460140ABUSE-NET v2.01.00.57 xOANON - cOMPANY: UCF'97 sERIALNO: F4623C9A

4d compiler 2.3 (mac) 20996169922891

4d compiler pro 2.51 7455FAF5575E7A

4d developer 3.0.1 and 3.2 (mac) 34868520554560

4d insider 2.01 11306000000000

4d online help 3.0.5 (mac) 123456400

4d online help 3.xx 144835511 or 131777221 or 146565601

4d runtime 2.01 S-342590516249 # T-302092516051 # U-302191537161 # V-302290527273

4d server new LIC82C740E7EB64CCCD SN92019594 ID09822727A44E3C8

4d write 21 522691 Card P.040029220455

4dos 5.00 111209 code: 8VS2PGCK

4files +3 30 TwinHead 63459995756 name: THE KEY 63349995394

4os2 v3.00b for os/2 Masque serial number: 435986 validation code: 21341234

4th dimension 2.0.11 D-205200607255 or D-225490055617 or H-243178434494 or X-242064960694

4th right V-302290527273

5 or more v2.0 1613551 Use any name.

5-or-more! 2.0 16135510

5-or-more! 2.0a KiLLa [CoRE] 16135510


600 lettres types 260951-2913889

8 ball deluxe ZJLFDN5TMAJ

8 ball deluxe 1.01 6267EM11002

8 ball slots v1.1 748119

8 ball slots v1.1 (more ultisoft shit) 748119

8-ball slots: 748119

8leg web studio LordByte in 1996 organisation: #cracking 145E6063

9x webspider 3.9.13 PVG5747300215539

<+> makems v1.1 *regged* <+> The Force Team Reg.Key: 254592F4

Apple quicktime 3.0 pro Mr.Shine - Organization: (enter anything you want) - Reg.Number: 2c57-62c7-8098-e5de-0000 -

Appleshare file server 4x B-341-UFD-170-QEC-309-IBZ-461-QYV-340 or B-341-UFD-170-QEC-309-ICJ-348-VZJ-340

Applet button factory v2.5 mk67z pASSWORD: trs98z

Applet headline factory 1.0 h9ea7 PASSWORD: to78r

Applet headline factory v1.0 h9ea7 Password: to78r

Applet headline factory v1.0 h9ea7 RegCode: to78r

Applet menu wizzard v1.0 LOMAX s/n : B2A9464E1175FCD8

Application control 2 ?? THE RIDDLER 628872953

Application maker 1.019 beta BARK576936BARK

Appmaker 1.1 Bark!-0001-0001-0001

Ar8000 toolkit 1.11 AR1020RBYOFWQRMH0HCOY

Arbre genealogique 261203-3020463

Arcada backup exec 7.01a for netware 0736630000014869

Archive converter v3.x 1317660001 to 1317669999

Arcserve 5.01 (10 users) 10AS 1163609

Arcserve 5.01g win edition for net 0392181

Arcserve 6.0 dt 10515021 / code: CIMTX-C14XX-X19XM-R7CWG

Arcserve 6.0 live trial (winnt) HXYXL-C14XI-XX9YC-M7KXI

Arcserve for netware (enterprise ed) YHKTC-X14XC-XX9KX-M7XKG

Arcserve/386 3.0b 23014 23350

Arcsolo 3.02 EVSO 1231464 302SO 1246936

Arctest 2.3a 18624809 TwinHead [TWH/UCF]

Argosoft mx mailer v1.0 LOMAX [DSI] s/n: 908214251034

Armor alley 1.1 (mac) EXC53RH

Arrange 20 CWC144NG

Arrange-it 1.02 ARM9300533

Arrivo select v1.2 9809543255123456789987654321

Arrivoselect 1.2 9F03-7800-6D59-4559-C313 9F03-7800-6D59-4559-C313 here is the s/n when the progs exppired/requested 9F745678BCABCDEF13467924680ACEB

Arrivoselect 1.2 9F745678BCABCDEF13467924680ACEB (timelock protection too)

Arrow v1.2 PLM 1997 Reg Code: 0335544320

Arrowbridge ii 1.14a+ BBS Name: PC97 Sysop Name: Riz la+ Serial #1: 0863396928zle Serial #2: 0330999948gxn

Arrowbridge ii v1.15 BBS: PC97 Sysop: teraphy! Reg#1: 1319877021zrv Reg#2: 0809850739ohm

Art apart collectors edition 2311-0021-3285

Art mixer 16 9208001

Artisoft sishare 9960005000 verf 02EA-2030-9D49

Arts and letters 4 5 464412

Arty 1.01 *32 bit* licence key Nr: A5X2:S47T:5P2T:2CV7

Arty v1.01 *32 bit* 5X2:S47T:5P2T:2CV7

Arty16 1.01 A5X2:S47T:5P2T:2CV7

Asap wordpower 1.95 1287B3042346 Unlocking code: 463S213A

Asap wordpower v1.95 Serial Number: 1287B3042346 Unlocking Code: 463S213A

Asksam pro 3.0 300-64646-96012

Asset docparts 1.0 ADP010-200-0000

Assistbar98 v2.01 66287243

Associate 1.3 CU98 Code: G62,A17_P

Associate 1.3 KiLLa CoRE G62,A17_P

Associate v1.2 romeo-JUANDA G62,A17_P

Asstse CD key is 1112-1111111 pww300r1100778-432

Astound +2 1 3044507372

Astound 1 5 3031620659

Astound 20 3006005109 or 3004400378

Astound multimedia studio 4.0 32-bit 3260952387

Astro world (win3) Crack da WareZ # @JTJ66BHNW

Asymetrix 3d f/x 2011-009713

Asymetrix multimedia toolbook 3.0 0740-002379

Ataman tcp remlogon Enter: REGISTER tcpservers ";Misha [UCF]"; i4b364652

Ataman tcp remote logon serivces 2.3 _RudeBoy_ / Phrozen Crew Code: 218423

Ataman tcp remote logon services 1.6 Misha [UCF] i4b364652 (Register exe tcpservers ";Misha [UCF]"; i4b364652)

Atlantis render 2.11 040412-486921-226001

Atm deluxe 4.0x CIB00000000001-999-266 or CIB00000000002-999-899 or CIBXBKWM000001-999-17

Atomic dog's barclock 4 2 Sabotage96 YOEOI-ZDGHS name: Free Registered Version LFHEG-XZKTW name: Byte Ripper HMWEK-BPRQJ name: Bad Crc HOGTE-MCEUE name: Jordan Hirsch PCUDH-RNUSR

Atomic dog's barclock 42 Jordan Hirsch # PCUDH - RNUSR

Atomtime 98 v2.0 Black Thorne [PC'98] Date: 05/03/98

Atrax the webpublisher 4.02 mpbaer key: ax685-400-327

Atticus vista 10 126100023

Audio compositor t5wVEqHw

Audio compositor [NCG] Serial# t5wVEqHw

Audio compositor 2.0 Nambulu sERiAL: 9ziMcCDX

Audio compositor 22 iCEMAN [UCF], code: YfbjDtt2

Audio suite 2.03 Riz la+ code: for Alchemist - Audio Converter 2.02: 813216 code: for Fusion - Digital Mixing Desk 2.03: 788617 code: for Fission - Audio Wave Editor 2.03: 1044005

Audiosampler v1.1 rocko

Audioshop 2.01 514.200.00016351

Audiotrack 10 60031ATTA4409

Audition 2.8 Gregory Braun Comp:Software by Design Serial: 909

Audition v2.8 SiLicon Surfer Comp: Phrozen Crew Code: 3064212391

Aurogen architect v2.12 5678912

Aurogen architect v2.12 Regname = RegCompany = SerialNo = 5678912

Authentex datasafe 1 19 16/32-bit Saltine [PC] company: Phrozen Crew '97 code: 6478143

Authentex datasafe v1.19 - v1.22 romeo company: d4c sn: 3796792

Authorware pro 2.0 8205-2072-3071

Authorware pro 2.01 8217-4072-0086

Authorware pro 30 20030-0979-1236-56383

Auto care center 97 1 1 71362180

Auto ip publisher J00811611@06

Auto start manager 1.0 Attitude 93563259

Auto start manager 1.1 KiLLa [CoRE] 38342215

Auto tracker pacific

Auto-ip publisher v1.93 revision o E12345672U91

Auto-ip publisher v1.93 revision o E12345672U91

Autoboot 1.54 Registered 299999910380596

Autocad cd key: W36H serial: 117-99703105 auth code: C3DF32EA

Autocad 12.0 110-10061620 or 110-10509227

Autocad 13.0 authorization 70FEE2FD

Autocad 130 70FEE2FD

Autocad 14 117-99703105 CD Tab # W36H Authorization Code: C3DF32EA

Autocad 14 17-99703105 CD Tab # W36H Authorization Code: C3DF32EA

Autocad 14 999-123456789

Autocad data extension 130-10083217

Autocad lite 167-10001908

Autocad lite 2.0 160-10124811 or 167-10001908

Autocad r12 110-10638231

Autocad r14 (win95) CD Key# w36h

Autocd 1 7 4 Misha compa: [UCF] 66VVOSJG

Autodesk autocad ade extension 13010083217

Autodesk designer learning resources 07301-010203-4520

Autodesk designer training guide 07300-010203-3010

Autodial v1.0 ddtiscool

Autohelp for components 2.02 Lover Boy UserCompany: Free Field UserID: 134395-011-145998

Automanager 1 1 001454

Automap 1.0 W 12391

Automap pro 1.06 2028038 4553552

Automap road atlas 4.0 34584-068-0102477

Automate 3.7b pe DrRhui Company: CORE 3918114000

Automate pro 3.5j 24672934 or 23028072 or 21588815 or 431776315 or 34576700

Automate pro v3.5j 34576700

Automate pro v3.5j First set your clock to the date and then run automate 04-14-97 --- serial: 24672934 04-15-97 --- serial: 23028072 04-16-97 --- serial: 21588815 05-01-97 --- serial: 431776315

Automate pro v3.5j set to 04-14-97 serial: 24672934 04-15-97 serial: 23028072 04-16-97 --- serial: 21588815 05-01-97 --- serial: 431776315

Automate professional edition 3.6b 46498989

Automate v3.8a 3789406800

Automate v3.8a Code: 3789406800

Automenu 1.0 for kids 501G4-UHPMH-PCG53-S 10114-UXUDH-UL15E-G

Automenus pro 3.xx Anonymous 45011585

Autopage 32-e 1.0 12360-768841

Autopage 32-e 1.00 keycode Keycode=12360-768841

Autoscribe 2 5 bbs: G ! $ 5736 bbs: You! 5808 bbs: Me! 5789 bbs: NoBoDy! 5927 bbs: byMMi 5902 bbs: Xxx! 5798 bbs: 4U! 5738

Autoscribe 2.5 bbs ABC 5804

Autoscribe 2.5 bbs You 5808 or bbs ???? 5699 or bbs Me 5789

Autoserveur 1.1 DSK CREW 43B03257-F4FD

Autoshutdown 1.2 CYBORG^SNT Key: JR5584S Name: UNDERWORLD Key: GME4445 Name: SYNTONIC Key: BL3385W

Autoshutdown 12 RegKey CYBORG^SNT Key: JR5584S or UNDERWORLD Key: GME4445 or SYNTONIC Key: BL3385W

Autosketch 2.0 123-12345678 190-00001903 190-00007909 190-00019039 190-00028490

Autosketch 2.0 190-00019039 or 190-00028490

Autosketch 2.x 190-00028490 or 190-00001903

Autosketch 4.0 20-107832

Autospell 5.x nUMBER: 88JO9YOB9JOYB9-MEX98

Autospell v5.2.1 YC4HOC4N4ENHH6-tKC/PC '98

Autostart 1.5 18571251 Registered Number: 18571928 Sacha Distel Number: 18572235 Michael Jordan Number: 18572582 Sharon Stone Number: 18572282

Autostart 15 PhaNToM Number: 18571251 Registered Number: 18571928 Sacha Distel Number: 18572235 Michael Jordan Number: 18572582 Sharon Stone Number: 18572282

Autovision 2.0 5B35AE2B

Autovue professional 1 22c3 311-076-0001605-01

Autovue professional 12 2 111-300-0000020-71

Autowinnet 1 3 AWN348CASLT101

Autowinnet 1 4 AWN348INWUA102

Autoworks G037825

Avalon webdesigner 1.1 awd-1997-dino

Avilxp 1.0 AxeMan 94552087 name: Byte Ripper 3ab4e4e9 name: Phrozen Crew 96 704d9498

Avm-isdn-ibtx 3.0 2001507A

Award +4 50pg (bios) AWARD_SW

Awe32 virtual bank manager v1.20 DjPaul [uCF] iD : 51808

Ax curseurs1.0 C9014X-4UT0-UA6X

Ax diapo D62234-LVP9-5ANZ (Snem/Dsk)

Ax icones 2.0 R20 51R-Q262-F3DV

Ax icones 2.0 R2051R-Q262-F3DV

Ax icones 3.0 R900L4-2XM5-T9L7

Ax icones 4.00 R81111-01M2-QYON or R82222-JB6L-4JXH or R83333-4NS6-I48D or R85555-GH6I-AA0B

Ax juke box 1.0 3.1 J63423-8E9Q-OTSI (Snem/Dsk)

Ax juke box 1.0 95 J63423-8E9Q-OTSI (Snem/Dsk)

Ax juke box 1.0 95 Mister WILL J2000E-074N-O87V

Ax photobank P200QX-DQOI-E7BP

Ax screen save S701MM-H587-4XB7

Ax viewer 2.0 w3.1 V202EQ-RPG9-VH77

Ax viewer 2.0 w95 V202EQ-RPG9-UH7D

Ax-album v2.0 (win 95) A904CH-FY8Z-WRGF

Ax-diapostudio v1.0 (win95) D200OF-I84F-90HV

Ax-photobank v2.0 (win 95) P201WU-M0EQ-YU1Z

Ax-viewer 3.0 win 95 V9000F-684F-L0HV

Ax-viewer 3.0 win 95 (new) V9000F-684F-L0HV

Ax-zipstudio 1.0 (french version) Z9AAAA-H6MF-WDH7

Axis cheater2 from quaterdek 001-37E-52722 or AP100-1633-31011-JG or AP100-31011-0170-EV

Axis game cheater 1.0.1 (mac) GC100/30728/02381QI

Axis game cheater 20 5020000000176

Axium v 1.0 7325$31

Axman 1.20b3 CORE/JES 362-113-101

Axman 2.1b4 KiLLa Comp:[c0re'97] 235-561-365

Axman 2.20 Cheops Cheops Company: CU98 Code: 111-312-852 or Name: Cheops CU98 Company: ";leave blank"; Code: 136-579-140

Axman v 2.12 iTR1997 Company: [CORE] Serial: 111-048-228

Axman v2.20 (beta 2) Nambulu Company: Factor Reg. Key: 193-220-884

Axs online reader 1.0.3 (mac) TNJFDC

Axs online reader 1.0x

Back burner 2.6 or 3.1 22-9033-8680 22-9043-5686

Backburner (mac) 03-1489-0280

Backdrop 1.01 AxeMan aka Devas 451540918 name: Byte Ripper 2736339569 name: Phrozen Crew 96 2179621116

Backup agent for ms sql server (trial WXYXI-C14XE-XI9YM-M7XJJ

Backup agent for open file agent 30 74F2-A930-6010-0501

Backup agent for oracle server (trial WXYXW-C14XI-XI9YM-M7XEY

Backup assistant v1.0 rev.2 EUREKA

Backup exec enterprise 6.1 win nt 0-5-425-5-000-0-010207

Backup exec enterprise 7.01 novell 0-1-362-9-000-9-010101 # 0-3-371-8-000-8-014689

Backup exec enterprise edition 0-5-343-0-000-6-031689

Backup exec for novell netware ent 0-3-371-8-000-8-014689

Backup forever v1.0 SiLicon Surfer [PC] Code: A19917

Balance 1.0 by lithic software BLiTZ Number: CIMA-788639

Balance 95 v1.0 BLiTZ / PC97 Registration Number: CIMA-788639

Balance 95 v1.0 by lithic BLiTZ / PC97 Registration Number: CIMA-788639

Balanceit! mutual funds v1.2 TonyTOP Code: 00207F3B

Balitools v5.20++ Search for 75073310E9EA0000 Replace with 74073310E9EA0000 and search for 07B801000000EB02 replace with 00B801000000EB02

Balitools v5.20++ diy crack Hexedit searchfor 750733C0E9EA0000 and replace with 740733C0E9EA0000 then search for 07B801000000EB02 and replace with 00B801000000EB02

Ballade 1.0 2004100460

Bandwidth buster 32 Nobody 0AKEHMWN7FA44TEHV4YF

Banner 3 507230300326

Bar code: pro upc 1.0 (mac) 230,780,677,334,210 (# of bar codes used in the US)


Barclock 41 tHATDUDE # ZVDTH-00WEM

Barry press utils '95 RealLife 4293609673

Bartendr v2.0 modify .ini Replace shareware code with this one 3159987C

Baseball coach 3.0i 1. Install the . 2. Run it at least once. 3. Open up HEADER.SBF in the directory with your favorite hex editor (or Notepad in wordwrap mode) in text mode. See the 2 numbers there? The first number you see there is the registration number. Punch it in the reg dialog and you're set. The other number is the key #.

Baseball coach 3.0i 1. Install the program. 2. Run it at least once. 3. Open up HEADER.SBF in the program directory with your favorite hex editor (or Notepad in wordwrap mode) in text mode. See the 2 numbers there? The first number you see there is the registration number. Punch it in the reg dialog and you're set. The other number is the key #.

Basket 6.0 9157

Basket v6.0 9157

Batch converter 130-0001302-265500

Batch it v1.0 TheBrabo Address: Brabo@ S/n: 647562879715046368920606398370449068956941727615

Batch it! 10 53060XXXXX (x=Any Char)

Battlestar v2.5 SiLicon Surfer [PC] Code: 3038224192

Bbs bowl +1.7 4U! 13452 or SoMeBoDy! 18583

Bbs bowl 1.5 Me 17677

Bbs bowl 1.5 XXX 17388 or --- 8745 or You 19789

Bbs bowl 15 Batman 15766 or ??? 12363 or *** 8142

Bbs bowl 17 You! 19689 or 2U! 13250

Bbs bowl v1.5 Me #/17677

Bbs drag racing 2.39 sysop Me! bbs G.!.$ # @?0

Beame and whiteside bw-connect nfs nt 015-005345

Becky 1 10 (anything you like) 0012-3437-A102

Becky 1.09 0012-3437-A102 Anyname

Becky 1.09 *reg data* 0012-3437-A102

Becky 1.09 *reg data* anything 0012-3437-A102

Becky 1.09 *reg data* anything Reg# 0012-3437-A102

Becky 1.09 reg data 0012-3437-A102

Beer! 2.3e Riz la+ Code: 40843197

Beetle v 2.0 1587643

Behierarchic 3.0x 2572311E 'Anonymous'

Bench 32 1.07b CGP-152kGGx-PE002q-iUsB32

Berlitzsynonymus d/e/f/i/s 25002285

Bestcrypt 5.0 for winnt Any Name/Company

Bestcrypt 5.0 for winnt Any Name/Company Serial #: BC12345-678-C9CF

Bestcrypt np -= +ALI-BABA =- Organiza.: D4C Serial # BC-3390-2319-3733

Bestcrypt np 40 BC-1CE-AFFE-DAFE or BC-AFFE-1CE-26CF

Bestcrypt np driver 4.11 (3.0) BC-3304-8050-9FBF

Bestweb 1.0 01000100101

Betterwriter 1.01 BW9112131832

Beyond compare v1.6a Brabo s/n: BF0EDF9C

Beyond compare 1.6a Saltine [PC] Orga: Phrozen Crew '98 Reg#: 3805EB04

Beyond compare v1.6a TheBrabo Company: Brabo s/n: BF0EDF9C

Bgfax +1 55 and os/2 (BGFax /REG) name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL 921343110 pop nr: 4FAD154D name: NoBoDy! 1234567 pop nr: D891A399 name: SoMeBoDy! 123456789 pop nr: 20CBE0B5 name: You! 1234 pop nr: 9CF6FBA6

Bgfax 1.30 78 pop nr 398B0D10

Bgfax 1.30 ??? 7777 pop nr 67EBAC12

Bgfax 1.30 Batman 123456 pop nr C9659F6D

Bgfax 1.30 Nobody 345 pop nr 6A288854

Bgfax 1.30 Somebody 5467 pop nr AFF4C8A4

Bgfax 1.30 Who? 5678 pop nr D1879E75

Bgfax 1.30 XXX 654321 pop nr 5D0DB5B3

Bgfax 1.30 You 9999 pop nr 36158E01

Bgfax 1.55 Me 201258 pop DFCA99E0

Bgfax 1.55 and os/2 You! 1234 pop nr 9CF6FBA6 or TeLLeRBoP 123456 pop nr 1DF17BAE

Bgfax 1.55+ Me # 201258 pop DFCA99E0

Bgfax 2.xx S/N = 0 POP = 306847129 Lost Soul [uCF]

Bgfax v1.30 Me #/201258 pop/DFCA99E0

Biblepro niv v4.4 CokeBottle98 Password:1970jfjfjfj

Bicycle bike'alog on disk 1 3 WWUXPQVYP

Big thesaurus AxxxxBC (x=any number)

Bikelog 5.11 Phrozen Crew Serial : 903 Serial : 2232 Serial : 2526

Bikers log v1.00a 732-389-9227

Binary clock 1.3 STARDOGG [PC] JR5584S

Bingo v2.0 by cape cod software 7797114116 Code: 5555575549

Binuscan 10 16849 PW1 QRBs2LBUeY4 PW2vUEpAVINq8C

Bio-rhythms v2.04.00 BIOSOFT

Bio-rhythms v2.04.00 ] BIOSOFT

Birmy powerrip 31 6307 or Printer code: 2981212585-82 or Fulfillment Response 318444283

Bitcom 5 4c A271113 A329618

Bitfax 3.09c A248258

Bitfax professional 3.02 1 5104902939

Bitfax/sr 4.06g / bitcom5 6d A006844633

Bitfax/sr 4.06h / bitcom5 6d 1200420015594

Bitmapshrinker 1.0 Riz la+ (PC) 815886

Bitmapshrinker 1.0 Riz la+ (PC) Code: 815886

Bitware fax/data 3 24 by cheyenne 0900020083526 0300060059669 0300040046953 1500420132716 1500420144041 1500001068155

Bitware fax/data 3 30 1600011096038

Bitware fax/data 3.24 by cheyenne win 1500420132716 or 1500420144041 or 1500001068155

Bizwiz4.0 Copy the following two lines to your [I] in your windows directory: USER=Riz la+ UNLOCK=16030317

Bizwiz4.0 USER=Riz la+ UNLOCK=16030317

Black jack and poker 359367

Black night 1.03 0000000D1FF113F

Black widow 2.04 KiLLa [CoRE] 7B565968

Black widow 2.05 CORE/DrRhui 5905AB47

Black widow 3.3 Any Name at least 7 chars, serial 4L5-T3S9-T9-Y9A8E

Black widow v2.05 escom[CORE] rn: 1B34B727

Blackboard Me bbs ABC key ?G49(

Blackboard backup v5.3 Registered User Code: 0262

Blackboard internet privacy v2.0 Name: Fully Licensed User # : 255

Blackboard screensaver activate 1.3 Quantico NUMBER: 157

Blackboard zipback 4.1 Quantico NUMBER: 198

Blackbox 1.2.27 CORE/JES FS-lx8D-zD7-1u8

Blackwidow 2.02 Durk Number: 76A68B07

Blackwidow 2.03 CORE/DrRhui 98667717

Blackwidow 2.05 Durk serial: 39673517

Blackwidow 2.05 JUANDITA PASSWORD: BA875674

Blackwidow 3.0 lxcore97 Serial: 829-4132/58-16713

Blackwidow 3.3 Any name (at least 7 characters) sn: 4L5-T3S9-T9-Y9A8E

Blade runner KD921A10007637

Blanch Digital XTC Code: 1016fbd Name: Registered User Code: 10134f7 Name: Fluke Code: 10218b9

Blanch name: Digital XTC Code: 1016fbd Name: Registered User Code: 10134f7 Name: Fluke Code: 10218b9

Blanch 1.4c razzia [pc97] code: ff0af7 name: Phrozen Crew 1997 code: 1065cfc

Blanch button launcher - v1.4 SasbenJr [Me'97/C4N] Reg Num : fc07e2

Blanch button launcher - v1.4 SasbenJr [Me'97/C4N] Reg Num: fc07e2

Blanch v1.4d Tailgunner [pc97] Serial: 101e232

Blanch v1.4d xOANON [UCF'97] sERIALNO: 102a286

Blanch v1.4g KrAzY_N [MEX/C4N'98] Code: Whatzabuzz

Blanche Digital XTC Code: 1016fbd or Name: Registered User Code: 10134f7 or Name: Fluke Code: 10218b9

Blastermaster 6 2 (Put the next line in your autoexec bat) SET SBMASTER=798-3240

Blastermaster 6x (add to .BAT) SET SBMASTER=798-3240

Blocks door +1.00 bbs G!$ bbsPhone 031000000 ???! 56961

Blocks door 1.00 bbs G.!.$ bbsphone 031000000 Me! 48366

Blueline e-z invoice 1 2 00064923

Blueprint 4.0 (mac) 240*-00080642

Blueprint 5.02 2500-00009062 2500-00019822 2500-00029682 2500-BKWM5642

Bluewave Hexecit BWAVE.EXE. search for 75 07 C6 06 A6. Change 07 to 00. Save the change.

Bluewave +2 31b , 386 and os/2 The GuaRDiaN aNGeL Dos- 4HGLFEET 386- IM2H8NET OS/2- 896CEJET name: TeLLeRBoP Dos- CGCMC68T 386- I94C4B8T OS/2 XCB7498T name: SoMeBoDy! Dos- G8E25K7S 386- X1K1EX8S OS/2 8DDHGM7S

Bluewave +2.12 Me! 77386796 or ???! 77389091

Bluewave 2.12 Me 77384318 TwinHead 44738166

Bluewave 2.2 dos : xgxx618P 386 : xxd4i58p OS2 : X8LAJ38P

Bluewave 2.2 dos xgxx618P 386: xxd4i58p OS2: X8LAJ38P

Bluewave 2.30 (386) BLaCK SQuaDRoN # CMKA94CB

Bluewave 2.30/386 64NNX4AA

Bluewave 2.31b You! Dos-4HFLIX4Y 386-IA7AH34Y OS/2 89M7L14Y

Bluewave mail door 3.2? ???! mail packet Bwave 13631430

Bluewave mail door 3.2x Me! mail packet Bwave 14917189

Bluewave v2.12 Me #/77384318

Bmad www index wizard v1.2 5956-65E4 (if you use this reg key, any name will do) Name : Fully Licensed User Business License (Disk & Intranet) # : 1A5C-5A53 Publishing License (CD-ROM or Web) # : 37B1-FDF5 Name : Beta Tester Business License (Disk & Intranet) # : 33E7-0396 Publishing License (CD-ROM or Web) # : 1E0A-A430

Bmad www index wizard v1.2 Crowman /98 (* Serial Generated should be 7F19-C166 *) REGCODE 5956-65E4 Temporary Licence 43C4-76E2 Business Licence 6E29-65E4 Publishing Licence

Bmp randomizer 2.0 LC-5960

Body works 30 Q24474

Bolo cd-version 7000465510-LNK

Bomb golf 1.0 Riz la+ Code: 1053550

Bombgolf v1.01 THE_q - 76324 MeMeMe - 357913 PhrozenCrew - 075915 BombGolf - 78045280 FreeVer - 7898795

Bomby 6.8 12768 Code 2: 4392

Bomby 6.8 1: 12768 Code 2: 4392

Bomby 6.8 Code 1: 12768 Code 2: 4392

Bonue wheel slots 1 1 252771

Bonus wheel slots 1.1 252771

Book mark converter v2.5 The_Gimp! oyg708m1y1 fpvezyzsay

Book marx 1.04 CORE/DrRhui BW1-487951

Bookie bookworm All stories 1-900-903-2665

Bookie bookworm: goldilocks and bears 1-900-903-2665

Booklock version 1.0 123456781262412579151278

Bookmaker ipf authoring tool for os/2 549732655482

Bookmark converter 2.0 juss Code: 4yo0n825a2

Bookmark converter 2.0 Name: juss Registration Code: 4yo0n825a2

Bookmark converter 2.5 Bookmark Converter 2.5 Name: JUANDA Serial: fbny8ijyd6

Bookmark converter 2.5 JUANDA Serial: fbny8ijyd6

Bookmark converter 2.5 juss Code: 4yo0n825a2

Bookmark converter v2.0 (32-bit) Name: Registered Copy Single User License : pc0fhfq8qy Site License : x2c2pt6kj9 Name : Registered Single User License : 13lcgflze9 Site License : 71m0xg08cp Name : Fully Licensed User Single User License : c25s55uxs9 Site License : dpi0tht1eu

Bookmark manager RealLife 176095

Bookmark manager 2.1 404623

Bookmark manager 2.1 Registered Version 404623

Bookmark manager 21 Saltine 164050 Phrozen Crew '96 245338 Registered Version 404623

Bookmarks 1.04 name BW1-716218

Bookmarx Anyone Serial: BW1-190847 Name: free Serial: BW1-606350

Bookmarx 1.04 Norway sErIAl: BW8-660834

Bookmarx 102 Anyname Serial: BW1-190847 Name: free Serial: BW1-606350

Bookmarx v1.04.001 The_Gimp! BW8-905779

Bookmarxwolf ver 1.03 -= +ALI-BABA =- (D4C / 1997) Code : BW1-863699

Bookmarxwolf ver 1.03 -= +ALI-BABA =- (D4C / 1997) Code: BW1-863699

Bookworm Arnold Hansen 0R3LNYMT6Z97YCYW0PYB

Boot 'r +2 17 BOOTR-14306-0004-000 RH-004001-000

Boot 'r 2 1? TwinHead EWG58RN5QH4DF name: TwinHead [TWH/BDC] FVG599M5TP11 NetworkUsers=65535

Boot 'r 2.1x EWG58RN5QH4DF TwinHead

Boot commander 1 27 R302582-TTHY

Boot'r 2.11 Your name RH-004001-000

Boot'r v2.11 ";Your own"; #/RH-004001-000

Bootcon 2.00 bcf4vxxn39fe

Bootmenu 3.73 Riz la+ (Phrozen Crew) Code: BM1-F8BBL-EB86R-BC7A

Boris filters 10 8F002G-03B8M09-123DL

Borland -us- office 2.0 IA332A10046950

Borland c++ 2.0 for os/2 BCP1420WW10180

Borland c++ 31 IA973a10267379 Par 14LB-TCP02

Brainhex 1.0x whole new world 'Anonymous'

Breakthru 017904

Bricklayer Banshee [UB98] key: PHH-485-NKO

Bridge for the dummy v1.0 6336343

Bridge for the dummy v1.1 1.2 TonyTOP Code : 5146519

Bridge for the dummy v1.1 future v1.2 TonyTOP Code : 5146519

Bridge manager v0 33 373-0111-03

Bright work lan center inventory LAI-100-11522 p/w: P18-QXAO

Broadway DuNiOr 08Z10Y43VPRAWN3Y74UN

Browserola 1.01 Free Field Code: CBW95-R05932-0000577

Bs/1 small business v1.1h SiLicon Surfer [PC] Code: b935k429 (Single User License) Code: f25xfs29 ( 10 User License)

Bstrain v 2.0 QNLAECPT

Bump 007 -423315894


Buromanager pro 3 1 0E01188472020

Busines work 72 LE-154540 70W23490

Business card design plus 16bit 3.76a tHATDUDE PC Company: PC97 Serial: FANTASTIC Note: serial works with any name... serial is CASE SENSITIVE.

Business card designer plus 3.75a anything BCDNEW495

Business card designer plus 3.75a BCDNEW496

Business card designer plus 5.00a Cosmo Cramer Company: Vandelay Industry Serial: BCD5-C000000-CAM1

Business card designer plus v5.00b cTT cOMPANY: Factor sERiAL: BCD5-A999995-CAM1

Business cards 3 20 TwinHead compa: United Cracking Force 62404691 name: TwinHead [uCF] !96 compa: United Cracking Force 080B5436

Business cards 3 24 ED!SON '96 company: [UCf/Xf] 02054536

Business vision ii delta 2 13 7416-1775-1331

Business works accounting 8.0 80-32493

Businesscards v3.24 ED!SON '96 Company: [UCf/Xf] Serial: 02054536

Businesscards win v3.x 62404691 TwinHead United Cracking Force

Businesscards/32 4.18 KiLLa Comp: [c0re'97] 05054B41

Businessworks for windows, v12.00 ID: 123456 Name: TheBrabo System Manager BWW3LSM123456 357073 General Ledger BWW3LGL123456 597565 Accounts Payable BWW3LAP123456 689244 Accounts Receivable BWW3LAR123456 713716 Inventory BWW3LIC123456 910551 Payroll BWW3LPR123456 359332

Butler (mac) 1560216811

Buzof 1.42 1. On the welcome screen press the Yes button. 2) Fill in 00065536 - 00010133 as password 3) Press the OK button

Buzof 1.4x 22222222 - 02212233

Buzof 11 BUZOF-ODIN-276297

Buzof version : 1.4x 22222222 - 02212233

Bwave 2.12 44738166 TwinHead

By design 2.0 637040360

By design for wordperfect W20FE06314

Bye lines 3.21 ODIN 97 # 875391650254

Bye-lines v3.5.0 mEga wArrior / hAcx'97 Key: 967171924685 Name: tHe cRacking sCene ! Key: 824171355990 Name: eVeryoNe ! Key: 696784119805

Bye-lines v3.5.0 some serials mEga wArrior / hAcx'97 Key : 967171924685 or Name: eVeryoNe ! Key : 696784119805 or Name: tHe cRacking sCene ! Key : 824171355990 or

Bye-lines v3.5.0 * some serials * mEga wArrior / hAcx'97 Key: 967171924685 Name: tHe cRacking sCene ! Key: 824171355990 Name: eVeryoNe ! Key: 696784119805

Byelines 324546216543

Byelines [NCG] Serial# 421921234198

Byelines 3.3.0 RealLife 718719811213

Byelines 4.0 CORE/JES 60A02E756EB9FB3F

Byte catcher 1.02 78234454629 Name: Anything you want. Company: What ever, if any.:)

Byte catcher 1.03 CORE/JES 98437856278

Byte catcher pro 3.1a Anyname and Company Code:239856538576

Byte catcher pro 3.1a Anyname you want Company: Anything you want Code:239856538576

Byte catcher pro v3.20 239856538576

Byte catcher pro v3.20 Any name and company #: 239856538576

Byte catcher v3.0a Plushmm cOMP: PC'97 sERIAL: 239856538576

Bytecatcher 1.04 98437856278

Bytecatcher 1.04 masterkey 98437856278 (any name)

Bytecatcher ftp 1.04 98437856278

Bytecatcher ftp 1.04 Enter any name and company and ebter the following serial: 98437856278

Bytecatcher ftp client 1st box: code= 78234454629 2nd box: name= -= +ALI-BABA =- 3rd box: comapgny= D4C / 1997

Bytecatcher ftp client v1.02 -in the 1st box enter the Following number: code= 78234454629 -in the 2nd box enter this: name= -= +ALI-BABA =- -in the 3rd box Compagny Name: comapgny= D4C / 1997

Bytecatcher ftp client v1.04a Registration Number: 98437856278 Name: romeo [d4c/97] Company: d4c

Bytecatcher ftp client ver. 1.04b The Master DaVinci Company: Phrozen Crew s\n: 98437856278

Bytecatcher pro 3.1

Bytecatcher pro v 3.0 mG1 ( or anything you want) Company: Mexelite97 (or anything you want) Serial: 239856538576 (only one I could see use it)

Bytecatcher pro v3.0a -= +JUANDA =- code:239856538576 COMPANY: DON'T PUT ANYTHING IN COMPANY FIELD

Bytecatcher pro v3.0a (or any version 239856538576 NAME: -= +JUANDA =- COMPANY:

Bytecatcher pro v3.0a (or any version) SERIAL: 239856538576 NAME: -= +JUANDA =- COMPANY:

Bytecatcher pro v3.0a mkey 239856538576

Bytecatcher pro v3.2 239856538576 Use any name and company.

Bytecatcher v1.01 78234454629

C b s o 2 6 SYSTEM

C.a.t. iv 10 (Evaluation Copy SeRvIcEs)

Ca clipper 5.30 build 32? 085511-432164 MarQuiS De SoiR+e Compa UCF

Ca clipper 5.30 build 32x 085511-732209 bit miXer compaTHHG

Ca project 1071300-22830

Ca realizer 20 1064100-20010

Ca simply accounting 3.0a 1021602-52559

Ca simply accounting 4.0b 1020602-212703

Ca visual object 1.0 1062301-96825

Ca-clipper FCD101080

Ca-clipper 2.0 FCW201169

Ca-clipper 5 3 1055110-23047

Ca-clipper toolkit FTK201021

Ca-dbfast 20 026220D30200

Cabinet shell 1.04 Riz la+ Code: 17544

Cable management systems 2.01 CMS94DA0066

Cabview v1.2 2901-2940-3092-3095

Cache compactor v3.11 nAME : / sERIALNO: aDD tHESE iNFO tO tHE rEGISTRY [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Tricers\CacheCompactor] kEY: ";RegCode"; vALUE: ";78920+xOA+uCF!";

Cachet ( for mac ) CM0000045VPM or CM0000567VOM

Cachet 1.04 X Code: 0.000

Cachet 95/nt 1.05 CORE/JES 2592,305

Cad easy electrical symbols autocad 11301-001403-0120

Cad overlay for release Serial# 102-17302675 CD Key: ETJV Code: AEB2920A

Cad/draw 4.22d level 2 RealLife 04313-04.71-19302-404

Caere image assistant 3304B-D00-999999

Caere omnipage pro 7.0 92807E-G00-11082

Caere pagekeeper 2.01 3254A-C00-019114 p/n: 872-1052-011 Rev A

Caffeine say moof and enter

Cakewalk pro 2.01 209038-CPW-2.01

Cakewalk pro audio 5.0 PCI12345666

Calcworks 1.4.x (mac) 0000000416 'Anonymous' To register bring up the about box,

Calcworks 1.5x Hold down option key when clicking on Register SN1526543729 1668272306 1593518657

Calendar 3.0 enterprises 61001234 key 191715

Calendar maker 41 2000000

Calendar widgets 1.0 01A0000-7573661

Calender widgets sherridan trialware cdkey 0610-1234567-7655543

Calendezy ver. 1.0.1 kdnsy95735

Calera wordscan 3.0 BB3921343

Calera wordscan 30 BB3450110

Caligari true space 1.1 2 3 10 001 027601

Caligari truespace 1.1 (win3) 3 10 001 026188

Calitz bros. - suite v5.x Name/BYTE RIPPER #/12663

Calitz bros. - suite v5.x Name/PCREW RULEZ #/12322

Calitz bros. - suite v5.x Name/PHROZEN CREW #/11930

Calitz bros. - suite v5.x Name/REGISTERED #/12091

Calitz bros. - suite v5.x REGISTERED #/12091

Call by call 1.3a RotesGummiboot 1482-2949-3773-1088 RealLife 8082-2956-6714-5800

Caller id pro 1.4 G-RoM Code : 31780 Irfan View 32 BIT v2.32 name= -= +ALI-BABA =- code= 413044604

Caller id pro 1.4 run the program and go to setup 2) enter these infos: Name: G-RoM Code: 31780

Caller id pro 14 G-RoM code: 31780

Caller id pro version 1.6 g-rom Code : 40250

Calypso 2.10 3Z9FQBZ9SERUR6D4Z5LQ

Calypso 2.40.40 3MBJ-8B4Y-GHFN-9X4G-89J7

Calypso mail 2.30 3M9B79VKK5L7N6SYUB9

Calypso v2.40.40+ 3C7RPAX69WFYLZPHHX2V 3M9B79VKVK5L7N6SYUB9

Cameraman 20 CMSV0336

Camshot 1.1 NuZ ; code: 14140-17373 name: Phrozen Crew ; code: 14549-15035 name: Registered ; code: 14107-17465 name: Everyone ; code: 14217-17461

Candi 1 31 Floppy of RealLife key: 000000ff559f

Candi 1.2.6 Floppy of RealLife 000000ff559f

Candi realmode ndis-2 driver (CANDI 561E0800000 Candi ini) 561E00800000

Canfield NAME: no one (case sensitive) SERIAL: 23538

Cantax for 1995 1.0 134-950128-0374079

Canvas (win3) 5035430458

Canvas 3.5.2 (mac) 3001700735

Canvas 3.52 485110842 or 469748712 or 5035430458 or 450059719

Canvas 5 updater W000-754710 TKC - Prez of PC '96

Canvas 5.0b2 1565464

Captain kirk 2.00 MarQuiS De SoiR+e CK2-L7R:IYD:KM1:LLG

Captain kirk v2.00 Name=MarQuiS De SoiR‚e

Capture pro 3.0 Attitude | CoRE C6-222-333-4J6

Capture professional 1.1 Y6792ih6t##F BILL HATES company United Cracking Force

Carbon copy (mac) 100003660 or 100003661

Carbon copy 6.0 21566

Carbon copy 6.0 guest and utils 760835

Carbon copy 6.0 host 805335

Carbon copy plus 6.0 10588

Card master 2.0 Enter 27xxx (x is any#) to register the prog.

Card master 2.00 27000

Cardbase v2.6 mRFANATIc Organization: D4C Reg Code : 3472342183

Cardbase v2.6 SiLicon Surfer [PC] Code: 3609402043

Cardgames i 2.7 (os/2) DoH RuLeZ! # RG42277

Cardshop plus 0729

Carnet 1 40 A6b45zxs

Cartes de visites 259327-3018185

Caselinr 5.1 - 32 bit Saltine b0O5UApQLn Phrozen Crew '96! a9QV7Jv63s Me w4Dq6GcQLn You h6Vq6GcQLn

Caselinr 5.6 G-RoM vwqV8GcQLn r8aq6GcQLn PHRoZeN CReW aIqVOJT63S

Caselinr 5.7 Saltine [PC] Code: b0O5UAp6SQ

Casif/win v1.9d dEVIL RegCode = 6890164667

Casino 3d 259143-2968579

Casino madness 98 v1.5 Chephren Cu98 Password: Goober Code : 13169-44669248-CM14

Catdisk +9.00 Maroon G445000QIR


Catdisk 7.xx (autoexec.bat) SET CATDISK=XYZZY

Catdisk 8.x Maroon code: G445000QIR

Catfinder 1.55 un shadow fax 109176985 or 235642596 or 235983691 or 258605775 or 453029002 or 687233582

Catz 5467-2039-9862

Catz ii 3115-6978-7745

Catz, your computer pet 1287-6097-3288

Cc mail 2.01 19344 030400

Cc mail 4.0 19340 030380


Ccgrep for windows 95/nt Just add the following lines to I: First=Your Name Here Last=Your Name Here Company=Your Company Here

Cd alarm 2.2 Durk [pc97] Serial: 2WG18398D

Cd copy 10 C.012169

Cd directory 1.0 (mac) 0400-5678-9012-5236

Cd directory 1.0x 0400-4880-7344-0743 or 0400-5283-5483-8636 or 0400-5045-8441-9806

Cd eway les must de ";cd software"; iNTERNATIONAL TENNIS 260759-2938191 3D ultra Pinball >>>>>>>>>> 261129-2938449 Morphys Studio >>>>>>>>>>>> 260747-2938195 ASTERIX ET OBELIX >>>>>>>>> 261325-2914381 Video Maestro >>>>>>>>>>>>> 261171-2914043 Maison 3D >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 260885-2913667 Multimedia billard >>>>>>>> 260659-2913489

Cd eway les must de ";cd software"; PC PAINTBRUSH PRO 261551-2914601 5 jeux de lettres >>>>>>>>> 261051-2938603 ECHEC 3 D >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 261003-2938485 PC PHARMACIE >>>>>>>>>>>>>> 260599-2937965 T-SHIRT CREATOR >>>>>>>>>>> 259221-2936277 600 Lettres Types >>>>>>>>> 260951-2913889 Cliparts ";Fetes"; >>>>>>>>>> 261117-2913999 Cliparts ";Affaires"; >>>>>>> 259509-2912021

Cd label printer pro 1.1.1 498673851 or 241834818 or 118741873 or 874871134

Cd label printer pro v1.1.1 498673851

Cd namer 2.0x 0027001335 'Anonymous'

Cd player 1.3 VW926AR2

Cd player 1.31 by paul rayser: VW926AR2

Cd quick cache 3 fACTOR_98 Code: 0EE4

Cd quick cache for 95 version 3.0 me Number: 64E7 Name: you Number: 4488

Cd speedster 1.0 PCVA-ZDDC-POAC-DAKCN

Cd wizzard 4.31 First: CORE Last: JES 4797

Cd wizzard 4.50 Insert the following at the bottom of the i file in the cdwdir UserName=Mexelite '98 #cracking4newbies Password=7221

Cd wizzard 4.50 UserName=Mexelite '98 #cracking4newbies Password=7221

Cd workshop 95 RealLife NR: 1234567890123456 PW: WXSSXGPRGLTRMNVO

Cd worx 2.10.0579 for win95 Cosmo Cramer KagiRegNo= 1212121212121212 Password = VPATCJUEBDRJDLGM

Cd worx for 95 2.10.0579 RealLife NR: 1234567890123456 PW: WXSSXGPRGLTRMNVO

Cd worx for nt 2.21.0046 RealLife NR: 1234567890123456 PW: QIWZFTUARPBRSYWK

Cd worx nt version 2.21.0046 Mame = Cosmo Cramer KagiRegNo= 1212121212121212 Password = ZQIYKOBNKXVPDWFM

Cd-automatic v1.0 -=[PC]=- Code: 89375227277519

Cd-gen 4 1 GEN-W-9507-008

Cd-quick cache +1.20 ????? key B43C or YOU key 00FD or ME key DF92

Cd-quick cache 1.10 NAME **** KEY ****

Cd-quick cache 1.30 Me DF92

Cd-quickshare 1.0 1021-0656-3338-4191 0000-0000-0000-0000

Cd-r diagnostic v1.1.6 mISTER fANATIC [C4A] Reg Code: ARAA19058

Cd-rom update +v0 3+ bbs: G ! $ name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL 5348233 bbs: G ! $ name: TeLLeRBoP 25544768 bbs: G ! $ name: You! 128531 bbs: G ! $ name: Me! 4760422 bbs: G ! $ name: NoBoDy! 1219538 bbs: G ! $

Cd-rom update +v0.3+ bbs G.!.$ ???! 12361499 or bbs G.!.$ Xxx! 15526867

Cd-rom update v0.3 beta (CDROM.REG) name Me bbs XXX

Cd-rom update v0.3+ bbs G.!.$You! 128531 or bbs G.!.$Me! 4760422

Cd-wizzard 3.10 MaC initial uCF last Thunderbyte key 20517 12349

Cd-wizzard 4.24 firstname GHOST initials GRS lastname RIDERS password 7841

Cd-wizzard 40 firstname FcKit! initials FF lastname FcKit! password 7282

Cd-wizzard 44 N romeo Initial '97 Last N montaque 9008

Cd-worx 95 Nihil/Breed kagi-reg-no: 123 456 789 012 3456 pass: NOC QCI VFR TYV HTFQ

Cd-write 1 1 111010065995601

Cd/spectrum 3.2.324 51095

Cd/spectrum pro version 3.3 65222 or 66222 or 64222 or 65827 or 64827 or 63827

Cdplayer 3 ?? THE RiDDLER [E0D/P0W] 79FB

Cdprow v2.1 28345675

Cdr win 3.1c Hackerjack! Company: PHRoZeN CReW Serial: 413236786

Cdr win 3.x (dao ) Zoji Madago company 408310765

Cdrwin Plate Steel Productions Code : 1180236277

Cdvalet 3.30+ PKZOXWTBCSKLNVREKB GPNOS-RXQHG-GOKYR-OMONW and it's registered...

Cdworx Nihil / Breed Kagi-Reg-No: 1234567890123456 password: NOCQCIVFRTYVHTFQ

Cel assembler 1 1e

Cequadrat software togo! 4.0 00646-14516056f

Cequadrat's videopack videocd 2.0 00846-940375991

Cetus stormwindows v.4.4 RainB()w [C4A] Serial: 2584-2081-3798-5141

Cgi star pro 3.1 CPXXXX-US173-JK1N1-XXXXX-3207634

Cgi-ck.txt AA3852-AA912-45AAA-12345-7896385

Cgiexecutor v1.01 05000000

Chameleon 4 5 34866345049070 I3 key: 464B 34866345044981I3 key: EAAB 34866345051840I3 key: A171

Chameleon 4x 34059131041712 S3 key A224

Chameleon nfs 3.14 (win3) 3433223117197 P3 C4ED

Chameleon nfs 45 34768840199594I3 2FA2

Chameleon nfs 5.0 netmanage 34933445047297 S3 key B27E

Chameleon nfs morpher 4.01 34649640121147 S3,D7D0

Championship spades 32bit v5.1a CRowmAN CODE : 13846

Championship spades v3.1 tHATDUDE PC Code: RedRulez

Changer option 2.0 (cheyenne nt trial WXYXK-C14XL-XI9YM-M7XIZ

Character mate 1.1 CMATE-21375

Chat with lisa bbs Registered BBS FirstRegistered LastSysop 456600268275

Cheap date v1.0 PhrozenCrw-0298

Cheat for windows 0 0 0 3353

Cheat for windows 0 0 0 3353

Cheat master (all versions) (Make a empty file ";A FOREST SIG";) (Free space between A and F is very important)

Check list by touchstone D2-002587

Check mail 1.13 KiLLa [CoRE] 910-56783

Checkit +5.0 000-237032

Checkit analyst 1.0 A7-100163 or A4-137070

Checkit diagnostic kit 4.0 cd D3-110036

Checkit pro +1.06 (sysinfo) A1-001725 or A2-003581 or A3-062402 or A4-115796

Checkit pro 1.06 or 4.0+ A4-115796

Checkit pro 4.0+ A3-062402 A3-097582 A3-098294 A3-114035 A5-171754 A7-100163

Checkit pro 4.0+ A3-114035 or A5-171754 or A7-100163

Checkit pro deluxe 2.0 A5-175324

Checkit_v5.1x DH-200004

Checkmail 10 13043-10707-23

Checkmail 32 1.50á3 Riz la+ Serial: 468-000064

Checkmail 32 v1.12 Just enter some stuff in the registration dialog

Checkmail v1.15 16-bit romeo 1677-13340-29 or Registered Copy 13034-11288-28 or Registered User 13043-10707-23 or Registered Company 19326-11537-35 or Registered University 26825-10126-30 or Registered Site 12904-9628-38

Checkmail32 10 Phrozen Crew 1997 # 1425-4912-64

Checkmail32 v1.50 escom/CORE rn: 842-7731366644

Checkmail32 v1.55 Name: Fully Licensed User # : 172854391

Chem3d plus (mac) 60086 KYAKRP

Chemdraw plus 30 40770 reg CQXWPQ

Cherry delight 4 3 16/32-bit 316247

Cherry delight slots v4.5 316247

Chesstree v1.2 Single User CORE/DrRhui 3177342-3521272

Chesstree v1.2 Site License CORE/DrRhui 2853887-4535554

Chesstree v1.2 World Wide License CORE/DrRhui 2972672-3640365

Cheyenne backup 2045685

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Источник: []
, Vulcan Converter 97 v1.22 serial key or number

Avro Vulcan

British jet-powered delta wing strategic bomber

The Avro Vulcan (later Hawker Siddeley Vulcan[2] from July 1963)[3] is a jet-poweredtaillessdelta wing high-altitude strategic bomber, which was operated by the Royal Air Force (RAF) from 1956 until 1984. Aircraft manufacturer A.V. Roe and Company (Avro) designed the Vulcan in response to Specification B.35/46. Of the three V bombers produced, the Vulcan was considered the most technically advanced and hence the riskiest option. Several reduced-scale aircraft, designated Avro 707, were produced to test and refine the delta wing design principles.

The Vulcan B.1 was first delivered to the RAF in 1956; deliveries of the improved Vulcan B.2 started in 1960. The B.2 featured more powerful engines, a larger wing, an improved electrical system and electronic countermeasures (ECM); many were modified to accept the Blue Steel missile. As a part of the V-force, the Vulcan was the backbone of the United Kingdom's airborne nuclear deterrent during much of the Cold War. Although the Vulcan was typically armed with nuclear weapons, it was capable of conventional bombing missions, a capability which was used in Operation Black Buck during the Falklands War between the United Kingdom and Argentina in 1982.

The Vulcan had no defensive weaponry, initially relying upon high-speed high-altitude flight to evade interception. Electronic countermeasures were employed by the B.1 (designated B.1A) and B.2 from circa 1960. A change to low-level tactics was made in the mid-1960s. In the mid-1970s nine Vulcans were adapted for maritime radar reconnaissance operations, redesignated as B.2 (MRR). In the final years of service six Vulcans were converted to the K.2 tanker configuration for aerial refuelling.

After retirement by the RAF, one example, B.2 XH558, named The Spirit of Great Britain, was restored for use in display flights and air shows, whilst two other B.2s, XL426 and XM655, have been kept in taxiable condition for ground runs and demonstrations at London Southend Airport and Wellesbourne Mountford Airfield respectively. B.2 XH558 flew for the last time in October 2015, before also being kept in taxiable condition at Doncaster Sheffield Airport.



Silhouettes of an early Avro 698 concept and the cancelled Avro 710

The origin of the Vulcan and the other V bombers is linked with early British atomic weapon programme and nuclear deterrent policies. Britain's atom bomb programme began with Air Staff Operational Requirement OR.1001 issued in August 1946. This anticipated a government decision in January 1947 to authorise research and development work on atomic weapons, the U.S. Atomic Energy Act of 1946 (McMahon Act) having prohibited exporting atomic knowledge, even to countries that had collaborated on the Manhattan Project.[4] OR.1001 envisaged a weapon not to exceed 24 ft 2 in (7.37 m) in length, 5 ft (1.5 m) in diameter and 10,000 lb (4,500 kg) in weight. The weapon had to be suitable for release from 20,000 ft (6,100 m) to 50,000 ft (15,000 m).[5]

In January 1947, the Ministry of Supply distributed Specification B.35/46 to UK aviation companies to satisfy Air Staff Operational Requirement OR.229 for "a medium range bomber landplane capable of carrying one 10,000 lb (4,500 kg) bomb to a target 1,500 nautical miles (1,700 mi; 2,800 km) from a base which may be anywhere in the world." A cruising speed of 500 knots (580 mph; 930 km/h) at heights between 35,000 ft (11,000 m) and 50,000 ft (15,000 m) was specified. The maximum weight when fully loaded ought not to exceed 100,000 lb (45,000 kg). In addition to a "special" (i.e., atomic) bomb, the aircraft was to be capable of alternatively carrying a conventional bomb load of 20,000 lb (9,100 kg). The similar OR.230 required a "long range bomber" with a 2,000 nautical miles (2,300 mi; 3,700 km) radius of action with a maximum weight of 200,000 lb (91,000 kg) when fully loaded; this requirement was considered too exacting.[6] A total of six companies submitted technical brochures to this specification, including Avro.[7]

Required to tender by the end of April 1947, work began on receipt of Specification B.35/46 at Avro, led by technical director Roy Chadwick and chief designer Stuart Davies; the type designation was Avro 698. It was obvious to the design team that conventional aircraft could not satisfy the specification; knowing little about high-speed flight and unable to glean much from the Royal Aircraft Establishment (RAE) or the US, they investigated German Second World War swept wing research. The team estimated that an otherwise conventional aircraft, with a swept wing of 45°, would have doubled the weight requirement. Realising that swept wings increase longitudinal stability, the team deleted the tail (empennage) and the supporting fuselage, it thus became a swept-back flying wing with only a rudimentary forward fuselage and a fin (vertical stabilizer) at each wingtip. The estimated weight was now only 50% over the requirement; a delta shape resulted from reducing the wingspan and maintaining the wing area by filling in the space between the wingtips, which enabled the specification to be met.[8] Though Alexander Lippisch is generally credited as the pioneer of the delta wing, Chadwick's team had followed its own logical design process.[9] The initial design submission had four large turbojets stacked in pairs buried in the wing either side of the centreline. Outboard of the engines were two bomb-bays.[8]

In August 1947, Chadwick was killed in the crash of the Avro Tudor 2 prototype and was succeeded by Sir William Farren.[10] Reductions in wing thickness made it impossible to incorporate the split bomb bays and stacked engines, thus the engines were placed side by side in pairs either side of a single bomb-bay, with the fuselage growing somewhat. The wingtip fins gave way to a single fin on the aircraft's centreline.[8] Rival manufacturer Handley Page received a prototype contract for its crescent-winged HP.80 B.35/46 tender in November 1947.[10] Though considered the best option, contract placement for Avro's design was delayed whilst its technical strength was established.[11] Instructions to proceed with the construction of two Avro 698 prototypes was received in January 1948.[10] As an insurance measure against both radical designs failing, Short Brothers received a contract for the prototype SA.4 to the less-stringent Specification B.14/46; the SA.4, later named Sperrin, was not required. In April 1948, Vickers also received authority to proceed with their Type 660 which, although falling short of the B.35/46 Specification, being of a more conventional design would be available sooner; this plane entered service as the Valiant.[12]

Avro 707 and Avro 710[edit]

As Avro had no flight experience of the delta wing, the company planned two smaller experimental aircraft based on the 698, the one-third scale model 707 for low-speed handling and the one-half scale model 710 for high-speed handling. Two of each were ordered. However, the 710 was cancelled when it was considered too time-consuming to develop; a high-speed variant of the 707 was designed in its place, the 707A.[14] The first 707, VX784, flew in September 1949 but crashed later that month killing Avro test pilot Flt Lt Eric Esler. The second low-speed 707, VX790, built with the still uncompleted 707A's nose section (containing an ejection seat)[15] and redesignated 707B, flew in September 1950 piloted by Avro test pilot Wg Cdr Roland "Roly" Falk. The high speed 707A, WD480, followed in July 1951.[16]

Due to the delay of the 707 programme, the contribution of the 707B and 707A towards the basic design of the 698 was not considered significant,[17] though it did highlight a need to increase the length of the nosewheel to give a ground incidence of 3.5 degrees, the optimum take-off attitude.[18] The 707B and 707A proved the design's validity and gave confidence in the delta planform. A second 707A, WZ736 and a two-seat 707C, WZ744 were also constructed but they played no part in the 698's development.[16]

Vulcan B.1 and B.2[edit]

Prototypes and type certification[edit]

More influential than the 707 in the 698's design was wind-tunnel testing performed by the Royal Aircraft Establishment at Farnborough, which indicated the need for a wing redesign to avoid the onset of compressibility drag which would have restricted the maximum speed.[19] Painted gloss white, the 698 prototype VX770 flew for the first time on 30 August 1952 piloted by Roly Falk flying solo. The prototype 698, then fitted with only the first-pilot's ejection seat and a conventional control wheel, was powered by four Rolls-Royce RA.3 Avon engines of 6,500 lbf (29 kN) thrust; there were no wing fuel tanks, temporary tankage was carried in the bomb bay.[20] VX770 made an appearance at the 1952 Society of British Aircraft Constructors' (SBAC) Farnborough Air Show the next month when Falk demonstrated an almost vertical bank.[21] After its Farnborough appearance, the future name of the Avro 698 was a subject of speculation; Avro had strongly recommended the name Ottawa,[N 1] in honour of the company's connection with Avro Canada.[11][22] Weekly magazine Flight suggested Albion after rejecting Avenger, Apollo and Assegai. The chief of the air staff preferred a V-class of bombers, and the Air Council announced the following month that the 698 would be called Vulcan after the Roman god of fire and destruction.[23] In January 1953, VX770 was grounded for the installation of wing fuel tanks, Armstrong Siddeley ASSa.6 Sapphire engines of 7,500 lbf (33 kN) thrust and other systems; it flew again in July 1953.[24]

Comparison of Vulcan wing designs

The second prototype, VX777, flew in September 1953. More representative of production aircraft, it was lengthened to accommodate a longer nose undercarriage leg, featured a visual bomb-aiming blister under the cabin and was fitted with Bristol Olympus 100 engines of 9,750 lbf (43.4 kN) thrust. At Falk's suggestion, a fighter-style control stick replaced the control wheel. Both prototypes had almost pure delta wings with straight leading edges. During trials in July 1954, VX777 was substantially damaged in a heavy landing at Farnborough. It was repaired and fitted with Olympus 101 engines of 11,000 lbf (49 kN) thrust before resuming trials in October 1955. While exploring the high speed and high altitude flight envelope, mild buffeting and other undesirable flight characteristics were experienced while approaching the speed of sound, including an alarming tendency to enter an uncontrollable dive, unacceptable to the Aeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment (A&AEE) at Boscombe Down. The solution included the "phase 2" wing, featuring a kinked and drooped leading edge and vortex generators on the upper surface, first tested on 707A WD480. An auto-mach trimmer was introduced to give a nose-up pitching moment, but more than was necessary just to counteract the diving tendency, so that the control column had to be pushed rather than pulled to maintain level flight. This artificial pitch-up made the Vulcan appear more like other aircraft as the speed increased.[25]

Meanwhile, the first production B.1,[N 2] XA889, had flown in February 1955 with the original wing.[27] In September 1955, Falk, flying the second production B.1 XA890, amazed crowds at the Farnborough Air Show by executing a barrel roll[28] on his second flypast in front of the SBAC president's tent. After two days flying, he was called in front of service and civil aviation authorities and ordered to refrain from carrying out this "dangerous" manoeuvre.[28] Now fitted with a phase 2 wing, XA889 was delivered in March 1956 to the A&AEE for trials for the type's initial Certificate of Airworthiness which it received the following month.[29]

Further developments[edit]

The first 15 B.1s were powered by the Olympus 101 with 11,000 lbf (49 kN) thrust. Many of these early examples in a metallic finish remained the property of the Ministry of Supply being retained for trials and development purposes. Those entering RAF service were delivered to No 230 Operational Conversion Unit (OCU), the first in July 1956.[30] Later aircraft, painted in anti-flash white and powered by the Olympus 102 with 12,000 lbf (53 kN) thrust, began to enter squadron service in July 1957.[31] The Olympus 102s were quickly modified to the Olympus 104 standard, ultimately rated at 13,500 lbf (60 kN) thrust.[32] As far back as 1952, Bristol Aero Engines had begun development of the BOl.6 (Olympus 6) rated at 16,000 lbf (71 kN) thrust[33] but if fitted to the B.1, this would have re-introduced the buffet requiring further redesign of the wing.[34]

The decision to proceed with the B.2 versions of the Vulcan was made in May 1956, being developed by Avro's chief designer Roy Ewans. It was anticipated that the first B.2 would be around the 45th aircraft of the 99 then on order.[35] As well as being able to achieve greater heights over targets, it was believed that operational flexibility could be extended by the provision of in-flight refuelling equipment and tanker aircraft.[36] The increasing sophistication of Soviet air defences required the fitting of electronic countermeasure (ECM) equipment and vulnerability could be reduced by the introduction of the Avro Blue Steelstand-off missile, then in development.[37] In order to develop these proposals, the second Vulcan prototype VX777 was rebuilt with the larger and thinner phase 2C wing, improved flying control surfaces and Olympus 102 engines, first flying in this configuration in August 1957.[38] Plans were in hand to equip all Vulcans from the 16th aircraft onwards with in-flight refuelling receiving equipment.[39] A B.1, XA903, was allocated for Blue Steel development work. Other B.1s were used for the development of the BOl.6 (later Olympus 200), XA891; a new AC electrical system, XA893; and ECM including jammers within a bulged tail-cone and a tail warning radar, XA895.[40]

Avro Vulcan B.2 XH533, the first B.2 Vulcan, flying at Farnborough in 1958

The 46th production aircraft and first B.2, XH533, first flew in September 1958 fitted with Olympus 200 engines with 16,000 lbf (71 kN) thrust, six months before the last B.1 XH532 was delivered in March 1959.[41] Rebuilding B.1s as B.2s was considered but rejected over cost. Nevertheless, to extend the B.1's service life, 28 were upgraded by Armstrong Whitworth between 1959 and 1963 to the B.1A standard, including features of the B.2 such as ECM equipment,[42] in-flight refuelling receiving equipment,[43] and UHF radio.[44] The second B.2, XH534, flew in January 1959. Powered by production Olympus 201 with 17,000 lbf (76 kN) thrust, it was more representative of a production aircraft, being fitted with an in-flight refuelling probe and a bulged ECM tail cone. Some subsequent B.2s were initially lacking probes and ECM tail cones, but these were fitted retrospectively. The first 10 B.2s outwardly showed their B.1 ancestry, retaining narrow engine air intakes. Anticipating even more powerful engines, the air intakes were deepened on the 11th (XH557) and subsequent aircraft. Many of the early aircraft were retained for trials and it was the 12th B.2, XH558, that was the first to be delivered to the RAF in July 1960. Coincidentally, XH558 would also be the last Vulcan in service with the RAF, before being retired in 1992.[45]

The 26th B.2, XL317, the first of a production batch ordered in February 1956, was the first Vulcan, apart from development aircraft, capable of carrying the Blue Steel missile; 33 aircraft were delivered to the RAF with these modifications.[46] When the Mk.2 version of Blue Steel was cancelled in favour of the DouglasGAM-87 Skyboltair-launched ballistic missile in December 1959,[47] fittings were changed in anticipation of the new missile, one under each wing. Though Skybolt was cancelled in November 1962, many aircraft were delivered or retrofitted with "Skybolt" blisters.[48] Later aircraft (XL391 and XM574 onwards) were delivered with Olympus 301 engines with 20,000 lbf (89 kN) thrust. Two earlier aircraft were re-engined (XH557 and XJ784) for trials and development work; another seven aircraft (XL384–XL390) were converted around 1963.[49]

The last B.2 XM657 was delivered in 1965 and the type served till 1984. Whilst in service the B.2 was continuously updated with modifications including rapid engine starting, bomb-bay fuel tanks, wing strengthening to give the fatigue life to enable the aircraft to fly at low level (a tactic introduced in the mid-1960s), upgraded navigation equipment, terrain following radar (TFR), standardisation on a common nuclear weapon (WE.117) and improved ECM equipment.[50] The B.1As were not strengthened, thus all were withdrawn by 1968.[51] Nine B.2s were modified for a maritime radar reconnaissance (MRR) role[52] and six for an airborne tanker role.[53] An updated bomb rack assembly allowed the carriage of 30 1,000 lb bombs, up from 21[54] and the updated wing profile increased range to 4,000 nm (7,400 km).[55]

Proposed developments and cancelled projects[edit]

Avro Type 718

The Avro 718 was a 1951 proposal for a delta-winged military transport based on the Type 698 to carry 80 troops or 110 passengers. It would have been powered by four Bristol Olympus BOl.3 engines.[56]

Avro Atlantic

The Avro Type 722 Atlantic was a 1952 proposal (announced in June 1953) for a 120-passenger delta-winged airliner based on the Type 698.[56]

Avro Type 732

The Avro 732 was a 1956 proposal for a supersonic development of the Vulcan and would have been powered by 8 de Havilland Gyron Junior engines. Unlike the proposed Avro 721 low-level bomber of 1952 or the Avro 730 supersonic stainless steelcanard bomber dating from 1954 (cancelled in 1957 before completion of the prototype), the Type 732 showed its Vulcan heritage.[56]

Vulcan Phase 6 (Vulcan B.3)
Silhouette of the original study for the Vulcan B.3 patrol missile carrier

In 1960, the Air Staff approached Avro with a request into a study for a patrol missile carrier armed with up to six Skybolt missiles capable of a mission length of 12 hours. Avro's submission in May 1960 was the Phase 6 Vulcan, which if built would have been the Vulcan B.3. The aircraft was fitted with an enlarged wing of 121 ft (37 m) span with increased fuel capacity; additional fuel tanks in a dorsal spine; a new main undercarriage to carry an all-up-weight of 339,000 lb (154,000 kg); and reheated Olympus 301s of 30,000 lbf (130 kN) thrust. An amended proposal of October 1960 inserted a 10 ft 9 in (3.28 m) plug into the forward fuselage with capacity for six crew members including a relief pilot, all facing forwards on ejection seats, and aft-fan versions of the Olympus 301.[57]

Export proposals[edit]

Other countries expressed interest in purchasing Vulcans but, as with the other V-bombers, no foreign sales materialised.[58]


As early as 1954, Australia recognised that the English Electric Canberra was becoming outdated and evaluated aircraft such as the Avro Vulcan and Handley-Page Victor as potential replacements.[59] Political pressure for a Canberra replacement rose to a head in 1962; at which point more modern types such as the BAC TSR-2, General Dynamics F-111C, and North American A-5 Vigilante had become available. The RAF would have transferred several V-bombers, including Vulcans, for interim use by the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) if they had purchased the TSR-2, but the RAAF selected the F-111C.[60][61][62]


In the early 1980s, Argentina approached the UK with a proposal to buy a number of Vulcans. An application, made in September 1981, requested the 'early availability' of a 'suitable aircraft'. With some reluctance, British ministers approved the export of a single aircraft, but emphasised that clearance had not been given for the sale of a larger number. A letter from the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office to the Ministry of Defence in January 1982 stated that little prospect was seen of this happening without ascertaining the Argentine interest and whether such interest was genuine: 'On the face of it, a strike aircraft would be entirely suitable for an attack on the Falklands.'[63]Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands less than three months later, after which a British embargo on the sale of any military equipment was quickly imposed, ending the prospect of any sale.



Despite its radical and unusual shape, the airframe was built along traditional lines. Except for the most highly stressed parts, the whole structure was manufactured from standard grades of light alloy. The airframe was broken down into a number of major assemblies: the centre section, a rectangular box containing the bomb-bay and engine bays bounded by the front and rear spars and the wing transport joints; the intakes and centre fuselage; the front fuselage, incorporating the pressure cabin; the nose; the outer wings; the leading edges; the wing trailing edge and tail end of the fuselage; the wings were not sealed and used directly as fuel tankage, but carried bladders for fuel in the void spaces of the wings; and there was a single swept tail fin with a single rudder on the trailing edge.[64]

A five-man crew, the first pilot, co-pilot, navigator radar, navigator plotter and air electronics officer (AEO) was accommodated within the pressure cabin on two levels; the pilots sitting on Martin-Baker 3K (3KS on the B.2) ejection seats whilst on the lower level, the other crew sat facing rearwards and would abandon the aircraft via the entrance door.[65][66] The original B35/46 specification sought a jettisonable crew compartment, this requirement was removed in a subsequent amendment, the rear crew's escape system was often an issue of controversy, such as when a practical refit scheme was rejected.[67][68] A rudimentary sixth seat forward of the navigator radar was provided for an additional crew member;[69] the B.2 had an additional seventh seat opposite the sixth seat and forward of the AEO. These seats were no more than cushions, a full harness and an oxygen and intercom facility. The visual bomb-aimer's compartment could be fitted with a T4 (Blue Devil)bombsight,[70] in many B.2s this space housed a vertically mounted Vinten F95 Mk.10 camera for assessing simulated low-level bombing runs.[71]

Fuel was carried in 14 bag tanks, four in the centre fuselage above and to the rear of the nosewheel bay and five in each outer wing. The tanks were split into four groups of almost equal capacity, each normally feeding its respective engine though cross-feeding was possible. The centre of gravity was automatically maintained by electric timers which sequenced the booster pumps on the tanks.[65][72] B.2 aircraft could be fitted with one or two additional fuel tanks in the bomb-bay.[73]

Despite being designed before a low radar cross-section (RCS) and other stealth factors were ever a consideration,[74] a Royal Aircraft Establishment technical note of 1957 stated that of all the aircraft so far studied, the Vulcan appeared by far the simplest radar echoing object, due to its shape: only one or two components contributed significantly to the echo at any aspect, compared with three or more on most other types.[75][N 3]

Colour schemes[edit]

Aerial view of a Vulcan B.2 in late RAF markings on static display at RAF Mildenhall, 1984

The two prototype Vulcans were finished in gloss white. Early Vulcan B.1s left the factory in a natural metal finish; the front half of the nose radome was painted black, the rear half painted silver. Front-line Vulcan B.1s had a finish of anti-flash white and RAF "type D" roundels. Front-line Vulcan B.1As and B.2s were similar but with 'type D pale' roundels.[80]

With the adoption of low-level attack profiles in the mid-1960s, B.1As and B.2s were given a glossy sea grey medium and dark green disruptive pattern camouflage on the upper surfaces, white undersurfaces and "type D" roundels. (The last 13 Vulcan B.2s, XM645 onwards, were delivered thus from the factory[81]). In the mid-1970s: Vulcan B.2s received a similar scheme with matte camouflage, light aircraft grey undersides, and "low-visibility" roundels; B.2(MRR)s received a similar scheme in gloss; and the front half of the radomes were no longer painted black. Beginning in 1979, 10 Vulcans received a wrap-around camouflage of dark sea grey and dark green[82][83] because, during Red Flag exercises in the US, defending SAM forces had found that the grey-painted undersides of the Vulcan became much more visible against the ground at high angles of bank.[84]


The original Vulcan B.1 radio fit was: two 10-channel VHF transmitter/receivers (TR-1985/TR-1986) and a 24-channel HF transmitter-receiver (STR-18).[85] The Vulcan B.1A also featured a UHF transmitter-receiver (ARC-52).[44] The initial B.2 radio fit was similar to the B.1A[86] though it was ultimately fitted with the ARC-52, a V/UHF transmitter/receiver (PTR-175), and a single-sideband modulationHF transmitter-receiver (Collins 618T).[87]

The navigation and bombing system (NBS) comprised an H2S Mk9 radar and a navigation bombing computer (NBC) Mk1.[85] Other navigation aids included a Marconi radio compass (ADF), GEE Mk3, Green SatinDoppler radar to determine the groundspeed and drift angle, radio and radar altimeters, and an instrument landing system.[85]TACAN replaced GEE in the B.1A[88] and B.2 in 1964 . Decca Doppler 72 replaced Green Satin in the B.2 around 1969[89] A continuous display of the aircraft's position was maintained by a ground position indicator (GPI).[89]

Vulcan B.2s were eventually fitted with the twin-gyro free-running gyroscopic heading reference system (HRS) Mk.2, based upon the inertial platform of the Blue Steel missile, which had been integrated into the system when the missile had been carried.[89] With the HRS a navigator's heading unit (NHU) was provided which enabled the navigator plotter to adjust the aircraft heading, through the autopilot, by as little as 0.1 degrees. The B.2 (MRR) was additionally fitted with the LORAN C navigation system.[52]

The original ECM fit as fitted to the B.1A and B.2 was: one Green Palm voice communications' jammer; two Blue Diver metric jammers; three Red Shrimp S-band jammers; a Blue Saga passive warning receiver with four aerials (PWR); a Red Steer tail warning radar; and window (chaff) dispensers.[90] The bulk of the equipment was carried in a large extended tail cone, and a flat ECM aerial counterpoise plate mounted between the starboard tailpipes.[91][N 4] Later equipment on the B.2 included: an L band jammer (replacing a Red Shrimp); the ARI 18146 X-band jammer;[93] replacing the Green Palm; the improved Red Steer Mk.2; infra-red decoys (flares); and the ARI 18228 PWR with its aerials that gave a squared top to the fin.[86][94]


Vulcan B.1 XA890 in early silver scheme landing at Farnborough in September 1955 after Roly Falk's "aerobatic" display. Note the lower outer starboard airbrake, which was later deleted.

The aircraft was controlled by a fighter-type control stick and rudder bar which operated the powered flying controls (PFCs). Each PFC had a single electro-hydraulic powered flying control unit (PFCU) except the rudder which had two, one running as a back-up. Artificial feel and autostabilisation in the form of pitch and yaw dampers were provided, as well as an auto mach trimmer.[95]

The flight instruments in the B.1 were traditional and included G4B compasses;[96] Mk.4 artificial horizons;[97] and zero reader flight display instruments.[98] The B.1 had a Smiths Mk10 autopilot.[99] In the B.2, these features were incorporated into the Smiths Military Flight System (MFS), the pilots' components being: two beam compasses; two director-horizons; and a Mk.10A or Mk.10B autopilot.[100] From 1966, B.2s were fitted with the ARI 5959Terrain-following radar (TFR), built by General Dynamics,[101] its commands being fed into the director-horizons.[102]

The B.1 had four elevators (inboard) and four ailerons (outboard).[103] In the B.2, these were replaced by eight elevons.[104] The Vulcan was also fitted with six electrically operated three-position (retracted, medium drag, high drag) airbrakes, four in the upper centre section and two in the lower.[105] There were originally four lower airbrakes but the outboard two were deleted before the aircraft entered service.[106] A brake parachute was installed inside the tail cone.[107]

Electrical and hydraulic systems[edit]

The main electrical system on the B.1/B.1A was 112 V DC supplied by four 22.5kW engine-driven starter-generators. Backup power was provided by four 24 V 40 Ah batteries connected in series providing 96 V. Secondary electrical systems were 28 V DC, single-phase 115 V AC at 1600 Hz, and three-phase 115 V AC at 400 Hz, driven by transformers and inverters from the main system. The 28 V DC system was backed up by a single 24 V battery.[108]

For greater efficiency and higher reliability,[109] the main system on the B.2 was changed to three-phase 200 V AC at 400 Hz supplied by four 40 kVA engine-driven constant speedalternators. Engine starting was then by air-starters supplied from a Palouste compressor on the ground. Standby supplies in the event of a main AC failure were provided by a ram air turbine (RAT) driving a 17 kVA alternator that could operate from high altitudes down to 20,000 ft (6,100 m), and an airborne auxiliary power plant (AAPP),[110] a Rover[34] gas turbine driving a 40kVA alternator, which could be started once the aircraft was below an altitude of 30,000 ft (9,100 m). Secondary electrical supplies were by transformer-rectifier units (TRUs) for 28 V DC and rotary frequency converters for the 115 V 1600 Hz single phase supplies.[110]

The change to an AC system was a significant improvement. The Vulcan's powered flying controls were hydraulically actuated but each powered flying control unit (PFCU) had a hydraulic pump which was driven by an electric motor.[111] Because there was no manual reversion, a total electrical failure would result in a loss of control. The standby batteries on the B.1 were designed to give enough power for 20 minutes of flying time but this proved to be optimistic and two aircraft, XA891 and XA908, crashed as a result.[112]

The main hydraulic system provided pressure for undercarriage raising and lowering and bogie trim; nosewheel centring and steering; wheelbrakes (fitted with Maxarets); bomb doors opening and closing; and (B.2 only) AAPP air scoop lowering. Hydraulic pressure was provided by three hydraulic pumps fitted to Nos. 1, 2 and 3 engines. An electrically operated hydraulic power pack (EHPP) could be used to operate the bomb doors and recharge the brake accumulators. A compressed air (later nitrogen) system was provided for emergency undercarriage lowering.[113]


The Rolls-Royce Olympus, originally known as the "Bristol BE.10 Olympus",[114][N 5] is a two-spool axial-flowturbojet that powered the Vulcan. Each Vulcan had four engines buried in the wings, positioned in pairs close to the fuselage. The engine's design began in 1947, intended to power the Bristol Aeroplane Company's own rival design to the Vulcan.[116] A serendipitous arrangement in air intakes could cause the Vulcan to emit a distinctive "howl" when the engines were at approximately 90% power,[117] which can be heard as the aircraft performs a flypast, such as at public airshows.[118][119]

Gas-flow diagram of an Olympus Mk 101 engine

As the prototype Vulcan VX770 was ready for flight prior to the Olympus being available, it first flew using Rolls-Royce Avon RA.3 engines of 6,500 lbf (29 kN) thrust. These were quickly replaced by Armstrong Siddeley Sapphire ASSa.6 engines of 7,500 lbf (33 kN) thrust.[120] VX770 later became a flying test bed for the Rolls-Royce Conway.[121] The second prototype VX777 first flew with Olympus hundreds of 10,000 lbf (44 kN) thrust. It was subsequently re-engined with Olympus 101 engines of 11,000 lbf (49 kN) thrust.[122] When VX777 flew with a Phase 2C (B.2) wing in 1957, it was fitted with Olympus 102 engines of 12,000 lbf (53 kN) thrust.[123]

Early B.1s were engined with the Olympus 101. Later aircraft were delivered with Olympus 102s. All Olympus 102s became the Olympus 104 of 13,000 lbf (58 kN) thrust on overhaul and ultimately 13,500 lbf (60 kN) thrust on uprating.[124] The first B.2 flew with the second-generation Olympus 200 of 16,000 lbf (71 kN) thrust,[125] design of which began in 1952.[126] Subsequent B.2s were engined with either the uprated Olympus 201 of 17,000 lbf (76 kN) thrust or the Olympus 301 of 21,000 lbf (93 kN) thrust. The Olympus 201 was designated 202 on being fitted with a rapid air starter.[127] The engine would later be developed into a reheated (afterburning) powerplant for the cancelled supersonicBAC TSR-2 strike bomber and the supersonic passenger transportConcorde.[84]

Operational history[edit]


In September 1956, the RAF received its first Vulcan B.1, XA897, which immediately embarked upon a round-the-world tour. The tour was to be an important demonstration of the range and capabilities of the aircraft, but it also had other benefits in the form of conducting goodwill visits in various countries; in later life Vulcans routinely visited various nations and distant parts of the former British Empire as a show of support and military protection.[128] This first tour, however, was struck by misfortune; on 1 October 1956, while landing in bad weather at London Heathrow Airport at the completion of the world tour, XA897 was destroyed in a fatal accident.[129]

A Vulcan B1A of the Waddington Wing at Filton during a public air display in the 1960s

The first two aircraft were delivered to 230 OCU in January 1957 and the training of crews started on 21 February 1957; in the following months more aircraft were delivered to the OCU.[112] The first OCU course to qualify was No. 1 Course, on 21 May 1957, and they went on to form the first flight of No. 83 Squadron.[112] No. 83 Squadron was the first operational squadron to use the bomber, at first using borrowed Vulcans from the OCU, and on 11 July 1956 it received the first aircraft of its own.[112] By September 1957, several Vulcans had been handed over to No. 83 Squadron.[130] The second OCU course also formed a Flight of 83 Squadron, but subsequent trained crews were also used to form the second bomber squadron, 101 Squadron.[112] The last aircraft from the first batch of 25 aircraft had been delivered by the end of 1957 to 101 Squadron.[112]

In order to increase the mission range and flight time for Vulcan operations, in-flight refuelling capabilities were added in 1959 onwards; several Valiant bombers were refurbished as tankers to refuel the Vulcans.[131] Continuous airborne patrols proved untenable, however, and the refuelling mechanisms across the Vulcan fleet fell into disuse in the 1960s.[131] Both Vulcans and the other V-force aircraft routinely visited the Far East, in particular Singapore, where a fully equipped nuclear weapons storage facility had been constructed in 1959.[132] During the Indonesia–Malaysia confrontation Britain planned to deploy three squadrons of V-bomber aircraft and 48 Red Beard tactical nuclear weapons to the region; although this was ultimately decided against, Vulcans trained in the region for both conventional and nuclear missions.[132] Britain regularly deployed Vulcans to the Far East as a part of their contribution to SEATO operations, often to test the defenses of friendly nations in joint exercises.[132] In the early 1970s, the RAF decided to permanently deploy two squadrons of Vulcans overseas in the Near East Air Force Bomber Wing, based at RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus; the Vulcans were withdrawn as Cypriot intercommunal violence intensified in the mid-1970s.[133]

Royal Air Force Vulcan B.2 being prepared for flight on 25 May 1985

Vulcans flew some very long range missions. In June 1961, one of them took off from RAF Scampton to Sydney, with an 18,507 km long journey, flown in only a bit more than 20 hours and three air refuellings. Vulcans frequently visited the United States during the 1960s and 1970s to participate in air shows and static displays, as well as to participate in the Strategic Air Command's Annual Bombing and Navigation Competition at such locations as Barksdale AFB, Louisiana and the former McCoy AFB, Florida, with the RAF crews representing Bomber Command and later Strike Command. Vulcans also took part in the 1960, 1961, and 1962 Operation Skyshield exercises, in which NORAD defences were tested against possible Soviet air attack, the Vulcans simulating Soviet fighter/bomber attacks against New York, Chicago and Washington. The results of the tests were classified until 1997.[134] The Vulcan proved quite successful during the 1974 "Giant Voice" exercise, in which it managed to avoid USAF interceptors.[135]

Nuclear deterrent[edit]

As part of Britain's independent nuclear deterrent, the Vulcan initially carried Britain's first nuclear weapon, the Blue Danubegravity bomb.[136]Blue Danube was a low-kiloton yield fission bomb designed before the United States detonated the first hydrogen bomb. These were supplemented by U.S.-owned Mk 5 bombs (made available under the Project E programme) and later by the British Red Beard tactical nuclear weapon.[137] The UK had previously embarked on its own hydrogen bomb programme, and to bridge the gap until these were ready the V-bombers were equipped with an Interim Megaton Weapon based on the Blue Danube casing containing Green Grass, a large pure-fission warhead of 400 kt (1.7 PJ) yield.[138][N 6] This bomb was known as Violet Club.[138] Only five were deployed before the Green Grass warhead was incorporated into a developed weapon as Yellow Sun Mk.1.[138]

The later Yellow Sun Mk 2, was fitted with Red Snow,[138] a British-built variant of the U.S. W28 warhead. Yellow Sun Mk 2 was the first British thermonuclear weapon to be deployed, and was carried on both the Vulcan and Handley Page Victor. The Valiant retained U.S. nuclear weapons assigned to SACEUR under the dual-key arrangements. Red Beard was pre-positioned in Singapore for use by Vulcan and Victor bombers.[141] From 1962, three squadrons of Vulcan B.2s and two squadrons of Victor B.2s were armed with the Blue Steel missile, a rocket-powered stand-off bomb, which was also fitted with the 1.1 Mt (4.6 PJ) yield Red Snow warhead.[142]

Operationally, RAF Bomber Command and the U.S. Strategic Air Command cooperated in the Single Integrated Operational Plan (SIOP) to ensure coverage of all major Soviet targets from 1958, 108 aircraft of the RAF's V-Bombers were assigned targets under SIOP by the end of 1959.[143] From 1962 onwards, two jets in every major RAF base were armed with nuclear weapons and on standby permanently under the principle of Quick Reaction Alert (QRA).[143] Vulcans on QRA standby were to be airborne within four minutes of receiving an alert, as this was identified as the amount of time between warning of a USSR nuclear strike being launched and it arriving in Britain.[144] The closest the Vulcan came to taking part in potential nuclear conflict was during the Cuban Missile Crisis

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